Enotria & Tesco: The Social Wine case study


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  • 1. We Are Social Client Name × Document Title × Date × Page Enotria & Tesco The Social Wine social we are
  • 2. Trade wine supplier, Enotria, wanted to help South African wine community Enaleni create a new sustainable business
  • 3. …which would help ensure the future of their community
  • 4. They also wanted to introduce a new generation of customers to the wine drinking community
  • 5. The solution? The world’s first socially created wine
  • 6. A bespoke bottle of wine to be sold in Tesco stores, made using grapes from the Enaleni community, named and designed by Tesco’s Facebook community
  • 7. The campaign kicked off with a wine-tasting event to select an Enaleni grape, with bloggers, influencers, press and members of the Tesco Wine community social we are
  • 8. It was then over to Tesco’s Facebook fans to decide the bottle’s design and name, via an app on Tesco’s Facebook page
  • 9. Tesco fans could scroll down the ‘Time Vine’ app to learn about different parts of the campaign
  • 10. They were encouraged to submit their name suggestions
  • 11. The fan with the most creative entry had the chance to win a trip to South Africa to visit the Enaleni community where ‘The Social Wine’ would be produced
  • 12. The campaign generated 1,668 entries in just three weeks. The winning name, as voted for by Tesco’s Facebook community, was Enaleni’s Dream
  • 13. Enaleni’s Dream is now on the shelves in Tesco stores throughout the UK. In its first few months in production, it sold over 80,000 bottles social we are
  • 14. The Enaleni community have received payments, as well as their first wine bottled under their own name
  • 15. They are now, for the first time ever, able to pitch for business on the international wine market social we are
  • 16. “The fact that we’ve been able to give the Enaleni community the chance for future business has made this campaign a lasting legacy” - Enotria