5. Planet-Puppy Summer Camp Week 4


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  • 1.How toBecome an AwesomePuppy Parent!Camp Mighty PawThe Final Week 4Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
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  • 3. Before we get started you should have completed: Reading the Introduction Completed Phase 1 readings and all tasks – Week 1 of Summer Camp Completed Phase 2 readings and all tasks – Week 2 of Summer Camp Completed Phase 3 Daily PracticesIf you attempt to move forward with Phase 4without completing the previous phasesthen you will not understand the conceptsbehind this final phase of Planet-Puppy’sSummer Camp Program.
  • 4. CAMP MIGHTY PAW Did you know?Thank ourDogs help kids live healthier.lucky stars for New 2012 research “supports aMother Nature! growing body of evidence thatexposure to pets early in life canstimulate the human immunesystem to do a better job of fighting off infections.” Article Source:http://www.montereyherald.com/health/ci_21080205/living-around-dogs-cats-beneficial-infantsCopyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 5. CAMP MIGHTY PAWIn this fourth week:1.We will do a little review.2.Learn about bad dogs.3.Practice training daily.4. Have a good summer!  5 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 6. CAMP MIGHTY PAWFrom Week 1 • Puppies and dogs are like small children, they need your attention all the time. • In order to he happy, healthy and well-adjusted, your canine buddy should be socialized with almost everyone, everything and everyplace. It’s fun getting out and going on excursions with your dog. • Communicating with your dog is more then just your voice, you also communicate through your emotions and body language. Dogs are sensitive. 6 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 7. CAMP MIGHTY PAWFrom Week 1• Make sure your dog learns who you are as well as youknowing about what your dog is. Even though we mustlearn how to take care of our best-friend, our best-friendneeds to know the boundaries in which to live in our humanworld.• Remember, you are not alone. Many people from all overthe world have the same problems with their dogs. Theimportant thing to do is to not give up, have a routine andlive a good happy lifestyle no matter who you are or whereyou come from.7 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 8. CAMP MIGHTY PAWFrom Week 2• Check your dog’s health weekly making sure they stayhappy and healthy.• A dog’s psychology is very simple, they don’t need to becoddled like a baby. But they do need to be socializedwith other dogs and people to maintain a healthy mentalstate of mind.• Dog’s are sensitive creatures and they do feel emotions.8Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 9. CAMP MIGHTY PAWFrom Week 2 • Each dog trainer has their own special way to teach and connect with dogs. Cesar Millan helps rehabilitate older dogs with problems while Planet-Puppy focuses on establishing good puppy-parenting skills (to reduce the amount of problems a dog might have when it’s older). • Obedience training needs to be practiced everyday while you are positive and happy. • If you get frustrated with your dog while training him or her, take a break!9Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 10. CAMP MIGHTY PAWFrom Week 3 • Dog training is like a sport you have to practice regularly. You are a winning team. • Every dog has a bad day. • Mentally, “a dog will forever be like a kid of 14.” • If a dog’s behavior turns negative, consider a “time-out.” • Practice some simple obedience training daily to keep your dog balanced and well-behaved.10Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 11. CAMP MIGHTY PAW “My dog will not listen tome! Why?”11Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 12. CAMP MIGHTY PAW “My dog will notlisten to me!Why?”Have you ever watched a television show that helps bad dogs to change? Well theseshows such as The Dog Whisperer, Dogs in the City and It’s Me or the Dog all featureroughly the same problem, the dog owners lack of simple dog obedience training.Let’s watch an example of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlmKXtvltNsIn this YouTube clip you will see an adult dog’s behavior, whose had no obediencetraining, change from being ill-tempered to mentally stabled. The training suggested,advised by the expert, was very simple. She suggested doing short 5 minute trainingspurt sessions twice a day. Do you understand why? Watch the video again to find outthe answer. 12 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 13. CAMP MIGHTY PAW“My dog likes to bite when we play!”Let’s watch some more YouTube videos of bad behavior and how humane corrective actionscan change a bad dog to being good! Videos are from Animal Planet’s: “It’s Me or the Dog.”• Difficult Case #5:• features the use of a “Time-Out:”• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUREXCizjb0&feature=relmfu• Difficult Case #4:• features helping a rescued dog.• Watch the expert train the dog, her eye is on the dog all the time and her timing isimmediate when the dog starts to behave badly:• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEwlz2w9b78&feature=relmfu• Difficult Case # 7:• features why it’s important to research the dog’s breed before purchasing the dog:• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDQUHeOHXrE&feature=relmfu 13 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 14. CAMP MIGHTY PAWDogs don’t care what kind of job you have, yourposition in whatever company your in, how muchmoney you make, what color your skin is, whatcountry you are from, what type of house youlive in nor do they care about what you look likein the morning or how bad your breath is!But dog’s do care about rules, boundaries and limits.They need a routine, they need simple obedience, they need exercise and they need your good vibes. Dogs can handle tough love and good leadership with various types of communication.14Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 15. CAMP MIGHTY PAWThe #1 key to ANYsuccessfulrelationship isGOODCOMMUNICATION.15Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 16. CAMP MIGHTY PAW So as we come to the end I want you toremember that a dog isnot just a dog…… a dog is our bestfriend and a wonderful companion that loves us unconditionally.16Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 17. CAMP MIGHTY PAW• Heal & Harness Training – Go for a walk.• Crate/Separation Training• Socialization – Try something new.• Grooming/Health Check – Brush yourdog. 17 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 18. Remember the7Simple Tasks to be Completed Daily:1. Watch your puppy/dog.2.Use different voice tones. • High Pitch = Praise • Low Pitch = Command3.Understand the realities of dog training.4.Heal & Harness Training – Go for a walk.5.Crate/Separation Training • For Parents who have had your dog for at least one (1) year.6.Socialization – Try something new.7.Grooming/Health Check – Brush your dog.Journal Entry #4 – Set some goals.• Where do you see yourself with your dog in a few years? What type ofchallenges do you need to overcome? How are you going to take chargeand be the leader of your dog? How many parks are you going to visitwith your dog? 18 Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 19. 19Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
  • 20. See y’allnext year!20Copyright © 2012, Niccole Lee. All rights reserved.
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