How to Hire the Wrong Talent

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  • 9 steps to help you breeze through the recruitment process without a care. How to Hire the Right Talent Wrong
  • Source: Mystery Applicant, StartWire and CandEs of candidates have some relationship with a company prior to applying.49 Wrong Step 1: Look at hiring as a transaction, not a relationship.
  • Source: Mystery Applicant, StartWire and CandEs of candidates would stop buying from companies that give them bad hiring experiences.25 Wrong Step 2: Ignore your candidates’ experience. It’s not like they’re customers.
  • Source: Bersin Candidate pool development is the NO. 2 driver to high-impact talent aquisition. Wrong Step 3: Don’t develop a candidate pipeline. Wing it when a job opens.
  • Wrong Step 4: Only post jobs on your career site. Social media is for cat videos. Source: Glassdoor of candidates are likely to use social media in their job search.79
  • Source: Potential Park of candidates drop off due to complicated application processes. 48 Wrong Step 5: Never mind candidate drop-offs. If they can’t figure out your site, who needs them?
  • Wrong Step 6: Kick it old-school. Mobile recruitment is a fad. Hiring Techniques from the Middle Ages Part I Source: Smarter Workforce Institute Research: Mobilize to Realize of job-seekers use mobile devices in their searches. 74
  • Wrong Step 7: Why bother testing for candidate fit? Go with your gut. Source: HBR of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. 80
  • of job applicants say a negative interview changed their minds about a company they previously liked. 83 Wrong Step 8: Ask irrelevant interview questions. If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why? Is your grade-school GPA reflective of your potential? Are you a Scorpio? Source: LinkedIn 2015 GlobalTalent Trends Report
  • of new employees plan to leave when they feel unsupported.67 Source: Smarter Workforce Institute WorkTrends Report Wrong Step 9: Take a sink-or-swim approach to onboarding.
  • Hire talent the right way. Read the white paper Learn the art and science of recruitment.