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GDV testing of OEA Orgone Pendant
  • 1.Testing results from Gas Discharge Visualisation Technique
  • 2. Orgone Effects Australia strives to provide data demonstrating the strength of the Orgone Pendant.
  • 3. “The results shocked me” “ In the 15 years I have been testing, I have only seen this level of Aura development in Meditators or Spiritual Practitioners such as swamis. I have tested many energy enhancers /shielding devices and crystals and none has come close to the effect of the Orgone Pendant” Mathew Shields, registered nurse GDV Practitioner
  • 4. What makes the Orgone Pendant so effective?  The secret combination of materials in the Orgone Pendant acts as an energy charger, or has a harmonising effect on the frequencies that make up the Aura.  A bio-resonance in which pure frequency acts to amplify a like but inharmonious frequency to allow it to become a whole.
  • 5. Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) How does this testing work?  The system is based on capturing and analysing the Kirlian effect.  The Kirlian effect is the biological glow that the body emits often referred to as the AURA.  The GDV system uses fibreglass optics, digitised TV Matrix and Powerful software to capture images.  The system capture images of the fingers and then calculates 30 parameters.  These scores are then statistically processed to evaluate changes in health, psychological states and therapeutic regimes.
  • 6. Exactly what happens?  Images called Biological Emission of Optical Tomography (BEO-grams) are created when a high frequency field is emitted which causes the AURA to glow.  The high frequency field is emitted and ten fingers are photographed to get the BEO-grams.  Each finger represents a system, organ or chakra of the body.  The results from the ten fingers are analysed and produce an executive picture of the whole body.
  • 7. Why the fingertips?  The meridians of the body relate to the systems and organs of the body.  These meridians are represented in the hands and the fingers.  Extensive research has identified the organ or systems represented by each finger.  The GDV system measures over 30 parameters and scores them statistically to evaluate changes in health psychological states and also therapeutic regimes.
  • 8. Images of the ten fingers then produce an executive image (whole body)
  • 9. The Research  The GDV system has been used to test the effect the pendant has on the subject’s Aura.  An Aura which is healthy has good symmetry, brightness and uniformity.  This means the body is best positioned to fight disease.  The immune system is activated.  The images are presented in different ways but in the same sequence.  Image 1 is taken without wearing the pendant.  Image 2 is taken after wearing the pendant for 3 hours.  Image 3 is taken after wearing the pendant for 6 hours.  Image 4 is taken after wearing the pendant for 24 hours.
  • 10. Aura without wearing the Orgone Pendant The aura is not complete and in many places is very inconsistent and lacks symmetry.
  • 11. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 3 Hours The aura is increasing areas that had no protection and are covering.
  • 12. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 6 Hours The aura is nearly symmetrical and nearly uniform.
  • 13. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 24 Hours The aura is complete, uniform, symmetrical and bright . The immune system is in harmony
  • 14. Aura without wearing Orgone Pendant
  • 15. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 3 hours
  • 16. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 6 Hours
  • 17. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 24 hours
  • 18. Aura without wearing Orgone Pendant
  • 19. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 3 hours
  • 20. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 6 hours
  • 21. Orgone Pendant – Aura after 24 Hours
  • 22. The Chakras  There is a sitting man on the left of the image.  There are seven circles.  The optimum position for the dots is that they are even and sit in a straight line.  The left side is psychological imbalance.  The right is physical imbalance. Psychological Physical
  • 23. Analysis of the results with no Orgone Pendant  Purple is  Blue is  Light Blue is  Green is  Yellow is  Orange is  Red is Psychological Physical
  • 24. Normalised energetic values of the Chakras This is the amount of energy the chakra is emitting  The green corridor is normal.  Readings above the line are over active.  Readings below the line are under active.  Where the line is the highest this is the most active chakra and the colour of the person’s Aura.
  • 25. Emotional and Physical imbalance of the Chakras  Above the green line shows the psychological imbalance  Below the green line shows the physical imbalance
  • 26. Chakras without wearing the Orgone Pendant
  • 27. Orgone Pendant – after 3 Hours
  • 28. Orgone Pendant – after 6 Hours
  • 29. Orgone Pendant – after 24 Hours
  • 30. Without wearing the Orgone Pendant
  • 31. Orgone Pendant - after 3 hours
  • 32. Orgone Pendant – after 6 hours
  • 33. Orgone Pendant - after 24 Hours
  • 34. Can you and your family be without it?
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