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CARIBBEAN SECONDARY CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT 2015 NAME OF CANDIDATE: CANDACY MENTORE SCHOOL: ACADEMY OF APEX EDUCATION CENTRE NUMBER: 090123 CANDIDATES NUMBER: TEACHER: MISS MIEHELLE JAGMOHAM TITLE: MARRIAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGES ACKNOWLEDEGMENTS INTRODUCTION TOPIC/STATEMENT OF PROBLEM REASON FOR SELECTING AREA OF RESEARCH METHOD OF INVESTIGATION INSTRUMENT USED TO COLLECT DATA PROCEDURES USED TO COLLECT DATA PRESENTATION AND EXPLANTATION OF DATA ANAYLSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA FINDINGS RECOMMENDATION AND IMPLEMENTATION CONCLUSION GOLASSORY BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDICES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This School Based Assessment (S.B.A) would not have been completed or concluded without the obligation and the mutual support of a few number of persons whom the researcher wishes to acknowledge. Firstly the researcher wishes to thank all family members for understanding and cooperation with her also for released her from household chores and assistance psychologically and financially. Secondly the researcher wishes to thank residents of the small village paradise, for responding and also took time off from their occupied schedule of the assistance in filling out the questionnaire, which was the most important part of the School Based Assessment. Finally the researcher would like to pass out a special thanks to her subject teacher who guided her in every step until at the conclusion of this School Based Assessment. INTRODUCTION This School Based Assessment is concluded with the intention of examining or investigation of the failure of marriages. This research will be carry out in the small area called Paradise. Paradise is one of the small village located on the East Coast Demerara, it has approximately three hundred fifty (350) household. Paradise has been considered to be a residential area of its residents is at a lower level of both social and economic backgrounds. Paradise also has a mix ethnic y population it is within forty-five (45) minutes from the capital city ‘Georgetown’. The reason why this community was chosen is that the researcher lives at the community and the researcher has a middle class standard of living and also her parents are very well known to the residents of the Paradise which means that data collection would not be difficult to record, failure of marriages has be increased and needs immediate attention to dealt with. TOPIC Marriage STATEMENT OF PROBLEM What are the major effects of marriage? What are the causes of marriage? REASON FOR SELECTING AREA OF RESEACH 1. Paradise is one of the major communities that failure of marriage occurs and are effecting or affecting the homes of family. 2. The researcher notices that alcohol and drug addiction are the two main causes of failure of marriage in paradise. 3. The divorce rate are rising up so rapid in this small area which is not healthy for a goods standard of marriage. 4. As for the child/children of a divorced family are being so effective their youthful mind. METHOD OF INVESTIGATION Questionnaire refers to a set of questions on a form, submitted for replies that can be used to analyze for valuable information’s or in order to collect statistical information. This questionnaire refers to a part of collecting data and has a number of advantages; 1. It necessitates a good amount of the for you to completed this questionnaire. 2. All questions expected to have an answer to it. 3. Signatures of yours are not necessary of this questionnaire. 4. Residents are expected to answer questions with kindness, honesty and also loyalty. INSTRUMENTS USED TO COLLECT DATA Academy of Apex Education 22 Atlantic Gardens East Coast Demerara Guyana January 10th , 2015 REF: A SURVEY ON WHAT ARE THE MAJOR CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF THE FAILURE OF MARRIAGE. Dear Respondents, On behalf of the researcher who is a grade eleven (11) student of the above mention school, who is preparing to write the Caribbean secondary examination certificate in the month of May-June 2015. As this is the essential part of the social-studies examination, the researcher has been accommodated or obliges to regulate a survey on a social problem that is at a high level of influence to her community. The researcher has distinct to address and identify the issues of the failure of marriage or divorced. As it is a consideration of the researcher to seek your indolence and cooperation in filling out this questionnaire in honesty and to the best of your skills and ability. Please note that all information that was given would be kept strictly restricted. This questionnaire could be answer simple thick or short answers where is necessary. Thank you in participation of your kind and loving help. Yours Respectively Candacy Mentore CSEC Candidate 2015. QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Sex Male Female 2. Age Range 15-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-over 3. Ethnicy Portuguese Africans Chinese East Indians Amerindians Europeans Mixed 4. Marital states Married Single Divorce 5. Religion Christianity Islam Hinduism 6. How long are you a resident of this community? Under 1 year 1-3 years 3-5 years 5 years-over 7. What marriage can be defined as A vow When two person living together It is a proposal Legal union that contain a certificate 8. What is the most common marriage that occurs in the community? Arranged marriage Shot gun Family tradition Marriage convenience 20. What is the major cause of marriage? Teenage pregnancy Domestic violence Financial problem 20. Is divorce a common conclusion to marriage in your community? Yes No 11. What is the major effect of divorce to children? Suffer academically Children substantially are incarcerated to commit crime Experience illness Suffer from psychological distress 12. What is the most common cause of failure in marriage at paradise? Domestic violence Drug abuse Infertility Financial problem 13. Which of the following is more that teenager from divorce family more likely engaged in? Engaged in sexual intercourse Engaged in drugs Engaged in crimes Engaged in abusive activities 14. Which of the individual suffer the most after being divorce? Husband Wife Child/children 15. The men who faces divorce which of the following effect they usually get? They lose their sense of identity Paternal instinct is challenged They usually don’t allow themselves to grieve properly 16. How is it that parents who are single parenting cope with the children and also remained, do you think any of the following affected the child/children? Social problems Financial problems Emotional problems Economic problems 17. What is the main role of socialization the spouse should share with each other? Love, affection and attention Respect Adour partners Be at each other sides 18. What is one possible solution do you think can reduce divorce? 19. Which of the following can reduce divorced rate? Counseling Resolving the cause of divorce Increase of domestic violence Drug abuse 20. When married couple divorce does they remarried? Yes No PROCEDURE USED TO COLLECT DATA The topic that the researcher selected of the school based assessment (s.b.a) is marriage. Then the researcher had constructed a questionnaire of twenty (20) questions to submit to the subject teacher to checked and corrected. After the questionnaire was submitted and done correction the researcher then typed out one and made twenty (20) copies in order for distribution. The time which the researcher distributed the questionnaires to the residents was around 05:00pm to 06:30pm of January 15th 2015. There was five streets within the small village which the researcher had shared four questionnaires to one street two on the left side and two to the right side to two males and two females for each street. The respondents that were selected were from the age of fifteen to fifty. The researcher had given the residents seven days to fill up the questionnaires which were 22th, January 2015. After this was successfully finished the questionnaire was then submitted to the subject teacher once again for correction then when correction was made the researcher used questionnaires was gathered to compile a report. PRESENTATION AND EXPLANATION OF DATA Question 7 which of the following marriage can define as? Table 1 OPTION NO.OF RESPONSE % OF RESPONSE A VOW 6 30% When two person living together 5 25% It is a legal proposal 5 25% Legal union that contain a certificate 4 20% Total 20 100% Fig.1 Pie chart shows how much respondents defined marriage as in paradise. It can be seen that 30% defined it is a vow, 25% defined it as when two person living together, 25% defined it as a legal proposal and 20% defined marriage as a legal union that contain a certificate. Question 12 what are the most causes of failure of marriage in paradise. Table 2 OPTION NO.OF RESPONSE % OF RESPONSE Domestic violence 4 20% Drug abuse 6 30% Infertility 3 15% Financial problems 7 35% TOTAL 20 100 Fig 2 Fig 2 shows the number of response that is the most causes of failure of marriage in paradise. It can be seen that financial problem has 30% which is the highest then drug abuse with 30% followed by domestic violence 20% and infertility has 15% which is the least cause of failure of marriage in paradise. Question 17 what is the main role of socialization the spouse should share with each other. Table 3 OPTION NO.OF RESPONSE % OF RESPONSE Love , affection and attention 6 30% Respect 5 25% Adour partners 4 20% Be at each other sides 5 25% TOTAL 2O 100% Fig3 Figure three shows the percentage of the main socialization. Love, affection and attention have 30%, respect has 25% also be at each other side has 25% and Adour has 20% of socialization. These graphs give you a good view of what is the problem of failure marriage in order for us to think all the possible solution which can be used to reduce divorce rate in this small area called paradise. ANALYZING AND INTERPETATION OF DATA The researcher knows that is part of this school based assessment (s.b.a) or report is a very important part which actually carried 20% of the marks overall. Firstly the researcher used the questionnaire that was distributed to the residents of the small village called paradise which had important information of marriage, the causes effects and even possible solution for failure marriage also even which type of marriage mostly occur in the community. Questionnaires was distributed to five males and fifteen to the females but the researcher noticed that all five of the males had been able to filled and returned the questionnaires whereas all fifteen of the females didn’t twelve had returned out of fifteen. The researcher also recognized that majority of the residents was at the age between twenty to forty-five years old (20-45), whereas the residents who had been able to response to the questionnaire was living in the small village for five years and even over, which the researcher had a greater advantage because they were experience residents. The three questions that had chosen for the presentation of data were randomly checked and were set appropriately. The first question was what can define as marriage? The researcher gave four options which are a vow, when two persons living together, it is a legal proposal and a legal union that contain a certificate. The researcher noticed that most residents had chosen the first option which is a vow, the researcher realized that what the residents trying to simplify is that when you make a vow your responsibility is to honor and keep it between the persons actually this kind of vow is one that includes god it is a promise that you made their and you’re not supposed to let go until death do us part. When two people made that kind of vow it is no matter all the dangerous path while it is rough or smooth you need to go through, marriage life has steps to go through, this is why the researcher thought why the residents chosen this option the most. The second question was what are the most causes of failure of marriage in paradise? Also this question had four options to choose, the researcher thought that domestic violence would have been the most cause but according to the report it was financial problem, there are two ways which the married couple can solve this problem which is either increase income or decrease expenses. They can increase their income by working together and be able to take responsibilities they should without causing misunderstanding or argument within the family, however they can decrease expenses by shopping for much lower quality but strong materials, avoid buying expensive products. The third question was what is the main role of socialization the spouse should share with each other? The options were love, affection and attention, respect, Adour partners and be at each other side. Most residents choose the first options which were aggressive. The researcher recognized that most married couple does not play that role within the family and they need even couples might be busy with their working schedule without these the relationship will not last for long. The community paradise have a lot of single parent family and sibling household whereas a few of nuclear family which is not a good life standard these single parent family and sibling household can hampered the mind of the youths in paradise these type of family have a great disadvantage of the nuclear families. FINDINGS The researcher observed that during the investigation of this problem for failure marriage is that one of the main cause was financial problems and this does only occur in the community paradise but also the country or around the world and the couples doesn’t know how to deal with is matter and due to these situations the government should be able organize special counseling for the families. Secondly the researcher noticed that when fathers are single parents the faces some of the horrible consequences more than the mothers when the mother walk out on the family the husband feels frustrated and this even can lead to being abusive to the child/children which can also lead to much bigger situation. Thirdly is that divorce rate is getting more higher each year which isn’t supposed to happen if married couples lived together for five years it is a lot most people get divorce this is terrible for the humanity lives, they made a vow and didn’t kept and this happens all around the world, the governments should respect this type of life and find possible solution to reduce the rated of divorce and save the marriages within the countries. RECOMMENDATION AND IMPLEMENTATION The major causes of failure marriage are financial problems, communication problems and also abuse problems that mostly occur in the community. The researcher observed the effects of failure of marriages are depression and challenge of paternal instinct and even this can hamper the children of broken marriages from be educated. These failures of marriages should not be at a high rate or it should not be increasing rapidly every year. In other to solve these issues I would do the possible solution of the following below: · Acknowledge that one partner maybe the saver and the other the spender understand that both partners have benefits also agree to learn from each other tendencies and never hide income or debt. · Being abuse in any way to avoid this you can seek counseling associations and try to communicate with partners in a loving way. CONCULSION This school based assessment had be successfully completed with the help and explanation the subject teacher and he support of the residents also from the researcher family members. BIBILOGRAPHY Name of book: modules in social-studies Author: rampersaud ramsawak & ralph r. umraw Internet: social-studies school based assessment sample Soft copy of a social-studies school based assessment GLOSSARY ABUSE - to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way. AFFECTION - a tender feeling toward another. CRIME - an act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction. DIVORCE – the legal dissolution of a marriage. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – acts of violence against a member of one’s immediate family, especially in homes. HONOR – high respect, as that shown reputation, esteem. INFERTILITY – the persistent inability to conceive a child. ISLAM – a monotheistic religion characterized by the acceptance the doctrine of submission to god and to Muhammad as the chief and last prophet of god. LEGAL – recognized or enforced by law rather by equity. MARRIAGE – a legal union or contract made by a man and woman to live as husband and wife. RELIGIOUS – having or showing belief in and reverence for god or a deity. SOCIALIZATION – the modification from infancy of an individual’s behaviour to conform to the demand of social life. PSYCHOLOGICAL – relating to the mind or mental activity. APPENDIES