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Since opening up our publishing platform, we’ve seen some incredible posts written by our members. Inspired by these amazing pieces, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you make the most of publishing on LinkedIn. Here are some tips and tricks for writing stand-out posts, strengthening your professional reputation, and boosting your reach.

Write about what you know:
-Share your observations, impressions, and firsthand experience with your job, company, or industry.
-Write about your successes--or your failures and how you've learned from them.
-Or write about what inspires you to do what you do.

When in doubt, turn to the news:
Look at recent headlines to see if any recent topics relate to your expertise or interests.

Write often:
Don't worry about waiting for the "perfect" draft--get your thoughts out there, then let the comments you get help craft your next big idea.

Draw readers in with a catchy headline:
Help your post get noticed by making sure the title really captures the message of your post. Avoid numbered lists, and if you're going to use a pun, make sure its more clever than clichéd.

Choose images that stand out:
A clear and compelling image gives people a reason to click--it's a window into your post. Tip: one of the best ways to find a good image is through Flickr's Creative Commons.

Remember: the best way to set yourself apart with your posts is to be authentic.
Above all else, be you and true to your voice. Try weaving in examples from your own experiences--personal anecdotes can go a long way toward capturing your audience’s attention.

What are you waiting for? Start writing here:
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  • 2. Linkedln is opening up our publishing platform to our members,giving you a powerful new way to strengthen your professional brand.
  • 3. When you publish a post,it: Becomes part of your profile. 9 Gets shared with your network.‘ V 1 C® Reaches the largest group of professionalsever assemb. l1e§_; ..1|.l‘
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  • 5. So how do you start? We'll help you strengthen your reputation and grow your reach with these tips on what to write,when to write,plus a few other guidelines to get the most out of publishing on Linkedln.r; i -i Una, » A : ::: ::‘ i‘".5. . .i. 2 twin. .. . .--A<. ... ... .i. -mu:“' ‘W "'I"'""'°“'°"'mo. -n -"nu-.-.. »,i,.;n~¢A. .w. onn. -.= mu¢n». i«: a-may:R : “H ‘ . __ M ii i. . - u LWho‘) Vliflfl Vhl Phil! 15.‘.
  • 6. W-1Write about what you know:A‘'''‘‘%-—'''''': .‘-'° Share your observations, impressions,and firsthandSurprising Rise 01 The Human experience with yourjob,. .5"e‘ii“‘"f . ... .company,or industry. ' Write about your successes — or your failures and how you've learned from them. ' Or write about what inspires you to do what you do.
  • 7. Remember your audienceLinkedln has millions of executives,entrepreneurs,entry-level workers and people about to retire.It's the working world in one place.Be conversational,but keep the conversation focused on the professional sphere.Write anything that: - Helps people understand trends in your industry or the larger economy. - Gives context,advice,or news that helps people get jobs,promotions,or a stronger personal brand. - Enhances your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • 8. 5‘1 P% ' I rt ’ air.' at r I s 2 at I:r 1% g %‘ - —' — — '1,‘ ‘ & ~5 figdv I .ta 4'54’ .4 1. .4 -5:" 5% “méLook at recent headlines to see if any recent topics relate to your own expertise or interests. "- .if ‘“ 1: ' ° lg);pi. rpk Hal vn.White Hot;Do You x j in the Dinorenee? Thu New Facebook Llh -Top 3 Social Media Tools lur Mon Rebulmmg Alla The CrunEngngement and Lead:,. A- I 'J"r, ;.’EKim.’ ‘ 3,1 , _ “ _,-. _iw! o Create an .-‘ ' 'r_: :7"‘. : l'*'. §D*L= .sr3I. Le9.0.v; |i_ris_.T 2 2 -._. ... . . ... ... ...J , _,J ..W «£-
  • 9. ‘fiflzfl gcyrslxert ' sakesfiasaéDon't worry about waiting for the "perfect” draft — get your thoughts out there,then let the comments you get help craft your next big idea. l‘ e «"I|0lfl-‘ii Your posts (8) - _.4 : :.: :;r: .‘. :*.7.; :r/L ; r . ‘i' G 1* ;fiiuJ. Crvral F We shAre Stickers the Path to a Better User Experience?
  • 10. Draw readers in with a catchy headlineHelp your post get noticed by making sure the title really captures the message of your post.Avoid numbered lists,and if you're going to use a pun,make sure it's more clever than clichéd. "If Maggie Gyllenhaal CanCry at Work,You Can Too""Apple Just Lost the Global - vSmartphone War to Cioogle" - Curt Prins"Don Draper Wouldn't Recognize 75% of What We Do" - SQ Martin Sorrell
  • 11. Choose images that stand outA clear and compelling image gives people a reason to click - it's a window into your post. - You can add a cover image to introduce to your post,plus embed images,YouTube videos,and S| ideShare presentations to hook your readers.
  • 12. fl ickr You People Groups Explore Upload Finding the perfect imageOne of the best ways to find a good image is through search.Use Advanced Search and check "Only search within Creative Commons licensed content. ”
  • 13. Always attributeBe sure to give credit whenever you're quoting,citing other sources,and using images.Use links and source lines liberally,and always make sure you have the rights to the images you use. Your posts (8) vT7 ." Assn. -uearnsin.Bonn| )uvEluImnav E i ,. al| ‘L‘Ro. .. ‘m sure there's a 9 m. .:. w.. ... ..»r. .«. .. i vi 7 U58! cxperience . ’/Add photo credit here
  • 14. Be authentic- Above all else,be you and true to your voice. Dustin Mcmssen,CAE,CME' Try to weave in examples afrom Your personal It You Lose Your Job,Remember experience.Personal This anecdotes can go a longway in capturing your audience's attention.
  • 15. Grow your reachWriting on Linkedln is a great way to tap into — and grow — your network.Not only will your posts reach your connections,you can also build a following.
  • 16. Share to make sure your posts get readThe more you share across your social networks,the bigger your audience and impact.E Share your post! .H l di Are Stickers the uffiiilfgii . fii"§L. "l2i. i'§. i‘User Ex,5‘.....flllfl
  • 17. How readers find and engage with your postsYour posts can: @ Get shared with your connections and followers through the news feed. Q Attract new followers outside your network. 0 Get commented on,liked,and shared — which willhelp more people see it. Add a new element to your Linkedln profile by appearing under Posts.
  • 18. :4“ ‘Fr’ gégx »* 5 Q" . ‘a-% r ' 'f"('-aiuéw . ,-A r 9. .ac — 9 — —~.vp- . or ‘f at n‘ 1. ob «¥- can «use -1 . =:: — 4:5 - I n . - - ' was ' ru.. rs we as in *.as ‘,1,go ‘— . — g_ 4-. - : .= .4 ‘ea 4 v -4.’ -iKeep it a two-way conversation by replying to comments on your posts.You'll build a relationship with your audience,and you might make new connections—which can lead to new opportunities.Want to start deeper conversations?Reply with an | nMail. I Sco l -[)3 .~ " "". ”"P3°" "Ii , iI'i"it‘ Gria ir dd/ ICE‘ ‘D If ' n . -' '- ~ '- r .‘i’ H D i l .1 l think 350," h: )W 1' Th < . .'s; )(2c( VL , ,.y d,,l 1 Wrrl"lf to Me 0, my '9 Jim?ly d ‘ l l 5 .5 ~ cu m .l l ,1, l —- - l .1 _ Dem“ Gllman ‘hi g i l l Tlianvi _ gm" Y mm V l l i. '1l(; ;_; ,j? o h .,,ca you found this holpfm. i l
  • 19. £9 *4’ "pm; -‘—a 15 . _g. a "'n&‘€44 ‘.45no‘ isV‘ Z % ha ivii)ms»Overcome blank-page syndrome with these strategies: in Follow lnfluencers like Richard Branson,Meg Whitman,and Deepak Chopra. Join the Writing on Linkedln Group,where youcan interact with other members who are publishing on Linkedln. 0 Follow Linkedln Pulse channels that match your industry or interests.
  • 20. Be known for what you knowStrengthen your reputation and grow your reach by publishing your story on Linkedln. To get started,go here or click the pencil icon in your status update box.
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