10 innovations you thought were new (by @creaxnv)

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New innovations are not always as groundbreaking as you might think. Very often innovation is simply the result of continuous evolution and not that radical at all. We listed 10 innovations and show that some of them date back to more than 100 years ago.
  • 1. 10 INNOVATIONSyou thought werenew…First generation iPod, 2001
  • 2. 08 INNOVATIONSBut aren’t…BRAUNT3PocketRadio,1953
  • 4. #2CYCLONETECHNOLOGYThis invention datesback as far as 1898.“In his usual style ofseeking solutionsfrom unexpectedsources, Dysonthought of how anearby sawmill used acyclone – a high conethat spins dust out ofthe air by centrifugalforce – to expelwaste.”@Issue: The Journal of Business andDesign (vol. 8, no. 1)
  • 6. #3INDUCTIONHEATINGEarly in the 20thcentury engineersstarted to look forother ways of meltingsteel. By 1927 thefirst MF inductionmelting system hadbeen installedby EFCO in Sheffield,England.h9p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InducDon_heater
  • 8. In 1972 a newsystem PLATO IV waslaunched intooperation with a veryinnovative terminal. Itincluded Bitzer'sorange plasma displayinvention whichincorporated bothmemory andbitmapped graphicsinto one display.#4TOUCHSCREENSh9p://history-­‐computer.com/ModernComputer/Basis/touch_screen.html
  • 10. #5SELF HEALINGMATERIALS20 centuries ago theRomans used a self-healingconcrete(without knowing it).When a small crackappeared, moistureinduced a chemicalhealing reaction.h9p://codingfuture.com/self-­‐healing-­‐concrete/
  • 12. Dr. Ivan Sutherland,University of Utah,invented this device in1971.“Architects could usethe device to drawbuildings in threedimensions; realtorscould use it to showbuyers the interiors ofhomes without evenleaving the office.”#6VIRTUALREALITYh9p://blog.modernmechanix.com/v-­‐r-­‐goggles-­‐3-­‐d-­‐trip-­‐inside-­‐a-­‐drawing-­‐via-­‐computer-­‐graphics/
  • 13. #53DMOVIES#73DMOVIES
  • 14. #73DMOVIESBwana Devil is a1952 U.S. adventurefilm. The film isnotable for sparkingthe first 3D film crazein the motion pictureindustry, as well as forbeing the first 3Dfeature film entirely incolor and the first 3Dsound feature inEnglish.(Wikipedia)
  • 16. Damascus steel wasa type of steel used inMiddle Eastern swordmaking in the 18thcentury.In 2006 a researchteam in Germanypublished a reportrevealing theintegration ofnanowires andcarbon nanotubes inthese swords.h9p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus_steel#8CARBONNANOTUBES
  • 18. Detroit Electric wasone of the popularelectric cars in thebeginning of the 20thcentury. 13,000 ofthese cars were builtfrom 1907 to 1939.#9ELECTRICCARSh9p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Electric
  • 19. #103DPRINTING
  • 20. In 1983 the first 3Dprinting technique –Stereolithography –was invented byCharles Hull. Fouryears later these twoinvented SelectiveLaser Sintering. Anewspaper titled:“Revolutionarymachine makes 3-dobjects fromdrawings.”#103DPRINTINGh9p://kierahintze.wordpress.com/
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