Sore, painful breasts and nipples - causes and solutions

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What causes sore, tender and painful breasts and nipples in women of all ages? You can have them from the teenage years right through menopause. Get quick and easy tips on finding relief.
  • 1. Sore Breasts& Nipples
  • 2. 70%
  • 4. Cyclical breast painOccurs every month at around thesame time in your menstrual cycle
  • 5. Non-cyclic breast painOccurs at any timeNot related to the menstrual cycle
  • 6. Why are yourbreasts sore?
  • 7. build-up ofpressureand stretchingof breast tissuewithbloating,swelling &pain
  • 8. Painful breastsand nipples are a common signof hormonalimbalance
  • 10. PREGNANCY Very high levels of ESTROGEN andPROGESTERONE
  • 11. PROGESTERONE helps withmaturity of breast glandsESTROGEN increases the amountof breast tissue
  • 12. PREMENSTRUALSYNDROMEEstrogen dominanceProgesterone not enough to balanceestrogen in the body causing sore breastsand nipples
  • 13. PREMENOPAUSE &MENOPAUSEAnovulatory cyclesNo mature egg isreleasedNo ovulation meansalmost no progesteroneResults inEstrogen dominance
  • 14. IMBALANCE IN FAT LEVELSImbalance of fats in body cells may makebreast tissues more sensitive to circulating hormones causingbreast pain.
  • 15. MEDICATIONOral contraceptivesHormone Replacement TherapyAntidepressants
  • 16. PAIN IN THE HEART AND CHESTPain in these areas may also be felt in thebreast.
  • 17. VERY LARGE BREASTSMay cause pain because of their weight You may also feel pain in the neck and shoulders
  • 18. BREAST CANCERBreast pain can also be a sign of breastcancer but it is usually a late sign inadvanced cases
  • 20. Pregnant?Wear a good braWith lots ofsupportEat a healthy,balanced diet
  • 21. Have PMS? Premenopausal? Menopausal?Use natural (bioidentical) progesterone cream to balance estrogen effects.
  • 22. Use evening primrose oil orborage oilHelp to normalize the fat levels inyour tissues making them lesssensitive to circulating hormones
  • 23. Take a Multivitamin that containsB complex vitamins , Zinc, VitaminE, Magnesium and Vitamin C
  • 24. womens herbal formulavitex blue cohosh dong quai
  • 25. detoxifyingformulamilk thistlebarberrygoldensealburdock rootyellow dockdandelion root
  • 26. RELAX…to reduce stress and anxietythat may worsen breast pain.
  • 27. An acupressure mat…relievessleeplessness, tension, stress, pain,aids weight naturally in just 20
  • 28. If breast pain becomes reallyunbearable SEE YOUR DOCTOR
  • 29. For more lifestyle andwellness tips click hereMenopause Lifestyle
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