8 smart ideas to maximize your free trial

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  • YOUR SMARTCHARTS FREE TRIAL GUIDE 8 smart ideas to maximize your free trial.
  • Congratulations! Signing up for your SmartCharts free trial was a smart move, now let's make the most of it. Here's a 14-day schedule to get you thinking about all the ways you can use SmartCharts Pro. Smart move.
  • Day 1 Get to know SmartCharts by watching the video on the next slide. Get acquainted. https://youtu.be/1xMixjiVaBs
  • Day 2 Need help sharing your chart? The tutorial on the next slide will help! Pull a chart in a county or zip code that you are familiar with and share it on social media. Share on social media.
  • Day 3 Email your prospects. Download a county chart and embed it into an email to customers looking to buy in that county. Explain to them what the stats are showing about that county and highlight key points you know would be of value to them.
  • Day 4 Reconnect and Check-in. Download a compelling chart and email it to your list of previous customers. Are the days on market super short in a particular area? Are those customers thinking about "buying up"? Make sure they call you first!
  • Day 5 Blog about the market. Tip! Don't have a blog? Publish your post via LinkedIn. Your connections on LinkedIn will receive notification about your post and you can share your post with others via social media or email In your blog post, dive into what the charts mean in your market. Offer your insights and strategies as a real estate expert. Use the info in SmartCharts Pro as your reference and the charts as visual elements.
  • Day 6 Vlog (video blog) about the market. Record a quick market update, post to YouTube and then share. Show your customers your market expertise while giving potential customers a glimpse at getting to know you!
  • Day 7 Pair up your listings with SmartCharts! Download zip code SmartCharts for each of your listings. Then insert the SmartCharts below your listings on your website. Now you are giving potential buyers even more information about the property they are interested in. If you have a web person that handles this, send them the charts with instructions on what chart goes where. Add SmartCharts to your website.
  • Day 8 Circle back to social media. Pull a chart in a county or zip code that you are familiar with and share it on social media. Don't pull the same chart you used on day 2! Keep it fresh!
  • Day 9 Direct mail step 1. Pick a zip code(s) you'd like to target. Choose a SmartChart you like. Prepare your mailing list.
  • Day 10 Direct mail step 2. Design postcards or mailers and include SmartCharts of the zip codes into the design. Coordinate the printing and mailing process so they can hit mailboxes as soon as possible. Tip! Need help with the design? Canva is a free and easy-to-use tool created for the non-graphic designer (we made this guide using Canva sshh don't tell)!
  • Day 11 Get back to your blog. Tip! Don't forget just like on Day 5 you can use LinkedIn for your blogging platform if you don't already have a blog. Now that you have blog fever (well we hope you do), write up another post on market trends or pick another county or zip to spotlight. Have a new listing? Spotlight that area!
  • Day 12 Infographics are ALL the rage! Use the stats in SmartCharts to create a quick housing market infographic. Infographics are great for visual learners. Tip! Piktochart is a free, easy tool that offers templates to create slick infographics. 85
  • Day 13 Just listed flyer! Create a flyer for that listing you just won and insert some area market stats! You've got the information at your fingertips so why not use it?
  • Day 14 Now you're the SmartCharts pro! Don't forget for MFR customers, SmartCharts Pro is offered at a discounted rate of $19 monthly (no contract) or annually for $159. Let's go out with a bang! Today let's share a chart on social media, send an email to all your customers and create a blog post. www.MFR.GetSmartCharts.com http://www.mfr.getsmartcharts.com/
  • Thank you for giving SmartCharts Pro a chance! We hope you found this guide useful. If you decide to purchase a SmartCharts Pro account, come back to the guide and repeat some of these tasks throughout your subscription! Natashia Ford March 3, 2016