Be Grateful


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  • The Middle East, 6/4/12 Take 60 Seconds to Be Grateful
  • An Egyptian dust plume and the Red Sea 6/22/13 From above, your planet is an awe-inspiring and peaceful place
  • Thunderhead and lightning, 1/9/11 Even storms are breathtakingly beautiful
  • Lightning amidst the yellow city lights of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, 12/13/13
  • Photo description Meteor at sunrise, May, 2014 You are part of a larger universe
  • Comet Lovejoy near Earth’s horizon 12/22/11 Something magical is always happening around you
  • Orionids Meteor Shower (October, 2014)
  • Composite shows meteors over Huntsville, AL., on the night of Jan. 3-4, 2012
  • Cygnus breaks up over Earth, August, 2014 Be grateful
  • Eastern North Atlantic, 3/28/12 Open your eyes, ears, mind and heart
  • Arc over Earth, June, 2014 this is your home
  • Hardy star survives supernova blast, March 2014 Recognize your blessings
  • Kliuchevskoi Volcano on Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Federation 11/16/13 Treasure what you have
  • Ice floes, Kamchatka Coast, 3/15/12 Marvel in the ways things work
  • Eye of Typhoon Neoguri, 7/7/14 Weather the storms
  • Pre-winter storm, southwestern Australia 3/29/14 Adopt a positive perspective
  • Yellow shows blacked out NYC areas during Hurricane Sandy What tests us makes us tougher
  • Border of India and Pakistan, 8/21/11 Learn to play nicely with others
  • Aurora Borealis over Colorado, 2/10/13 And get out of the office more
  • Aurora near Australia, 07/15/14 Life is not a movie. It is real.
  • Space Shuttle Discovery over Morocco, 03/07/11 All images from Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr
  • Moon setting right after the sun, 1/23/15 Created by Bruce Kasanoff, ghostwriter.