Jamaican Patwa Lesson 6


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  • 1. Lesson 6 Jamaican Patois
  • 2. A woman and her cat – Wah uhman wid har puss A man and his car - Wah man an him cyar They are reading their books – Dem a read dehh book
  • 3. a woman and her husband – Wah uhman wid har husband a girl and her parents - Wah gyal and har parents dem
  • 4. a woman and her children - Wah uhman an har pickney dem parents and their sons - Parents ah dem son dem.
  • 5. a mother and her baby – Wah madda an har baby a husband and his wife - Wah husband an ihe wife
  • 6. The woman and her cat are playing - Dih uhman and har puss a play Who is eating? – A who a nyam?
  • 7. This is my father - Dis a mi fadda The boys are brothers – Di bwoy dem a bredda
  • 8. These are my children - Dem a fimmi pickney This is my mother - Dis a mi madda
  • 9. how old are you? - how ole u be?? i am four years old - mi four year ole
  • 10. how old is he? - how old ihe be?? he is twelve years old - him a twelve years old
  • 11. how old is she? - how old she be? She is nine years old - she a nine years old