Five writing tips that can double your salary


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It is impossible to overstate how much we rely on written words to get what we want. Are you making your writing as powerful as possible? By improving your writing, you will change the arc of your career. Based on this LinkedIn article:
  • Five Writing Tips that Can Double Your SalaryBased on the LinkedIn article of the same name by BruceKasanoffImage by Flickr member Pierre Metivier
  • Image by Flickr member Ep.Sos.deThe better your ability tocommunicate, the moresuccessful and lucrativeyour career is likely to be.
  • Image: Flickr member Ann Douglas1. Have a repeatable message.(Know what you want your reader todo.)
  • Image: Flickr member Smohundro2. Know your audience. (If theircomfort zone is pink, use pink.)
  • Image: Flickr member Jay Spear3. Be powerful,not passive.(Write in theactive voice.)
  • Image: Flickr member Marsmet5434. Use examples
  • Image: Flickr member Anna Debenhan5. Use morepictures andfewer words.
  • Image: Flickr member pniBonus tip:Rewrite,RewriteRewrite!
  • Image: Flickr member Chris CorriganI really meant itabout the pictures.
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