Naturex, The Pathfinder : our sustainability program.


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Sustainability touches every aspect of Naturex and its operation. We define sustainability in a way that brings responsibility and accountability into every activity and process. Accordingly, Naturex is commited to implementing practices for integrating sustainability and social responsibility troughout its overall organization. These actions are structured around 4 pillars : sourcing, operations, people and innovation.
  • 1. Our Sustainability program Opening new paths for a sustainable future, all together
  • 2. What is the Pathfinder? New and sustainable roads without applying a rigid model … Listening to local people and understanding the particularities of a specific environment Combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility …behave as a driver in this field It reflects our continuous drive to move one step further
  • 3. Our 4 pillars and values
  • 4. Our achievements in our Valerian procurement SUPPLIER VISITS SOURCING Local devil’s claw collector in Namibia
  • 5. Our achievements Extractor In Spain in Avignon factory OPERATIONS
  • 6. Our achievements PEOPLE Ucayali River kids benefit from free dental care CHILDREN BENEFIT FROM DENTAL CARE ALONG THE UCAYALI RIVER 1% of NAT oleis™ sales goes to our Foundation 5 sites certified
  • 7. of Sales brochures Our achievements INNOVATION Tablets have replaced brochures and reduced the number of brochures distributed Optimisation et Recherche de Technologies d’Extraction et Solvants Alternatifs
  • 8. Stay connected! Website Principles Report Live news, videos, interviews… Our commitments A comprehensive overview of our achievements
  • 9. Focus on our rosemary