50 Connected Devices - How Mobile and the Internet of Things Will Affect You

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What happens when everything we touch is connected to the Internet? Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT). At Crittercism, we live and breathe mobile. Browse this presentation to learn about the connected devices all around you – in your pocket, on your kitchen counter, in your backyard.

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  • 1. #50Connected50CONNECTEDPRODUCTS
  • 2. #50ConnectedPebble is a customizable e-paper watch, withdownloadable watchfaces and useful internet-connectedapps. Pebble connects to iPhoneand Android smartphones using Bluetooth,alerting you with a silent vibration to incomingcalls, emails and messages.
  • 3. #50ConnectedThe Nest Learning Thermostat creates apersonalized schedule based on thetemperature changes you’ve made andcontinually adapts. The Thermostat can becontrolled from anywhere using yoursmartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • 4. #50ConnectedThe Nest Protect is a smoke and carbonmonoxide (CO) alarm that can connect to smartdevices and alert users of emergencies. TheNest Protect can also speak in a human voice todirect families to safety.
  • 5. #50ConnectedLark Pro is a wellness wearable that enablesaccurate sleep tracking and personalizedcoaching to help users sleep better.
  • 6. #50ConnectedParrot Bebop Drone is the new generation ofParrot AR.Drone 2.0 with more emphasis onsafety and image quality. It runs on Linux withan SDK available for developers.
  • 7. #50ConnectedDropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi videomonitoring service with free live streaming, two-waytalk and remote viewing that makes it easyto stay connected with places, people and pets,no matter where you are.
  • 8. #50ConnectedThe CrockPot Smart Slow Cooker can sync withAndroid and iOS devices and all the functions ofthe cooker can be accessed remotely.
  • 9. #50ConnectedThe Smart Body Analyzer measures weight,body composition, heart rate and air quality.Personal data that is securely stored can beaccessed via dedicated web and mobile appsfor iOS and Android.
  • 10. #50ConnectedA smart ball with integrated sensor inside todetect speed, spin, strike and flight path data.The data is instantly relayed to the miCoach appon Apple device to interpret and improve soccerskills.
  • 11. #50ConnectedMisfit Shine is a fitness and sleep tracker thathelps wearers set fitness objectives and trackprogress. Misfit Shine pairs with smart devicesand users can share their accomplishments withfriends.
  • 12. #50ConnectedKevo from Kwikset is a smart deadbolt thatallows access via a smart phone app. The appis used for initial setup, sending, disabling anddeleting eKeys, viewing history of smart lockactivity, and setting up other configurablefeatures and options.
  • 13. #50ConnectedThe Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Openersyncs with the MyQ smartphone app and cancontrol the garage door, outdoor lamps andhouse lights.
  • 14. #50ConnectedRecon Snow 2 is a heads up display designedfor alpine sports that can also connect to third-partysensors and cameras and smartphones.With the Recon Engage online site and mobileapp, user can track stats and upload trips andshare with other users.
  • 15. #50ConnectedGoPro Hero 3+ delivers improved image qualityand powerful new features geared for versatilityand convenience. The Hero 3+ syncs with theGoPro app to enable full remote control of allcamera functions.
  • 16. #50ConnectedLumo Lift tracks your posture, steps, calories,and distance wherever you go. Lumo Lift syncswith iOS and Android devices to providecomprehensive data of the user's activities.
  • 17. #50ConnectedLumo Back is worn around your lower back andcore, and can measure minute metrics, such asyour posture, how many steps you take, howlong you sit, and how well you sleep.
  • 18. #50ConnectedNetatmo Weather Station is a personal weatherstation, with air quality sensors, to monitor andtrack your environment.
  • 19. #50ConnectedWithings Activate is an elegant watch and anactivity tracker that syncs with the Health Mateapplication to develop a global wellness activityplan and serves like a personal coach to helpusers achieve their fitness goals.
  • 20. #50ConnectediGrill Mini is a pocket-sized Bluetooth SmartGrilling Thermometer that lets you avoid theheat and monitor the temperature of your foodusing the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPodtouch from up to 150 feet away.
  • 21. #50ConnectedNod is a Bluetooth-enabled Gesture controldevice in the shape of a ring that makes itpossible to control connected devices with awave of your hand.
  • 22. #50ConnectedT.Jacket by T.Ware is a wearable touchtechnology vest that provides deep touchpressure to wearers. The T.Jacket simulates thefeeling of a hug with laterally applied airpressure to calm, comfort and soothe thenerves of anyone who is stressed or anxious.
  • 23. #50ConnectedNymi is a wearable that uses your uniquecardiac rhythm to authenticate identity, allowingthe user to wirelessly take control of computers,smartphone etc. Nymi interacts with user'sdevices, creating a smart, password and key-freeenvironment.
  • 24. #50ConnectedKapture is a audio recording wristband thathelps you save a minute of audio on your smartphone simply by tapping on the band.
  • 25. #50ConnectedCanary is the first portable and accurate glutensensor. Canary integrates directly with mobiledevices to allow users to record and share theresults of each meal that they test.
  • 26. #50ConnectedTory Burch for Fitbit is a fashion-forwardcollection of Tory Burch accessories designedexclusively for Fitbit Flex, which is a wearablesensor that track a person’s daily activities.
  • 27. #50ConnectedUP by Jawbone help you keep track of youractivity, diet and sleep. It also shows you how tomake simple adjustments that, over time, addup to an all-new you.
  • 28. #50ConnectedGoogle Glass is a type of wearable technologywith an optical head-mounted display. GoogleGlass displays information in a smartphone-likehands-free format. Wearers communicate withthe Internet via natural language voicecommands.
  • 29. #50ConnectedPencil is a stylus that pairs with the iPhone appPaper by 53.
  • 30. #50ConnectedAirfy Beacons are tiny receivers that connect toyour phone through Bluetooth Low Energy(iBeacon). The airfy system can be wirelesslyhooked to Philips HUE™ lights, to NEST™thermostat, to a music player, or to a television.
  • 31. #50ConnectedHue is a smartphone-controlled LED bulb fromPhilips that can cycle through shades at yourwhim. Hue can also block colors, and the unitscan be controlled even when you are away fromhome.
  • 32. #50ConnectedParrot's Flower Power pairs with a smartphoneapp to keep track of your plant's everynutritional intake.
  • 33. #50ConnectedThe ibitz is an activity tracker that tracks minuteby minute activity, including steps, distance, andcalories burned, ibitz for kids also rewardschildren based on how active they are in theform of exclusive content through Disney's Club.
  • 34. #50ConnectedLassoTag iBeacon and the LassoTag iOSapplication allows user to track their belongingsmore easily, securely and affordably.
  • 35. #50ConnectedThe Vaavud Wind meter and the Vaavud apphelps visualize the wind with the real timegraph, choose preferred unit of measure, checkthe conditions at your favorite spot on the globallive map and see your measurement historyacross all your devices.
  • 36. #50ConnectedICEdot Crash Sensor can mount onto anyhelmet, and when paired with the ICEdot app ona smart phone, the system is able to detectmotion, changes in forces and impacts. In theevent of critical forces, the device triggers theapp over low-energy Bluetooth to notify youremergency contacts and send GPS coordinatesof the incident.
  • 37. #50ConnectedNudeAudio is a collection of portable bluetoothspeakers that are water resistant and sandresistant. NudeAudio strips away the manyfeatures of the the wireless speakers andfocuses on acoustics and affordability.
  • 38. #50ConnectedSunFriend is a customizable, colorful andwaterproof activity monitor for safer daily UVexposure. When used correctly, it measuresyour daily UV exposure and alerts you when anoptimal amount of UV is reached.
  • 39. #50ConnectedWithings BloodPressure monitor takes an easyand precise self-measurement of your bloodpressure with your smartphone. The devicepairs with the Health Mate app and can storeblood pressure readings in the Withings healthcloud to create an easy to understand chart.
  • 40. #50ConnectedQardioArm is a blood pressure monitor thatlooks like a daily object and is simple andconvenient to have around at all times for dailymeasurements. QardioArm connects wirelesslyto smartphones and tablets and recordsreadings and uploads them to the cloud and itcan share your information with your family,friends or doctors.
  • 41. #50ConnectedParrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact dronecontrolled by smartphone. It flies indoors andoutdoors with surprising speed and stability.Acrobatic tricks are available from the free appfor MiniDrones FreeFlight 3.
  • 42. #50ConnectedParrot Jumping Sumo is a responsive rover,which rolls, rushes, zigzags, circles, takes turnsat 90° and which, in a flash, jumps up to 80cmin height and length. It has an embeddedcamera and pair with a smartphone app whichserves as the controller.
  • 43. #50ConnectedCENTR is the first 4K resolution panoramiccamera that creates 360° footage in real time.CENTR footage can be viewed through yourdesktop, smartphone, or tablet in real-timethrough the CENTR interactive player.
  • 44. #50ConnectedYardarm is a transducer that, when placedinside the handle grip of an officer’s firearm, candetect unusual movement, such as when theweapon is drawn, if the weapon has moved toofar away from the officer (indicating it wastaken) or if the weapon has been fired.
  • 45. #50ConnectedInteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter turns youriPhone into a rifle scope for tactical rifles,paintball markers, or airsoft guns.
  • 46. #50ConnectedMojio's connected car module is a plug-indevice that connects your car to the cloud via aT-Mobile’s network and your phone viaBluetooth. Mojio plans to turn its plug-in carmodule into a application development platform.
  • 47. #50ConnectedTagg is a GPS pet tracker that monitors yourpet's location and immediately notifies you ifyour pet is not where they are supposed tobe.Tagg also monitors their exercise levels andhelps you to keep them at their healthy andhappy best.
  • 48. #50ConnectedPeloton is an exercise bike and offers livestreaming and on demand classes from some ofthe best indoor cycling instructors broadcastdirect to your Peloton bike.
  • 49. #50ConnectedNike+ Fuelband SE tracks how much, how oftenand how intensely you move with the Nike+Fuelband SE. Earn NikeFuel and stay active bysetting goals and challenging friends.
  • 50. #50ConnectedLOCK8, the world's first Smart Bike Lock.Features include: e-key remote Bike Lock, GPSTracking of your Bike and a Bicycle Lock Alarmto prevent theft.
  • 51. #50ConnectedLockitron senses when you walk up to the doorand unlocks it for you using Bluetooth LowEnergy.
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