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Our global capabilities by NES Global Talent
  • 1. Our promise:Guaranteed staffing solutions, engineered from the global talent pool by discipline specific consultants
  • 2. 35 years’Over experience finding talent for leading oil and gas, power, infrastructure, life sciences, chemical engineering and rail companies worldwide.
  • 3. 41 offices 25 countries Over500 discipline specific consultants
  • 4. Awards and accreditations:
  • 5. Our service doesn’t stop at making placements, we guarantee to support our contractors throughout their assignment. This means that we’ll handle every logistical hurdle necessary to ensure that you have access to the best in global talent, regardless of whether you need a one-off solution or ongoing support.1.Payroll administration2.Payroll funding3.Taxation and fiscal compliance4.Insurance provision5.Emergency response
  • 6. 1. Administration Payroll2. Funding PayrollPayroll administration is a fundamental partStaffing your business or a specific project isof the service we provide. It involvesonly possible if you have the funds availablemaintaining compliance, paying appropriateto pay your people. We’ll take on thetaxes, and having the relevant registrationsresponsibility of remunerating contractorsand banking partners to pay in local currencywith their pay and expenses directly,where necessary. We can take care of allmeaning you don’t have to worry aboutthese complications on your behalf.cashflow when paying a workforce.
  • 7. 3. Compliance4. ProvisionEnsuring fiscal compliance for contractorsTo ensure all stakeholders are fullyisn’t easy, it takes time, attention to detailprotected, we provide the insurancesand a thorough knowledge of localnecessary to cover our legal liability to clientslegislation. We never allow someone to startand third parties, as we support companiesworking at your company without ensuringwith their complex staffing challenges.Taxation and Fiscalthey are set up compliantly and in a position to pay the right tax as required by local legislation.Insurance
  • 8. 5. Response EmergencySometimes things don’t go to plan. In cases of emergency we’re there and have partners on the ground to assist with sorting out any crises.
  • 9. With over 35 years’ experience in contract staffing, out discipline specific consultants will take time to understand your need, scouring the global talent pool to find you the ideal candidate with the appropriate skills and expertise to help drive your business forward.6.Contingent contract staff7.Project contract staff8.Specialist contract staff
  • 10. 6. Contract Staff7. Contract StaffWhether you’re looking for a single memberTo ensure your project is on time and onof contract staff or an entire team ofbudget, you need to know that the talentengineers, it’s crucial that you find peopleprovided has come via experiencedwith the right background and expertise to hitconsultants who have an unrivalledthe ground running. With our contract staffingunderstanding of the expertise available insolution, we’ll take time to understand yourthe market. With our project contract staffingneed, your business and your culture, so thatsolution, we take time to understand yourwe can find you a candidate with theneed and propose a bespoke solution toappropriate skills and experience to fitensure that we find you the skilled teamsseamlessly into your organization.required to drive your project forward.ContingentProject
  • 11. 8. Contract Staff SpecialistFinding people with the appropriate skills to fill senior contract positions can be a tough and time consuming process and can negatively impact your business if that person turns out to be an incorrect fit for such a critical role.
  • 12. When working on highly complex projects, you need access to the best in global talent. With more than 35 offices across 22 countries, we have the expertise to break down international barriers and negotiate global mobility challenges, ensuring you’re supported in every location imaginable, at every phase of your project.9.Mobilization and repatriation10. Visas and work permits 11.In country orientation12. Accommodation services 13. Travel services 14. Health and safety support15. Individual security support 16. Expat concierge service
  • 13. 9. Repatriation Mobilization and10. Work Permits Visas andOur comprehensive mobilization serviceOur in-house visa coordinators arrange allprovides candidates with all the relevantrelevant passports, visas and work permits totransport, paperwork and accommodationensure our contractors are fully compliant toinformation needed to ensure a smoothwork in the required countries.transition to their new working location.
  • 14. 11. Repatriation Mobilization and12. ServicesAccommodationWe’ll help our people settle in to their newWe offer to find short term accommodationlocations, offering support services rangingfor candidates when they arrive at their newfrom –pre-mobilization information, todestination. We’ll also support them in theirmeeting them at the airport when they arrivesearch for long term accommodation, takingand helping with the local language.them to view properties and arranging cost effective leases with landlords.
  • 15. 13. Services Travel14. SupportHealth and safetyAs well as booking flights, we’ll also arrangeThe health and safety of our candidates is ofany local transportation that youparamount importance to us, so we providerequire, from hiring cars, booking train ticketsall our people with relevant health insurancesand organizing taxis on your behalf.and advice and offer them access to the most up to date safety and security information.
  • 16. 15. SupportIndividual Security16. ServiceExpat conciergeOur contractors often work in locationsWe’ll assist with navigating through the manyimpacted by security issues or that facepersonal administrative tasks required of anpolitical uncertainty. We odder detailedexpatriate abroad. We ensure that even ifsecurity support tailored to each individual,contractors are working in new and unfamiliarwhich teaches them to identify and mitigatelocations, they have all the necessitiesany risks.needed to live in the area.
  • 17. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to drive your business forward. We take time to understand your requirements, and using our access to the global talent pool, offer a bespoke solution to your permanent hire challenges.17. Contingency hire 18. Search and selection 19. Retained search 20. Project direct hire 21. Multi-national deployment
  • 18. 17. HireContingency18. Selection Search andWith our contingency hire solution, ourWith our search and selection solution, ourdiscipline specific consultants will take timesearch consultants work with you on ato understand your need, your business andconfidential and exclusive basis to find ayour culture, so that we can find you acandidate with the specific skills needed tocandidate with the appropriate skills anddrive your business forward.experience to fit seamlessly into your organization.
  • 19. 19. Search Retained20. HireProject DirectWith our retained search solution, ourWith our project direct hire solution, ourdiscipline specific consultants work on adiscipline specific consultants work with youconfidential and exclusive basis to find youon a one-to-one basis to understand yourthe senior level, executive or specialist talentproject and your talent requirements,that you need to drive your business forward.creating a bespoke solution to your needs and budget.
  • 20. 21. Deployment Multi-nationalWith our multi-national deployment solution, we source the best staff globally and mobilize them to a new location, ready to start work with you on a direct hire basis.
  • 21. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry and our discipline specific consultants making more than 5,000 placements per year globally, we’ve developed an unrivalled level of expertise within the industries in which we operate.22. Industry research 23. Managing legislation and contractual risk 24. Recruitment process consultancy
  • 22. 22. Research Industry23.Managing legislationAnd Contractual riskWe are able to provide you with theWe work tirelessly to ensure that our clientsqualitative industry research and marketand contractors remain fully compliant withintelligence you need to grow your business.legislative obligations. We hold freeWe produce a range of bespoke reports,seminars, conferences and training sessionstailored to your specific industry, location andabout a wide range of issues to ensure ourcompany, including detailed analysis onstakeholders have access to the latestcurrent staffing trends salary and contractorinformation.pay rates, talent availability, and the new projects that are in the pipeline.
  • 23. 24. ConsultancyRecruitment ProcessWe help you to refine your business’ recruitment activity and improve the quality of your new hires whilst reducing the time invested. We also work with you to refine your onboarding process.
  • 24. To ensure your people continue to develop their skills, you need to work in partnership with a consultancy with experience in delivering targeted training and assessment programmes.25. Project management training 26. Specific discipline training 27. Graduate training 28. Workforce assessment
  • 25. 25. TrainingProject Management26. TrainingSpecific disciplineWe offer industry recognised projectWe work with our clients around the world tomanagement programs includingnot only ensure that they have exactly thePRINCE2©, Association for Projectstaff they need, but also that their employeesManagement (APM) and Managinghave the suitable training and skills theySuccessful Programmes (MSP).need to do their job. This includes hostile territory and crisis management training, hydrocarbon and subsea courses.
  • 26. 27. Training Graduate28. Assessment WorkforceTo help address the global skills gap andOur discipline specific consultants and talentmeet the growing demand for young talentmeasurement and assessment partners arewithin the oil and gas industry, we offerpracticed in developing and managing yourcompetency based graduate trainingpersonnel, offering pre-employment andprograms to our clients around the world.existing workforce assessment solutions.
  • 27. We offer a range of bespoke recruitment managed services, which enable you to outsource part or all of your recruitment processes to us. Our advances managed service solutions realize maximum value for our clients by removing fixed costs and improving performance quality within all aspects of talent acquisition.29. Contingent workforce solutions 30. Permanent Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 31. Fully integrated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • 28. 29. SolutionsContingent Workforce30.Permanent Recruitment ProcesOutsourcing (RPO)With our managed services solution, weHiring a high volume of staff globally is andeliver your entire contract staffing activity inextremely challenging, expensive and timea single operation and manage this for you.consuming process. Our permanent RPO solution allows clients to outsource part or all of their direct hiring.
  • 29. 31. RPOFully integratedFor an entirely outsourced recruitment process, we can incorporate your entire company hiring activity into a single solution; our fully integrated RPO.
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