What to expect from a Pinnacle Home Inspection.

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  • 1. What to expect at your home inspection
  • 2.  All portions of the home should be evaluated.The condition of these areas should bedocumented with pictures and suggestions onhow to handle the issues at hand. Inspectors will use many type of tools toevaluate your homes condition. The best toolyour inspector should have is “knowledge”.The knowledge of how all the systems work ina home is extremely important.
  • 4. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAreas that can beexpected to beexamined~Lots and GroundsExterior Surfaces and ComponentsRoofing systemsGarageAtticBathroomBedroomLiving SpacesFireplacesKitchenElectrical systemsStructureBasementAir Conditioning systemsHeating SystemsPlumbing systemLaundry roomCrawl spaces
  • 5. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesLots and GroundsThe lot and grounds of a home isvery important. These are some ofthe most important items thatshould be documented on yourproperty.•Grade•Driveway•Patio•Walks•Steps•Porches•Decks•Balconies•Trees and bushes•Window Wells•Fences•Surface Drains•Lawn Sprinklers
  • 6. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesLots and GroundsIssues with lots and grounds cancause many issues.•Grade issues can cause structuraldamage to a home. Damage towalks , driveways, patios andporches can all happen due to poorgrade or poor sloping.•Trees or bushes can cause damagefrom the roots to the limbs. Powerlines or roofs can be damaged fromtree limbs overhanging roofs orintertwined in power lines.
  • 7. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesExterior Surfaces andComponentsThe Exterior Surfaces portion of theinspection should document indetail the areas below~•Thebuildings exterior surface andits condition. Including all trim,doors, windows.•Door bells•Exterior lighting•Exterior outlets•Hose bibs•Gas meter and shut off
  • 8. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesExterior SurfacesThe material and condition of theexterior of your home should bedocumented. This is veryimportant because structural issuesare generally found through thecondition of the exterior of a home.Some of the issues you mightexpect on an exterior inspectionare ~•Step cracking around windowsdue to rusted lintels•Dry rotting on wood siding•Back pitched lintels that may allowwater to enter the home.•Opening areas in the siding thatmay allow water or pest entry intothe home.•Damaged soffits, damaged fascia,dry rotted trim, damaged windows,missing screens,
  • 9. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesExterior SurfacesThe inspection of door bells, exteriorlighting, electrical outlets, hose bibsand gas mains is very important.•Door bells should be tested•Exterior lighting should be tested.Pole lighting is known to have issues.•Exterioroutlets should be tested anddocumented if they are GFCI typeoutlets•Hosebibs should be tested to makesure they function properly.•Gas mains should be tested for leaks.Gas company should be informedimmediately if leaks are noted.
  • 10. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing systemsThe roof has many areas that willrequire inspection and documenting.These portions of the roofing systemare ~•Roof style, materiel, condition, ageand location•Flashing materiel and condition•Valleys condition•Skylights condition•Gutters,downspouts and leadermateriel and condition•Plumbingvent condition•Chimney materiel , location andcondition
  • 11. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing SystemsRoofs come in all types of materialsand styles and may have to beinspected differently. The bottomline is that they need the properamount of attention because theyare a major part of you homesstructure. Some of the styles are~•Hip•Cross hip•Gable•Cross gable•Flat•Mansard•Saltbox•Shed•Gambrel
  • 12. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing SystemsThe type of materials will vary byhow they are used, the location inthe country and the cost to usethem. Asphalt shingle is the mostpopular but there are manychoices. Prices per square foot canrange from $50 - $1550.•Asphalt shingle•Wood shake•Wood shingle•Slate•Clay tile•Raised seam•Rolled roofing•Tar mop down•Concrete tile•Plastic shingle•Composite shingle
  • 13. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing systemsSkylights can cause issues if notproperly installed on your roof.They are great to have but can leakif not monitored. Proper inspectionfrom the roof location to the insideof the home with thermal imagingand moisture scanners isrecommended. There are generally2 types of materials used onskylights.• Plastic windows•Insulated glass•Insulated glass is generally a betterproduct because it does not allowthe skylight to have condensationissues as easy as the plasticskylights.
  • 14. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing SystemsThe chimney will need to beinspected if accessible. There aremany areas of the chimney that willneed to be inspected.•Condition of the chimney material•Flashingmaterial and thecondition.•Crownmaterial and condition•Flue material and condition Flues can be cracked, crown canhave cracks, flashings can haveopenings and the chimney mayrequire repairs are all potentialissues that may be unveiled.
  • 15. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing systemsAs you can see there are many typeof flashings on a home and its roof.These areas will need to beexamined to see if there is apossibility for a leak
  • 16. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesRoofing SystemsA roofing drainage system is veryimportant to the structures health.There are 3 portions of a roofingdrainage system.•Gutters ~ Take the rain water fromthe roof and Chanel it towards thedownspout. Gutters can be made ofaluminum, copper , plastic andgalvanized metal. Their conditionwill need to be documented.•Downspouts take the water to thebottom of the home. The downspoutsare made of the same materials as thegutters.•Leaders should take the water at least6’ away from the home to preventwater issues and possible foundationissues on a property.
  • 17. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesGarageThe garage should be inspected justas diligently as any part of theproperty. Some of the areas youmay see on your inspection reportare ~•Type of structure. Detached orattached•Materiel of exterior and condition.•Garagedoor, service door, garagedoor opener•Electric outlets and lighting•Conditionof the slab•Roof and gutter system
  • 18. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesGarageThe garage door and its openershould be inspected to make surethere are no safety issues that maycause harm to your family.•Safetyfeatures on the garage dooropener should be installed•Crossbracing on the garage dooropener should be installed
  • 19. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesGarageGarage electric should have GFCItype outlets to prevent safety issueswith electrical outlets in an areasthat may allow contact with electricand water.
  • 20. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesGarageThe condition of the garageconcrete slab should bedocumented. Most garages floorshave some type of cracks. Thesecracks can develop from ~•Lack of a drainage system on agarage roof will allow water toundermine the slab and crack theslab.•Poor compaction•Age of the property
  • 21. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesGarageRoofing systems of a garage willneed to be inspected just like anyroof. Documentation of allsystems of the roof should beitemized on your report.•Roofing material condition•Gutter or drainage system•Flashing
  • 22. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAtticThe attic has many components thatwill need to be evaluated.•The roofs framing and sheathing canbe seen and inspected from the atticlocation•The insulation type and depth will bedetermined in the attic•Attic ventilation will be seen in theattic•Atticfans and house fans can beinspected in the attic•Wiring in an attic will need to beinspected in the attic•Bathroomfans should pass throughthe attic to the exterior of the homethrough the roof or soffits
  • 23. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAtticThe framing and sheathing of aroof can be inspected in an attic.Many issues can be found in theattic . Some of these potentialissues are ~•Cracked or broken rafters or truss.This happens due to poorinstallation or age.•Discoloration on sheeting. Thismay or may not be mold ormildew. This can occur because ofpoor ventilation or water entryfrom damaged roofing material orleaking flashings.
  • 24. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAtticInsulation type and depth shouldbe inspected. The condition of thisinsulation should be determinedalso. If pest entry occurs removalof the insulation may berecommended. Proper depth ofinsulation is generally 10” – 16”depending on what type ofinsulation is used. Most homeshave insufficient depth ofinsulation. The cost for additionalinsulation is approximately $1 - $2a square foot installed .
  • 25. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAtticElectric in an attic should becovered to prevent the possibilitiesof electrical issues in an attic
  • 26. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAtticPoor ventilation , leaks from theroofing system and the venting ofbathroom fans to an attic are allpotential ways to allow moisture inan attic. The allowance of moisturein an attic can produce a breedingground fro mold or mildew.Bathroom fans and kitchen fansneed to be vented to open airthrough the roof or the soffits.
  • 27. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBathroomsBathrooms have many areas that willrequire inspecting.•Walls,ceilings and floors will all needinspecting for potential issues•Tubs and showers will need inspectingof surrounds, doors, pumps, blowers,overflows and drains•Toiletswill need to be tested to makeleaks are not evident on tank or floorconnections•Sinks,faucets, and counters will need tobe inspected for possible water leaks•Ventilation will need to be documented.Either a fan or a window should beinstalled•Electricin a bathroom should have GFCItype of outlets or breaker in the breakerbox.
  • 28. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBathroomsBathroom walls, ceilings and floorscan give you ideas if water was anissues . If a ceiling of a bathroomhas water marking or staining thenthere may be a possible leak fromthe bathroom above the ceiling.This particular home had a leakingoverflow in the bathroom tubabove this ceiling.
  • 29. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBathroomsToilets can have issues that mightnot be noticed easily and Irecommend that testing of the waxring and tank seal are properlysecured.
  • 30. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBathroomsThe electric in a bathroom shouldbe of the GFCI type. Areas wherewater and electric could meetshould be GFCI protected.
  • 31. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBedroomsBedrooms are like any other livingarea. The inspector should beinspecting ~•Walls,•Floors•Electric•Windows•Smokedetectors•WindowsAll walls should be tested for waterissues with moisture meters andthermal imagers if available.
  • 32. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesLiving spacesLiving spaces in a home will havetop be inspected the same way asyou would inspect a bedroom.Moisture issues should beinspected for diligently.
  • 33. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesFireplacesFireplaces need to be inspectedfor~•Fireplace construction. Thefireplace will be either prefab ormade of brick or stone.•Gas leaks on gas log sets•Fluecondition should bedocumented to help determine thecondition of the fireplace.•Damperlocation and condition
  • 34. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesKitchenThe kitchen is like any othercommon area. Some of the addedparts of a kitchen inspection are ~•Appliances that will require testingand identifying if on recall lists.•Electric outlets in kitchens shouldbe GFCI type outlets.•Plumbingcomponents will need tobe inspected to assure there are noissues with traps or faucets.•Cabinetsinstallation and reliabilityis a definite during this process.•Countertop installation andcondition should definitely be onyour inspectors list
  • 35. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesElectrical ServicesThe electrical inspection is veryimportant portion of the inspectionprocess. Your inspector should betesting outlets and wire conditionthrough out the home. The electricalbreaker box should have the coverremoved to inspect. Your inspectorshould be looking for ~•Breakers to wire connection shouldbe sized properly•Documentationof multipleconnections on a breaker otherwiseknown as double taps. These aredangerous and should be correctedimmediately•Overheated breakers•Open areas on the breaker box shouldbe documented.•Frayedwiring or fuse panels shouldbe recommended for an update.
  • 36. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesElectrical ServicesThis is a good example of anoverheated breaker due to doubletaps. One of the wires will need tobe installed into another breaker.This can be a possible fire hazardand should be taken serious.
  • 37. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesStructural inspectionThe structural inspection is likeevery other portion of theinspection process. VeryImportant. There are areas ofconcern that can be seen from theexterior of the home to thebasement. Some of the areas yourinspector will be looking are ~•Structuraltype~ Is your homebrick or wood frame? This will beanswered by your inspector.•Beamand post materiel should bedocumented on your inspectionreport.•Joistor trusses should be sized anddocumented.•Slabcondition and location
  • 38. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBasement inspectionsBasement inspections need to be donediligently. Structural issues, waterissues and so much more could befound in the basement. Some of themajor areas that will need attentionyour inspector ~•Walls and flooring should beinspected for stains, moisture marks,mold or mildew as evidence of pastwater entry into the basement fromsewer backup or sump or ejectorpump failure.•Sumpand ejector pumps should betested. Recommend battery back uppump to be installed.•Smokeand carbon detectors willneed to be tested.•Stairsto basement should havesecured hand railing
  • 39. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesBasement inspectionsSump pumps need to be inspectedproperly because they are one ofthe main reasons basements getwater. Ejector pumps need to betested also .
  • 40. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesAir conditioningDocumenting the age and the sizeof the ac unit is very important.More important is a temperaturedifferential inspection. Someinspectors use a laser thermometer.I recommend you hire an inspectorthat uses a thermal imager for aprofessional air conditionerinspection.Generally air conditionermanufacturers only allow up to 20years for a life span for exteriorunits. Anything older than thatyou should plan on a replacementin the near future.
  • 41. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesHeating systemThe heating system in a home willrequire opening and inspecting theburners, blower, radiators andhumidifier to assure properfunctions. Testing for gas andcarbon monoxide issues willdetermine if there are major issueswith the furnace. Your inspectorshould also make sure that theproper heat is transferred throughthe home via the ducts or radiators. This can be done with a thermalimager or a laser thermometer.
  • 42. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesPlumbingThere are many portions of a plumbinginspection that will need to be documented.All of the portions below should be inspectedand documented by your inspector.•Service line material and condition•Watermain location is very important in anemergency•Water piping material, condition, waterpressure and volume all need to bedocumented. Galvanized water piping mayneed to be replaced in the near future.•Waste and vent piping material andcondition will need to be documented•Service access will need to be located anddocumented. This will be useful if the seweris blocked and needs service.•Gas piping. Leaks?•Water heater age, condition and type willneed to be documented.
  • 43. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesPlumbingGalvanized water piping corrodesfrom the inside out. Reduction ofpipe size diminished the volume ofthe water . This will show thatpoor water pressure is an issue.Replacement of the horizontalgalvanize water piping to copperwater piping would be therecommendation.
  • 44. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesPlumbingService access for your sewershould be documented by yourinspector for issues with blockedsewer repairs.
  • 45. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesPlumbingWater heaters will need to bechecked for ~•Gas leaks•Water piping leaks•T & P Pressure valve and piping•Leaking tanks•Insufficient heating
  • 46. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesLaundry roomThe laundry room will require theinspection of ~•Dryer gas piping for leaks•Electricoutlets in laundry roomsrequire GFCI type outlets•Laundrytub and drainage systemfor the wash machine•Flood pans for washers in 2nd floorareas in a home or condo building.
  • 47. Pinnacle PropertyInspection ServicesCrawl SpacesCrawl spaces can be breedinggrounds for moisture and mold issuesif moisture barrier are not properlyinstalled. Your inspector should gointo the crawl space to inspect the areaproperly. Some of the things youshould look to see that are inspectedare ~•Moisture barrier•Vapor barrier•Ventilation•Sumppumps in crawl spaces•Insulation•Electrical•Mold or mildew???
  • 48.  Thank you for allowing us to educate you onwhat to expect at your home inspection. Questions?
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