Basic Types of Conflict

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  • 1. Conflict: The Different Kinds Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Nature Man vs. Self
  • 2. Man vs. Man Man vs. Man occurs when a character (man or woman!) has an argument, disagreement, or other kind of “argument” with another character. Who can give me an example?
  • 3. Man vs. Society The conflict between Man and Society occurs when a character disagrees with societal values, laws, or beliefs. Who wants to give me an example of this kind of conflict?
  • 4. Man vs. Nature A conflict of Man vs. Nature occurs when a character has a problem with outside forces: weather, animals, land, etc. Who can think of an example besides the television show “Man vs. Wild?”
  • 5. Man vs. Self Man vs. self occurs when a character develops an internal struggle between his thoughts and ideas. This can be a result of the other conflicts mentioned. Can anyone think of a good example of this kind of conflict?