Growing Audience For Newspapers - ASNE/ APME Conference 2014

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  1. 1. ASNE/ APME Audiences:The Future of Media TechSeptember 2014 – Chicago
  2. 2. Webbmedia Group is a digital strategyagency.We focus on near-future tech & digitalmedia trends.Advising: audience, community and businessgrowth.
  3. 3. Some of Webbmedia Group’s Clients Include...
  4. 4. OBSERVATION:How do Journalistsperceive the media ecosystem?
  5. 5. Observation: How journalists perceive themedia ecosystem in 2014
  6. 6. Newsroom Ecosystem Focus:People interact with newson their devices, in socialnetworks or in print.
  7. 7. STUDY:How do Non-Journalistsperceive the media ecosystem?
  8. 8. Non-Journalist Ecosystem Focus:Systems, tools, content and partnersare all interconnected and are vitalcomponents of the ecosystem.
  10. 10. Bell’s Telephone:The more people bought and used it,the more valuable it became.
  12. 12. Newspapers produce the value.Therefore you are the product.Apple, Uber, Amazon are platformbusinesses with insatiableaudiences. Value is created on theoutside, too.
  13. 13. SHIFT: Product to Platformin order to sustain andgrow newspaper audiences.
  14. 14. Three Key Opportunities1. Rethinking your audience.2. Engaging your audience.3. Distributing news to your audience.
  15. 15. 1Rethinking Audience StrategyFocus on your consumer, not just her device.
  16. 16. Current News Story DimensionsDigital LEGACYmobile, web,social, app,database, etc.newspaper, TVbroadcast, radiobroadcastLongShort
  17. 17. Unintended Consequence:Device > Consumer
  18. 18. What are the otherdimensions ofnews storytelling?
  19. 19. Future Story DimensionsConsumer
  20. 20. Future Story DimensionsConsumerApp or HTML5?Screen size?Home location?New location?Work location?Commuting?At the gym?Eating dinner?Lean forward?Lean back?Driving?Jogging?Researching?Looking for socialmedia posts?Trending for her?Will she engage?New contentrecommendation?
  21. 21. News content can goanywhere
  22. 22. Current Audience Realities
  23. 23. TEMPORALDeveloped for the news consumerat a particular moment in time,given that there are N# variables intime and activity.
  24. 24. ACTIVITIESDeveloped for the news consumer’sactivities at that moment in time.
  25. 25. BEHAVIORSDeveloped for the news consumergiven her past and predictedbehaviors.
  26. 26. IQ/EQDeveloped so that it meets the newsconsumer’s intellectual andemotional needs at that moment.
  27. 27. TRENDSocial personalization
  28. 28. Case Study: Nuzzel App
  29. 29. Case Study: Nuzzel App
  30. 30. Case Study: Nuzzel App
  31. 31. Simple Case Study: Nuzzel AppTemporal: incremental units of time;manual or automaticActivities: UI shows exactly the right amountof information for screenBehaviors: aggregates content based on whoI interact with on TwitterIQ/EQ: makes me smarter faster
  32. 32. Case Study: NYT Now
  33. 33. Case Study: NYT NowTemporal: When is the consumer opening?When is the content being pushed?Activities: Accelerometer to determine storytype and content?Behaviors: Consider a user’s actions while in theapp?IQ/EQ: Does it make her smarter faster? Orcompelled to take action?
  34. 34. OBSERVATION:Newspapers compete by adding newfeatures to existing products.You must shift your mindset andbusiness practices to encouragenetwork effects.
  35. 35. Opportunities: Journal Sentinel
  36. 36. Opportunities: Journal SentinelIntent: Make it easier for ouraudience to understand an importantstory.Execution: May be more difficult forour audience; may be off-putting forour audience.
  37. 37. TRENDExplainers and Cards
  38. 38. Vox is starting to rewrite the newsmedia ecosystem rules.
  39. 39. KEY TAKEAWAYNewspaper journalism is increasinglyincompatible with our devices.Develop content for people. Not theirdevices.
  40. 40. Just One ThingSelf-Audit Strategy = Pick 5 stories aday and interact with them in differentscenarios and on different devices.
  41. 41. 2Engaging Your AudienceUse data to learn about your audienceand what they want to know.
  42. 42. Do you really knowwhich stories are morelikely to engage youraudience?
  43. 43. Do you have DATA toprove your hypothesis?
  44. 44. Actual EmergingTheoretical PotentialCURRENT CUSTOMERS???Four Broad Audience Quadrants??????
  45. 45. What is unique aboutthe Sun’s coverage?Why should I go to thesite?
  46. 46. Two different approaches.
  47. 47. 1Human editors informedby algorithmic decisionsand smart data analysis.
  48. 48. You may not approve of theireditorial content.But you must learn fromtheir data strategy.
  49. 49. Data AnalysisJust a few points of many...Beyond A/B Testing:• Predicting Outcome For Average User• Predicting Outcome For Individual UserBeyond Social Testing:• Click/ Retention OutcomeT time of dayP kinds of photosS kinds of storiesN on different social networks
  50. 50. BuzzFeed244% increaseYoY 13-14
  51. 51. Increased traffic =Better revenue,membership/ subscriptionopportunities.
  52. 52. 2Brands with a very strongPOV and voice acrossplatforms.+As platforms.
  53. 53. TRENDPlatform over product
  54. 54. KEY TAKEAWAYThink more broadly about platform.Who is your audience?How do you engage them?
  55. 55. Winning the internetisn’t rocket science.It’s DATA science.
  56. 56. Just One ThingPredictive Modeling Strategy = Thinkthrough how you could increaseweekend traffic.
  57. 57. Data AnalysisData:• Past 6 months all traffic• Past 6 months social interactionsAssumptions:• Website/ Internet didn’t go down• Exlude outliers (holidays, big breaking news)Learn:• Categorize stories read by theme• Categorize stories read by device• Which categories read at X time/ on X device• Which categories referred traffic by X network• Etc. etc. etc.
  58. 58. 3Distributing NewsHow should your news content be deployed?
  59. 59. #IceBucketChallenge
  60. 60. trafficSimilarWeb August 2014 data> 7775%
  61. 61. ElementsTimeName PeopleAccept ChallengeIce ActionIce ReactionNominate People
  62. 62. Formula[10T x (P1 + C1] =>[5T x (I1 + I2)] =>[5T x (N1 + N2 + N3)]Where.....
  63. 63. Formula1. Content ≠ on just one platform2. Content requires social platforms3. Content = highly visual4. Content is participatory5. Anyone can participate6. Directions are clear7. Information + fun8. There is a deadline
  64. 64. Formula1. Adult tells kid aphorism2. Adult = sing it together?3. The sing just the chorus4. <optional> Kid asks N# for advice5. #MinnStarTomorrow6. Spread on FB, Twitter7. Upload best of on site
  65. 65. TRENDSimple social formulas
  66. 66. TRENDParticipatory memes
  67. 67. Other content?
  68. 68. Algorithmic Distribution(aggressive story versioning)
  69. 69. Human editors and algorithmsworking together.Determining the right story forthe right platform, place, time.Journalists still determinewhat stories matter.
  70. 70. KEY TAKEAWAYContent doesn’t just go viral. There’s aformula.How do you distribute the right pieceof content to the right audience at theright time?
  71. 71. Just One ThingDistribution Strategy = Think throughhow you might distribute and deploycontent differently, more personally.
  72. 72. Thanks!
  73. 73. 267-342-4300 [email protected] @webbmediagroup