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FSI (Floor Space Index) is also known as Floor Area Ratio. In simple terms FSI is for a project is can be obtained by dividing the total carpet area of all flats in the project divided by the land area of the project. Consider an example. FSI Calculation Example Builder X is constructing a project with 100 flats of 800 sq ft, 200 flats of 1200 sq ft and 400 flats of 1400 sq ft carpet area. The size of the plot is 5 acres. Then the FSI is calculated as under. Total area of flats in Square Feet = 100×800+200×1200+400×1400 = 8,80,000 Sq Ft Area of the project is 5 Acres 1 Acre = 43,560 sq foot Therefore 5 acres = 2,17,800 Sq Ft The FSI for this project will be FSI= (8,80,000/2,17,800) = 4.04 All development including clubs, gymnasium etc is included in the calculation