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  • Fi gh ti ng H un ge r W or ld w id e Achieving Zero Hunger WFP in Nigeria September 2016
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria iiiiiii Zero hunger is more than an ambitious dream of a world of full stomachs—it’s a Global Goal that world leaders have set for 2030. It’s an end to chronic hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity, and it’s what humanity deserves, a necessary condition to reach our full potential. And the closer we get, the more we all benefit. But to arrive at zero in 15 short years, we need your voice. W FP /H en ry B on gy er ei rw e Who we are • The World Food Programme (WFP) is a voluntarily funded member of the United Nations family • We are the world’s largest humanitarian agency, assisting some 80 million people in 80 countries with food or cash • We save lives in emergencies, and help rebuild lives once the emergency has passed • Our vision is one where every woman, man, girl and boy gets the food they need for an active and healthy life “The reality is that the WFP is still the best-placed, best-resourced global agency for distributing food when disaster strikes. If it needs to build bridges and roads, it can. If it has to drop food out of planes, it will. Its staff have even used elephants, yaks and donkeys to fulfil what remains its core mission: to deliver food into the hands of the hungry poor.” - The Guardian, September 2015
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria viv W FP /R ei n Sk ul le ru d Some 800 MILLION PEOPLE continue to suffer from hunger. That’s 1 in 9 of the world population In sub-Saharan Africa, almost 1 PERSON IN 4 goes to bed hungry Around the world, more than 3 MILLION CHILDREN die from poor nutrition every year Global Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Agenda pledges an END to HUNGER AND MALNUTRITION by 2030 The challenge of global hunger
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria viivivi W FP /R ic ci S hr yo ck How we work As the UN’s frontline agency in the fight against hunger, WFP is at a critical junction. While we continue to provide an unrivalled emergency response, we are increasingly using food and cash assistance to build assets, spread knowledge and nurture food-secure communities. In order to promote innovative hunger solutions, we are equipping our workforce with capabilities in a range of areas, including Food Security Analysis, Nutrition, Food Procurement and Supply Chain. Our mission will only be achieved by working together globally. We are a close community of focused, passionate people, who care deeply for each other and for those we serve. In 2015, we: • Reached more than 50 million people in emergencies • Provided school meals to more than 17 million children, supporting uninterrupted access to education • Empowered women in 55 countries through a variety of food and cash programmes • Partnered with more than 1,000 national and international non- governmental organizations Today, we are seeking passionate, dedicated and talented people to join our team in Nigeria. Serving globally as one team to achieve Zero Hunger
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria ixviii W FP /H en ry B on gy er ei rw e Nigeria context There are some 170 MILLION NIGERIANS – the largest nation in Africa Boko Haram violence has led to ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST ACUTE HUMANITARIAN CRISES Some 2 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DISPLACED in the northeast of the country, with 4.5 MILLION FACING HUNGER every day There are SEVERE FORMS OF HUNGER, and likely famine conditions, in the worst affected and least accessible areas
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria xix WFP’s role in Nigeria In partnership with the Government and other agencies, WFP is working to scale up its assistance in northeastern Nigeria. This consists of: • Providing food and (where markets are functioning) cash assistance • Providing specialized nutritious food for children under age five at risk of malnutrition • Providing safe and reliable air transport to the humanitarian community • Providing nutrition screening of pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under two • Gathering data for a better understanding of needs. W FP /M ar co F ra tt in i
  • Achieving Zero Hunger in Nigeria xiiixii W FP /R ic ci S hr yo ck Work with us to achieve Zero Hunger We are now seeking highly qualified individuals to join us in the fight against hunger in Nigeria. Are you: • passionate about making a difference? • resilient and willing to go to remote and difficult areas? • ready to join our team and pursue a career that changes lives? Click here to view our current vacancies in Nigeria WFP’s greatest strength is its dedicated women and men from around the world, working to provide access to nutritious food and promote lasting hunger solutions, often in challenging conditions. As a leading humanitarian agency, we can only fulfil our ambitious mandate by hiring the very best. Our team of high achievers are offered the opportunity to take their careers to the next level while engaging in globally meaningful work.
  • Learn more about WFP: WFP Year in Review 2015 World Food Programme Via C.G. Viola, 68/70 - 00148 Rome, Italy - Tel: +39 0665131 Printed: Septem ber 2016 - C over photo: W FP/Shannon H ayes W FP /S ha nn on H ay es