Open the Door to Computer Science and Robotics for Middle and High School Students


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Presented by: Stacey Bolin, Mary Kay Tarver
  • 1.Open the Door to Computer Science and Robotics Stacey Bolin & Mary Kay Tarver
  • 2. The Academy  Full week of residency on campus  Computer Science basics & robotics  College Student & CS Alumni participation  Interaction with Computer Science Professionals  Funded by the Oklahoma State Board of Regent’s 
  • 3. Why the Academy?  To generate interest in computer science in underrepresented groups  To increase their awareness of the usefulness and potential of computer science  To provide an opportunity for exploration and experimentation for students in underrepresented groups  To begin the 1st Year of Programming before these groups reach college  To recruit for the field of computer science and ECU’s computer science program by introducing students to CS and robotics in their middle school and early high school years
  • 4. Student Recruitment  Available to any 8th – 11th grade students in Oklahoma  No Prerequisites  Why?  Students shouldn’t be discouraged from trying  No Prerequisites makes the statement that “Anyone can do this!”  Online or Paper Application  Website -  Email to all school counselors in State of Oklahoma
  • 5. The Academy at a Glance  Sunday evening:  Arrival with Family to Watch Robotics Demonstrations  Monday – Thursday:  Mornings – CS Basics & Guest Speakers  Afternoons – Robotics Lab  Evenings – Fun Activity with CS College Students and Alums  Friday morning:  Public Student Robotics Demonstrations & Competition
  • 6. Activities  Computer science basics taught through activities  CS Unplugged -  Speakers  Computer Science in Business  Computer Science in Aeronautics  Robotics in Surgery  Robotics  Robotics Labs with college students & professionals
  • 7. The Robots  Botball Robotics Kits  Programmed in C  Free Downloadable IDE  Allows for continued practice after the Academy  Includes:  CBC (Controller)  iCreate Platform  Lego Mindstorm and Other Attaching Parts  Servos and Motors  Sensors (Infrared, Range, Distance, Color, Touch)  More information available at
  • 8. The Demonstration & Competition
  • 9. More Info Website - Email - [email protected] Directors:  Mary Kay Tarver  [email protected]  580-559-5593  Stacey Bolin  [email protected]  580-559-5596
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