What The F**K is Social Media?


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WhatTheFisSocialMedia_070208.ppt WHAT THE F**K IS SOCIAL MEDIA� ? SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN UMBRELLA TERM THAT DEFINES THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES THAT INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL INTERACTION, AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF WORDS, PICTURES, VIDEOS AND AUDIO. http://www.wikipedia.org� More simply put:� “Social media � is people having conversations online.”� •� Blogs� •� Micro Blogs� •� Online Chat� •� RSS� •� Widgets� •� Social Networks� •� Social Bookmarks� •� Message Boards� •� Podcasts� •� Video Sharing Sites� •� Photo Sharing Sites� •� Virtual Worlds� •� Wikis� The conversations are powered by…� (…just to name a few) WHY THE F**K SHOULD I CARE?� Reason #1� SOCIAL-NETWORKING SITES ARE OFFICIALLY MORE POPULAR THAN PORN SITES.� TIME, OCTOBER 13, 2007� Almost 4,000,000 articles� >100,000,000 videos� (65,000 new videos/day)� 200,000,000 blogs� 1.5 million � residents� Source: Universal McCann Comparative Study on Social Media Trends April 2008� 73% � of active online users have read a blog� 45% have started their own blog� 39% � subscribe to an RSS feed� 57% � have joined � a social network� 55% have uploaded photos� 83% �have watched video clips� “IN 2008, IF YOU’RE NOT ON A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE, YOU’RE NOT ON THE INTERNET.”� IAB PLATFORM STATUS REPORT: USER GENERATED CONTENT, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND ADVERTISING - AN OVERVIEW, APRIL 2008 � IT’S NOT A FAD. IT’S A FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT IN THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE.� The old communication model was a monologue.� Only 18% of � TV ad campaigns generate positive ROI� ( )� 90% of people who can skip TV ads, do.� 3000� The average person is exposed to� advertising messages/day� ONLY 14%� OF PEOPLE TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS.� 78%� OF PEOPLE TRUST THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF OTHER CONSUMERS.� NIELSEN “TRUST IN ADVERTISING” REPORT, OCTOBER 2007� Reason #2� 14% VS. 78%� HMM….� The new communication model is a dialogue.� Which means it’s….� TRANSPARENT� INCLUSIVE� AUTHENTIC� VIBRANT� CONSUMER-DRIVEN� And it’s NOT…� CONTROLLED � ORGANIZED� EXCLUSIVE� PRODUCT-DRIVEN � “ON MESSAGE”� “Content is the new democracy and we the people, are ensuring that our voices are heard.”� Brian Solis, “The Social Media Manifesto”� PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR BRAND. � RIGHT NOW.� Reason #3� 34%� �post opinions about products & brands on their blog� trust bloggers’ opinions on products & services � SOCIAL MEDIA “IS ONLY GOING TO BECOME MORE PERVASIVE AND AS SUCH, BECOME A CRITICAL FACTOR IN THE SUCCESS OR FAILURE OF ANY BUSINESS.”� BRIAN SOLIS, SOCIAL MEDIA MANIFESTO, AUGUST 21, 2007� Reason #4� Welcome to the future.� SOURCE: UNIVERSAL MCCANN COMPARATIVE STUDY ON SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS APRIL 2008� AND SPEAKING OF THE FUTURE…� (a.k.a. Reason #5)� Tomorrow’s consumers are today’s “digital natives.”� By 2010, Millenials/Gen Y-ers will outnumber Baby Boomers. � They already wield $350 BILLION/ year in direct spending power.� MILLENIALS SPEND >16 HOURS/WEEK ONLINE.� 96% OF THEM HAVE JOINED A SOCIAL NETWORK.� They have an average of � 53 online friends.� AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR AD. � THEY CARE WHAT THEIR FRIENDS THINK.� THE TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION. � WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.� Translation: F**K!� HOW DO I GET ON THE TRAIN� ? EASY. JUST F**KING GET ON. � “It’s about conversations, and the best communicators start as the best listeners.”� Brian Solis, Social Media Manifesto � Listen.� A. Immerse yourself in the conversations.� (any or all of the above are a good place to start!) Messages are not conversations.� Participate.� B. H i n t : S h a r e s o m e s t u f f .� IT’S A DIALOGUE, NOT A MONOLOGUE.� I absolutely ADORE the food at that restaurant!� Me, too! And isn’t the bartender just dreamy?� Relinquish� control.� C. REPEAT AFTER ME: � “THE GOAL IS NOT TO CONTROL THE CONVERSATION.”� THE GOAL IS TO: ENABLE� INSPIRE� INFLUENCE� � �&…� Engage!� D. �� ����� �������� �������� ���������� ��� ��� ������ � ���� ��� ���������� � � �� � ���� ������ �� ������� http://www.talktorunningman.com� http://www.mystarbucksidea.com� http://www.nikeplus.com� CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR PEOPLE TO � FEEL� OWNERSHIP OF THE BRAND.� GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.� “When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.”� LOVE YOU � OR � HATE YOU! ( JUST DON’T LEAVE THEM INDIFFERENT.)� MAKE ‘EM � AND FINALLY, � A WORD OF WARNING:� DON ’ T F * * K W I T H PEOPLE.� OPEN� HONEST� AUTHENTIC� DIALOGUE� “Any blog that spins the truth will be found out. In a world of social media honesty is the only policy.” F * * K Y O U V E R Y M U C H�! MARTA KAGAN� SOCIAL MEDIA EVANGELIST + � ONLINE MARKETING PRO� http://martazkagan.com� http://BonafideMarketingGenius.com� http://twitter.com/mzkagan� Image Credits� All images courtesy of istockphoto.com except:� Screen capture of� http://www.nikeplus.com� Screen capture of “The Breakup”� http://youtube.com/watch?v=D3qltEtl7H8� Screen capture of � http://www.TalkToRunningMan.com� Screen capture of� http://www.mystarbucksidea.com� Mae West� 1933 "I'm No Angel" � Image courtesy MPTV.net� Image Credits� All of the following social media platforms were referenced in this presentation; logos were grabbed from the homepages of each (in most cases, adding a “.com” to the end of the platform name will get you there).� Data Credits� FACEBOOK: MORE POPULAR THAN PORN Time, October 13, 2007� http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1678586,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly� IAB PLATFORM STATUS REPORT: USER GENERATED CONTENT, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND ADVERTISING - AN OVERVIEW, APRIL 2008 � http://www.iab.net/media/file/2008_ugc_platform.pdf� BRANDING 2.0 & SOCIAL MEDIA, SAMPAD SWAIN� http://managementchords.blogspot.com� NIELSEN “TRUST IN ADVERTISING” REPORT, OCTOBER 2007� http://www2.acnielsen.com/reports/documents/TrustinAdvertisingOct07.pdf� SOCIAL MEDIA MANIFESTO, BRIAN SOLIS� http://www.briansolis.com/2007/06/future-of-communications-manifesto-for.html� http://www.scribd.com/doc/258055/Social-Media-Manifesto-by-Brian-Solis� CONSUMER 2.0 FIVE RULES TO ENGAGING A NEW BREED OF CONSUMER BY MR. YOUTH AND REPNATION MEDIA, APRIL 2008� http://www.scribd.com/doc/2898474/Consumer-20� UNIVERSAL MCCANN COMPARATIVE STUDY ON SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS APRIL 2008� http://www.universalmccann.com/Assets/2413%20-%20Wave%203%20complete%20document%20AW %203_20080418124523.pdf� Connect with me (please!)� Marta Z. Kagan� Social Media Evangelist + Online Marketing Pro� Mobile: 617.771.8362� Email: mzkagan99@gmail.com� AIM: martazk� Twitter : http://twitter.com/mzkagan� Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Marta_Kagan/756555158� LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/martakagan� My blog: http://bonafidemarketinggenius.com/ � My social media resume: http://martazkagan.com/ � © 2008, Marta Z. Kagan� All rights reserved. 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