T5 grow light fixtures


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T5 grow light fixtures T5 grow light fixtures www.t5fixtures.com 1 What are T5 grow lights? T5 lights are: Florescent lights Tube shaped 5/8 of an inch in diameter Made in various different T5 light sizes Made for industrial scale growing Made with the right color temperature light output for plant growing Made with reflectors that reflect all the light downward Made with high lumen output and efficiency Made with the ability to be mounted in various positions and locations Made so basically any indoor plant grower can use them Why use T5 lights over other light sources? Very efficient - exceeds 100 lumens per watt efficiency Have low profile Produce very great light spread Are no more than 6 inches (15 cm) thick Can be mounted inside any grow area that is large enough for plant cultivation There are many light size option You will have the means to grow huge plants or smaller plants 20000 hour bulb lifespan Bulbs run cool and don’t not create additional heat in your growing area Bulbs can be easily exchanged Best grow light option out there What are T5 color spectrum, efficiency, PAR Color spectrum Wide range of color spectrums Color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K Come also in mid ranges like 3000K and 5000K bulb 2700K light will create a warm yellow light that is typical to our evening Sun 6500K light is similar to daylight Sun Bulbs that give out light that is beneficial to plants Efficiency Efficiency rivals the High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lights By buying the right fixture you can get more than 10% more light from T5 lamp than from other type of lamps Dramatic energy and money savings 70 to 100 lumens per watt efficiency The longer the bulbs, the higher the efficiency PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Acceptable wavelength range for photosynthesis Plants need different light in different stages of plant growth There are different color spectrum bulbs, so you need to give your plants the light with proper PAR all trough their growth cycle T5 light excel is the PAR ratings T5 light sizes T5 lights come in a wide range of sizes: 2 Feet 1 Bulb, 2 Feet 2 Bulb, 2 Feet 4 Bulb, 2 Feet 6 Bulb, 2 Feet 8 bulb, 2 Feet 10 bulb, 2 Feet 12 Bulb, 4 Feet 1 Bulb, 4 Feet 2 Bulb, 4 Feet 4 Bulb, 4 Feet 6 Bulb, 4 Feet 8 Bulb, 4 Feet 10 Bulb, 4 Feet 12 Bulb. For more information visit T5Fixtures.com