Engine Protector


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  1. 1. Engine Protector Give your engine special care!
  2. 2. ENGINE PROTECTOR covers damage to the engine caused due to LEAKAGE of lubricating oil DAMAGE to the Gear Box WATER Ingression
  3. 3. 1 WHAT WE OFFER Repair/Replacement of the internal child parts of the engine such as pistons, connecting rods, crank shaft and cylinder head. 2 3 Repair/Replacement of the internal parts of the gear box such as gears or shafts in the gear box housing Labour cost incurred by YOU to overhaul the damaged engine and gear box
  4. 4. WHAT YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF AVOID DRIVING THROUGH WATER-LOGGED AREA. If unavoidable, drive in low-gear DON’T TRY TO CRANK / PUSH START ENGINE once it stops in water-logged area INTIMATE US For a spot survey and to obtain help from an expert technician
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