TaxSpanner Efile in 3 Easy Steps

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This slide show demonstrates how easy it is to Efile your income tax returns using TaxSpanner.
  • 1. Click Here to choose your category
  • 2. Select Appropriate Category from the drop down
  • 3. Choose the most relevant package for you Scroll Down
  • 4. Enter Email ID Click Here to Continue
  • 5. Click on “Add New” icon
  • 6. Click here
  • 7. Start Data Entry of Personal Details here Enter Bank Details here Click next after Entering your data
  • 8. Click Here to manually enter your Form 16 details Upload your Digital Form 16 PDF here Click here
  • 9. Click here to start verification Enter additional Income/ House Loan/Investment Details
  • 10. Click Here
  • 11. Apply your Promo code, if any Click to Proceed for Payment Select Payment mode
  • 12. Click here to start the verification with the ITD
  • 13. Your real-time TDS matching (26AS) data as available at the Income Tax department's database. We are retrieving your status from the I-T department database. This will take a few moments. You would be redirected to the next page once the data is fetched
  • 14. Click Here to Fix all Mismatch(s) under all heads in one go Click Here to Fix each Mismatch Individually
  • 15. Details of Mismatch(s) under all heads when ‘Fix All’ is Clicked Click here to Fix this all
  • 16. Click Here to Fix this mismatch first Screen displayed when each Mismatch is to be Fixed separately
  • 17. Click Here to Confirm and Continue
  • 18. A new Form 16 instance has been created Click Here to review/edit employer information
  • 19. TDS has now been updated in ITR Enter your Employer’s address here
  • 20. Click Here to Confirm and Continue Enter Income, Deduction and Taxes details as per the issued Form 16 here
  • 21. Mismatch has been fixed Click Here
  • 22. Click here to Fix this Mismatch This section includes TDS on Professional Income or Interest on Fixed Deposits, if any
  • 23. Click Here to Confirm and Continue
  • 24. TDS has now been updated in ITR Click here to Continue
  • 25. The Mismatch has been fixed Click Here We have automatically transferred your interest income in the respective section. If you want to review this, you can visit the ‘Interest Income’ tab from the top navigation bar after completing the verification process.
  • 26. Click Here
  • 27. Click here to Fix this 6,190.00 Advance Tax paid but not reported in ITR
  • 28. Click here to Continue
  • 29. Enter your Bank details Click here to Continue 6,190.00
  • 30. Mismatch Fixed Details of Advance Tax paid and now reported in ITR as well Click here to Continue
  • 31. Click here to Continue Click here to review your Draft ITR
  • 32. Click here to Freeze your Data
  • 33. Click here to Efile your return You can view your ITR here
  • 34. LogoutClick here to Logout