What Does Your Eye Color Say About You

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  • What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?
    • People with brown eyes are very wise. They don ’ t let anyone tell the m what to do, and they like to be the center of attention. They are very funny and are good at making people laugh and cheering them up. They are good at making new friends. They are very kind and mysterious. They are creative and have AMAZING fashion sense. Their weak point is that they can be too shy to let people know how they feel.
  • BLUE EYES People with blue eyes are very attractive/adorable. They love to make new friends . They are very kind and polite, and they are hilarious. They are very creative and smart. They are passionate, lovable, very caring and kind .
    • People with green eyes are the most passionate in relationships. Their relationships tend to be very long. They are trustworthy and love to make people laugh . They love adventure and nature .
    • They get jealous occasionally. Saying something mean about them to their face will usually end up with it coming back to you in some sort of smart come-back. They have a very deep soul and love the ocean.
    • People with hazel eyes never pass up a challenge, and are good at trying new things. They are very diverse. They are very nice until you make them mad, then you need to watch out. They are generally very outgoing and sweet. They are energetic and have a reason for everything. They are compassionate and loyal as well as romantic. They are very lovable and don't care what people think/say about them. They definitely like to be called beautiful instead of hot.
    • People with gray eyes tend to be very gentle yet full of energy. They have a very busy life, and because of that they can never sit still. They love to have fun. They are the most dark and mysterious. They tend to be very clean people, but don't obsess over it. They are very rare and beautiful. They love the rain and tend to have a unique personality. People love to be around them for their calmness and confide in them more than anyone else. They love water and nature. They aren't too into adventures, they like to be safe. They are extremely smart and quick witted.
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