Take the Chore Out of the Car Wash

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Taking the chore out of the car wash. Improving the car wash experience through good design. Modative Architecture, Los Angeles
  • 1. chore: Noun1. a difficult or dull undertaking2. an unpleasant task2633 Lincoln Blvd. #610 Santa Monica, CA 90405P: 310.526.7826 F: 310.526.7681www.modative.com 1719 Stewart St. Santa Monica, CA 90404P: 310.264.9933 F: 310.264.9915www.pebuilders.com photos by: Fredy Monge (Car Wash: night shots) the Alchemist Design & Print(Background images)
  • 2. It’s time to take the chore out of the car wash.
  • 3. Remember what coffee was like before Starbucks®
  • 4. We can help you do to your car washwhat Starbucks® did to coffee
  • 5. Your customers shouldn’tYour customers Your customers shouldn’tfeel like they areshouldn’t feel like feel like they arethey are doing the chore.the ones the ones chore. the ones doing the doingthe chore.
  • 6. Let good design make your business stronger.
  • 7. Identity Remember what coffee was like All are vital to enhance Experiencethe success of your Strategycar wash business. before Starbucks®
  • 8. old Identity, old Experience, & an old Strategy an old Identity, old Experience, & old Strategynew: Identity new: Experiencenew: Strategy Better than just good new: Strategy enough. Create new customers.Attract oppurtunitiesto attract new customers.Make the experience moreMake the experience morethan just a chore.then just a chore.It’s time.It’s time.Want Want to learn more strategies to makemake car wash wash businesss stronger? to learn more strategies to help help your your car business stronger?For a free consultation contact modative or visit www.modative.com
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