11 Things To NEVER Say In A Presentation

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  1. 1. TATION! PRESEN- in NEVER to a SAY11 ngs Thi
  2. 2. very -LAG TIRED, NG ER. I’m“ ” JET GED, HU OV
  3. 3. Your audience DOES want an excuse, NOT
  4. 4. They just want you to GIVE IT YOUR BEST!
  5. 5. LET SHUT yo “ ”PHO LAP TAB ur TOP, NE, OFF
  6. 6. NOT DEMANDING your audiences’ attention does work.
  7. 7. Make sure that your talk is so ENGAGING that people won’t want to MISS A SECOND OF IT. &EXCITING
  8. 8. will be NEED ITEdown photos, LATER. “ ” the presentation ONLINE NO TO WRanything or take
  9. 9. WRITING THINGS DOWN For a lot of people, MEMORIZING what you just said. is an easy way of
  10. 10. presentation. to do THEY WANT EVER Allow people WHAT in your that helps THEM!
  11. 11. I’ll keep it SHORT.“ ”
  12. 12. The Audience if it is DOESN’T CARE SHORT OR NOT.
  13. 13. INVESTED THEIR TIME and want to be & INSPIRED into you, They have already INFORMED.
  14. 14. LOT have get started. TOA “ ” COVER so let’s I
  15. 15. When the audience hears this, they know that your focus is in the WRONG PLACE-
  16. 16. & expect to be BORED.
  17. 17. because the lights I CAN’T are SEE YOU“ ”too bright.
  18. 18. Even if it is DIFFICULT to see your audience, about it. THEY DON’T HAVE TO KNOW
  19. 19. SMILE OFTEN Just & act like you can see.
  20. 20. If you need to count hands or answer questions, talk to the lighting people in advance
  21. 21. Can you RE this? “ ” AD
  22. 22. 2X THE MEDIUM AGE The common rule is to make the font size of the audience.
  23. 23. READ me LOUD for “ ” Let THIS OUT you.
  24. 24. NEVER ADD SO MUCH TEXT on your slides that people will need to to you to read it. STOP LISTENING
  25. 25. TER. thatback “ ” getI’ll to LA
  26. 26. DON’T DELAY ANYTHING- If someone in the audience is eager to learn & brave enough to ask a question,
  28. 28. that Let me RIGHT “ ” answer question AWAY!
  29. 29. REPEAT what was asked so the rest of the audience can HEAR IT. Before answering their question,
  30. 30. to come up with a This also gives you a little EXTRA TIME GREAT ANSWER!
  31. 31. slides! WHAT? TIME? “ ” I’M OUT OF But I have 23 more
  32. 32. To make sure your presentation fits in the allotted time slot, PRACTICE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!
  33. 33. If you end your presentation early, you can invite them to coffee or to talk one on one.
  34. 34. While these may all seem like little things they communicate a lot about us as a presenter.
  36. 36. GOOD LUCK! Created by: Camille
  37. 37. Inspired by Jeff Haden’s Article: “11 PHRASES GREAT SPEAKERS NEVER SAY”
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