Tips and Tricks: Saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S II

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Tips and Tricks: Saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S II
  • 1.Tips and Tricks:Saving battery life on theSamsung Galaxy S II
  • 2. While smartphone technology hasadvanced by leaps and bounds, thebatteries that power such devices stillseem to be lagging behind. So whilethe Samsung Galaxy S II doeseverything you want it to, there is aneed to be mindful of its batteryconsumption. Here are some tips onhow to maximise its battery life.
  • 3. Managing screen brightnessUnsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S II’s display is one of the biggestculprits in this case. To really save power, it is best if auto-brightness isturned off with brightness tweaked manually. Downloading the latestsoftware update through Samsung Kies might help stablise the auto-adjust effect, if you still wish to retain the feature.
  • 4. Keeping backgrounds simpleFor power saving measures, a plain background helps in maintainingbattery life, and the more extreme method is to use dark wallpapers.The Samsung Galaxy S II’s AMOLED screens does its job of renderingblacks as lots of vibrant colours almost too well and this is when thestrain on the battery starts to show.
  • 5. Using the pre-loaded Task Manager to kill backgroundapplicationsAndroid’s multi-tasking is beneficial in many ways, but at the same time, it isalso a power-hungry luxury. Running the Samsung Galaxy S II’s Task Managerfrom time to time will reveal plenty of unnecessary applications running in thebackground that you may not be aware of.The built-in Task Manager allows users to terminate resource-hogging apps in ajiffy. On the plus side, the Samsung Galaxy S II’s dual core processor meansapps can be booted up quickly again
  • 6. Limiting network accessThe Samsung Galaxy S II connects to networks – whether itis through Wi-Fi or 3G automatically by default. Save powerby turning WiFi off whenever it is not needed. Turning offpush notifications and reducing the frequency in which theSamsung Galaxy S II auto-syncs to retrieve email alsohelps save power.
  • 7. Proper chargingBelieve it or not, there is actually a particular technique to setting upthe Samsung Galaxy S II for charging. Constantly topping up thephone’s battery whenever possible will no doubt keep the battery full,but it will do more harm in the long run. Early on in the phone’s life, self-training is required to find out its true capacity. This is let it wear out onits own and then charge it at the end of the day when you have run outof power to optimize its battery life.END
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