130 stats about the 7 social media trends dominating 2015


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The digital landscape has been dispersing rapidly over the last 12-24 months and with ever more scattered audiences and fragmented social platforms, brands face a bucketful of challenges. To thrive in this highly competitive environment, digital marketers need to constantly be on their toes and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. In this deck we share 130 stats around the 7 social media trends that we see dominating 2015. To read the full blog and to understand the full scope of these developments visit http://www.emarsys.com/en/resources/blog/the-7-social-media-trends-dominating-2015/
  • 1. sCommerceStartupsFMSocial commerceis the evolution and maturation ofsocial media meets shoppingHeidi Cohen
  • 2. sCommerceStartupsFMGlobal ecommerce sales top $1.2 trillionSocial commerce sales are forecasted to represent5% of all online retail revenue in 2015MediaBistro$15billion
  • 3. sCommerceConversion rate of social referrersStatista
  • 4. sCommerceMediaBistroAverage order value by social referrer
  • 5. sCommerceHalf of social media driven purchasing happenswithin one week of sharing, tweeting, liking orfavouriting the productMediaBistro
  • 6. sCommerceof marketers have successfully gainedPostcron70% new customers via social networks
  • 7. sCommerce74% of consumers rely on social networksto guide purchase decisionsStartupsFM55% of consumers share purchaseson social networks
  • 8. sCommerceof consumers are more likely to buy a new product43% when learning about it on social mediafilemobileNielsen48% of consumers think that posts created by othersin their networks are a great way to discover newproducts, brands, trends or retailers48%
  • 9. sCommerceShopifyMediaBistro60% of social traffic to retail sites originates fromFacebook85% of all orders from social media come via
  • 10. Social AdvertisingBy2015Internet advertising will make up nearly25% of the entire ad marketPostcron
  • 11. Social AdvertisingMobile ad spending will rise to $95 billionby2018eMarketer
  • 12. Social AdvertisingMarketers advertise on…92% 35% 24% 23%Socialbakers
  • 13. Social AdvertisingProviding networks with massive advertising revenuesTechCrunchDailyDotVentureBeatin Q2/2014AdAge$2.9b $1.1b(for the whole of 2014)$106m $312m
  • 14. Social AdvertisingBut the true giant remains Google with an ARPU6x higher than Facebook’sKPCB$45 $7.24 $3.55
  • 15. Social AdvertisingFacebook remains marketers’ favourite platform500,000 Facebook pagesuse promoted posts to boosttheir social successAccumulating2.5 millionpromoted posts on FacebookJeff Bullas
  • 16. Social AdvertisingBut Twitter’s popularity increasesMashable44%of advertisers have increased Twitter spending overthe last six months63%said they plan to do so over the next year59%said they expected to spend more on Facebook
  • 17. Social AdvertisingJeff Bullas45% of ads in the 2013 SuperBowl included Twitter hashtagsA 24 hour Promoted Trendon Twitter costs $200,000
  • 18. Social AdvertisingPinterest: a MUST for ecommerce businessesMashable42% of the IR500 top 50 haveadopted rich pinsTop brands in fashion & retail see highengagement rates, with an average of 46 repins 46
  • 19. Social AdvertisingAnd let’s not forget about mobile…62%of Facebook’s profitcomes from mobile adsTechCrunchTechCrunch81% of Twitter’s ad revenuecomes from mobile
  • 20. The Revolution of MobileWorldwide mobile penetrationamounts to93%We Are Social
  • 21. The Revolution of MobileWe Are Social
  • 22. The Revolution of MobileDigital Marketing MagazineMobile data traffic increased by+81%since 2013And will grow10xby 2019Ericson
  • 23. The Revolution of MobileDigital Marketing MagazineWith users spending2h42mPer day on mobile devices
  • 24. The Revolution of MobileAnd 86% of that time being spent on appsTechCrunch
  • 25. The Revolution of Mobile21 billion SMSs are sent dailyInformaLeading to an SMSrevenue growth of127billion
  • 26. The Revolution of Mobile98% of all SMS messages are opened75% of people would like to have offerssent to them via SMSDigital Marketing Magazine
  • 27. The Revolution of Mobile57% of consumers would be happy tosign up to an SMS loyalty programmeDigital Marketing Magazine
  • 28. The Revolution of Mobile90% of consumers signed up to such schemesfeel they have gained value from themDigital Marketing Magazine
  • 29. The Revolution of MobileMobile advertising grows with global mobile use…KPCB
  • 30. The Revolution of Mobile… and so does mobile app and advertising revenueKPCB
  • 31. The Revolution of MobileMobile and social media go hand in hand60% of social media time isspent on mobileBusiness Insider
  • 32. The Revolution of MobileThe DrumFacebook’s audience is growing via mobileand tablets, but holding steady or decliningvia PCs and laptopsMore people are using mobile to share a linkto an article, comment on posts, watch videoclips or message friends
  • 33. The Revolution of MobileJeff BullasFacebook owned21.7%of worldwide mobile internetad revenue in 2014
  • 34. The Revolution of MobileFacebook is the second most popular app categoryGaming: 32% of time spent on mobileFacebook: 17% of time spent on mobileTechCrunch
  • 35. The Revolution of MobileMobile video consumption is increasing22% of video consumption happens on mobile… and will increase to >50% by 2019Mobile makes up 40% of Youtube’s global watch timeEricsonKPCB
  • 36. Social VideoVideo will continue to dominate the digital landscapeBrainshark74% of all internet traffic will be video by 2017
  • 37. Social VideoSingle GrainVideo is shared1200% more timesthan links and text combined
  • 38. Social VideoMobile & tablet shoppers are 300% more likelyto view a video than laptop/desktop usersSingle Grain92% of mobile video viewers share video
  • 39. Social VideoBut many brands ignore the potential…Single Grain9,100 tweets are sent every secondBut only 700 tweets a minute include YouTube videosAnd only 120 tweets a minute include Vines
  • 40. Social VideoYouTube is the#2search engine in the worldDigitalSherpa
  • 41. Social VideoMore than 1 billion users visit YouTube each monthOver 6 billion hours of video are watched each month100 hours of video are uploaded every minute500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every dayRelevancy GroupYouTube
  • 42. Social VideoMany miss out on potentialco-operations with the stars of YouTubeKPCB
  • 43. Social VideoMicro-videos are equally important for a successfulmarketing strategy45% of viewers will stop watching avideo after 1 minute60% will have stopped watching avideo by 2 minutesDigitalSherpa
  • 44. Social VideoMore than 40 million users totalDMRMediaBistrocreate over 1 billion Vine loops daily
  • 45. Social VideoEvery minute Vine users share 8,333 videosDMRAnd upload 12 million Vines to Twitter
  • 46. Social VideoBranded content accounts for 4% of the top 100 Vinesreceiving 400% more shares than branded videosMashable
  • 47. Social VideoHyperlapse received 30.000 mentions within thefirst two days of its launchand a social media reach of 60 millionBrand24
  • 48. Social VideoWith user-generated content dominating the discussion48%Brand24of Hyperlapses were user-generated
  • 49. Social Video57% of Instagram users access the site every day35% of users access the site multiple times a day57%35%Pew Research
  • 50. Social VideoL2The average user spends257 minutes a month on the site 257Instagram engagement is 15x higherthan Facebook engagement
  • 51. Social VideoInstagram videos are creatingdouble the engagementof Instagram photosInside Facebook88% of brands on Instagram haveshared at least one videoTotems
  • 52. Social VideoStill don’t believe in the power of social video anduser-generated content?
  • 53. Social Video80% of all online content is user-generatedThe biggest drivers are consumers:25 - 45 year olds contribute 70% of all UGCSparkReel
  • 54. Social Video25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brandsSocial Timesare links to user-generated content
  • 55. Social VideoUser-generated contentincreases brand sales effectiveness by nearly20%SparkReel
  • 56. Social VideoOn Youtube, UGC fan videos get 10x more views thanbrand-owned contentBrand engagement rises by 28% when consumers areexposed to both professional content and user-generatedproduct videofilemobile
  • 57. Social VideoStatista97% of beauty related video contenton Youtube is generated by vloggersIn 2013, YouTube beauty vloggers had generated an average of255 videos per channel, more than double the amount ofofficial brand channels
  • 58. Social Video8-10% of consumers are influencers that typically generate3x more word-of-mouth messagesand each message has 4x more impact thanthe average word-of-mouth messagefilemobile
  • 59. Agile MarketingInciteOne of the most disruptive trends in the industryAgile marketingCustomer experienceContent creationMultichannelSeamless collaboration
  • 60. Agile Marketing29,000 retweets14,000 favourites16,000 retweets7,000 favourites
  • 61. Agile MarketingCMG Partners63% of CMOssay agility is ahigh priorityYet only 40%call themselves agile
  • 62. Agile MarketingBusiness needsare met withagilityCMG Partners
  • 63. Agile MarketingFind the right balance in your marketing strategyEconsultancyAgile marketingAutomatedmarketingPlannedmarketing
  • 64. Agile MarketingMy CustomerAnd win agile marketing in 2015• Define your strategic framework• Create an agile team with the right resources• Plan real-time marketing activities• Understand social data• Take risks and be bold• Measure your outcomes
  • 65. AnonymityUsers are concerned about online anonymity & privacy54%86%of internet users have taken stepsonline to remove or mask theirdigital footprintsof mobile app users have decidednot to install a mobile app whenthey realized how much personalinformation they would need toshare in order to use itPEWPEW
  • 66. Anonymity60%Pragmatists30%Fundamentalists10%UnconcernedStatslifeIpsos MORIPragmatists’ concerns are based on situationalcircumstances, but are moderated by trust – whichis dependent on previous brand experiences
  • 67. AnonymityYet many users don’t bother reading T&CsIpsos MORI
  • 68. AnonymitySigning anything without second thoughts:88% of people signed Gamestation’s clausethat gave the computer game retailer the‘non-transferable option to claim now andforever more your immortal soul”StatsLife
  • 69. AnonymityIs ‘smart disclosure’ the solution to privacy concerns?71% would like to have access to the data that companies holdabout them, which could help them to make better decisionsIpsos MORI– e.g. about how they spend their money
  • 70. AnonymitySo users started flocking to anonymous social media
  • 71. AnonymityUsage numbers started to explodeWhisper is nearing 3 billion page views a monthwith 45% of users actively creating contentAllthingsdigitalCNN50,000 users create accounts, send out inviteshour and receive invitations to join ElloForbes
  • 72. AnonymityAnonymous networks get crucial financial supportWhisper received funding of 57mand is valued at 200mMarketwiredAllthingsdigitalTechCrunch19m for SecretMashable10m for Yik YakTechCrunch2m for ConfideTechCrunch
  • 73. AnonymityBut people are open to change – if brands treat themthe right way52% of consumers are willing to sharepersonal information to receive relevantcommunications from brandsEmarsys
  • 74. Anonymity55% of consumers appreciate thatbrands track their website behaviour tolearn more about their audienceEmarsys
  • 75. Anonymity51% of millennials and40% of people 35+would share information withcompanies as long as theyget something in returnUSC Annenberg
  • 76. AnonymityUSC Annenberg56% of millennials and42% of people 35+would share their location withcompanies in order to receive couponsor deals for nearby businesses
  • 77. Private MessagingPrivate messaging got big over the last few years
  • 78. Private Messagingand was the biggest boom in 2014Increase in user baseThe DrumSnapchatKikWhatsAppLineWeChat
  • 79. Private MessagingIn February 2014Facebook acquired WhatsApp for19 billionStratablue16 million= WhatsApp’s revenue for the first half of 2014DMR
  • 80. Private Messaging600 million monthly active users1 million new registrations per day70% of users are active every day
  • 81. Private Messaging64 billion messages sent per day700 million photos shared per day100 million video messages sent per day1000 headsDMR
  • 82. Private Messagingmonthly active userssnaps a daySnapchat stories viewed per dayKPCBDMR
  • 83. Private MessagingDMR58%of collegestudentsare likely to purchase a product from abrand that sent them a Snapchat couponYet only 1% of marketersuse Snapchat
  • 84. Private Messaging438 million monthly active users100 millionfrom outside ChinaDMR
  • 85. Private MessagingWeChat Moment’s share ofDMR67k apps are connected to WeChatBefore a business can advertiseit needs 100,000 followerstotal Chinese social sharing: 23.4%
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