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Verbal communication is the easiest and most common way of communicating with one another...
  • 1. VerbalCommunication
  • 2. Verbal communication is the easiest and mostcommon way of communicating with oneanother.In a professional environment it is essential touse different verbal skills in certain situations.
  • 3. In the workplace verbal communicationincludes a variety of things, such as:talking on the phone,conducting interviews,giving presentations,talking to clients,
  • 4. In the workplace verbal communicationincludes a variety of things, such as:talking on the phone,conducting interviews,giving presentations,talking to clients,getting your point across during team activitiesand talking to many people on different levels.
  • 5. How to use verbal languageto your advantage
  • 6. Verbal language can be used in different ways,but whoever you are talking to there areseveral tips to remember to make sure that youcome across as confident, but likeable.
  • 7. The first rule of thumb to follow is to alwaysthink before you speak and know what pointyou want to put across!
  • 8. Better to remain silent and be thought a foolthan to speak out and remove all doubt.- Abraham Lincoln
  • 9. It is essential to adjust to differentenvironments.
  • 10. If you are in a large room with a lot of people,you need to adjust the volume and authority ofyour voice to match the occasion.Whereas, if you are in an interviewenvironment a loud booming voice isn’t whatyou want so it must be altered for that too.
  • 11. Having a warm friendly tone, along with agenuine smile will take you far in your career.
  • 12. Individuals are drawn to friendly people andthey are more likely to jump on board withyour ideas, which is vital in work environments.
  • 13. Choosing the right language, style or tone of voicein the right situation can be the deciding pointbetween gaining a new client and losing them.
  • 14. For example, swapping negative words for morepositive ones...down-sizing can be changed to right-sizing,interrogate to interview, fire to let go and so on.
  • 15. Sentences can be perceived in many waysthrough the use of emphasising.
  • 16. It is important to make sure if you want to putemphasis on something, that you do it in thecorrect way.
  • 17. For example, the sentence,“I never said he stole mydog”.This can mean severaldifferent things...
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