Are you Paying too Much for your Classic Car Insurance?


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  • If you cover a classic or antique car with a regular insurance policy, you may be wasting cash. USA Insurance
  • It makes far more sense to find a specialist such as: • American Collectors Insurance • Hagerty Insurance • Grundy Insurance. USA Insurance
  • Insurance companies make the distinction between old, classic and antique cars. USA Insurance
  • Classic cars are between 15 and 30 years old and something of special worth to a collector. USA Insurance
  • Antique cars are over 30 years old, have historic plates and can only be driven as part of a show. USA Insurance
  • There are three types of insurance policy for an antique or classic car: • Actual cash value (ACV) • Agreed value (AV) • Stated value (SV). USA Insurance
  • With an actual cash value policy, the value is set to match that of the car at the time of being insured. (This value decreases with time.) USA Insurance
  • With the stated value policy, the insurance pays either the cost of the damage to the vehicle or the ACV (whichever is the lower). USA Insurance
  • With the agreed value policy (the best of the three), you are guaranteed the sum agreed on the current agreed valuation certificate. USA Insurance
  • The valuation process includes the car becoming officially recorded with a list other cars that are considered to be under that same value bracket. USA Insurance
  • To select a suitable appraiser, you can contact the American Society of Appraisers. USA Insurance
  • The appraiser checks the vehicle thoroughly before producing a detailed report. USA Insurance
  • In addition to the valuation certificate, the insurance company will need to know the make, color, model, body style, year, engine number and vehicle identification number (or VIN). USA Insurance
  • Insuring your classic or antique car with a specialist is the best way of addressing all the concerns you have about your vehicle. USA Insurance
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