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Nowadays Ukraine turned into European Silicon Valley, with its fundamental engineering school, modern education, product companies and outsource community has bred over 300k talented specialists.
Opening development offices in Ukraine or relocating employees to the headquarters may experience some difficulties. And when circumstances necessitate the hiring of an entire department or ready-made studios to strict deadlines and in a fiercely competitive environment, they need only one thing - the support of a large, ‘in the field’ and highly motivated Talent Acquisition department ready to handle all organisational issues and establish required business contacts. Here BrainCombinator comes.
  • 1. Over the last 2 years BrainCombinator has assisted over 60 companies in hiring more than 1000 IT professionals to work in Ukraineand in succeeding relocation them to the USA, Germany, Spain, France, Singapore, China and Israel.Nowadays Ukraine turned into European Silicon Valley, with its fundamental engineering school, modern education, productcompanies and outsource community has bred over 300k talented specialists. Opening development offices in Ukraine orrelocating employees to the headquarters may experience some difficulties. And when circumstances necessitate the hiring ofan entire department or ready-made studios to strict deadlines and in a fiercely competitive environment, they need only onething - the support of a large, ‘in the field’ and highly motivated HR department ready to handle all organisational issues andestablish required business contacts. Here BrainCombinator comes.
  • 2. [Outcomes] [Overall performance]For the previous year we filled 714 vacancies for 38 customers. Out of those staff, 98.4% were taken on permanently, with theremaining 1.6% replaced without any extra cost in compliance with BrainCombinator’s guarantee policy.The average recruiter’s effectiveness was 5.8 vacancies per month. The average time taken to fill a vacancy — 34 days.32 of our 38 customers develop their own products in such verticals as Big Data & Predictive Analysis, Gaming & Gambling,Dating & Social Services, E-commerce, Billing Processing & Banking, Trading & Auctioning, Marketing Platforms & Traffic buy.*Our database contains 100k+ candidates, segmented according to their particular skills. Alongside professional skills, candidateexpertise in product verticals and niches is taken into consideration as well.[Outcomes] [Job vacancy clasterization]85.5% of vacancies in 2013 represented a comprehensive range of IT professions: Product / Business / Delivery / Resourcemanagers, Developers for Web / Mobile / Downloadable / Embedded Solutions, Architects and Quality Engineers, ServerAdministrators and Information Security pros, Graphic Designers and Artists, Composers and Copywriters, Data Mining Managers,Statisticians and Analysts, Online Marketing managers and SEO specialists.7.4% of vacancies necessitated the hiring of entire teams for Call-Centers and Sales offices, manned by employees who speakEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian and many other languages.5.9% of vacancies were filled as a direct result of head hunting Chief Officers, experienced managers, product experts and industrygamechangers in the commercial launching of IT products.1.2% of vacancies were targeted at students of programming and mathematics to fulfill positions in international researchprojects.*BrainCombinator foresees a promising future for the niches which are scarcely present in Ukraine today such as “embedded software solutions” and“robotic technology”. We will happily assist startup companies who are operating in such niches, and will provide all services at a 20% discount.
  • 3. [What we do] [Recruitment]Hiring the wrong person causes cumulative and sustained damage. Guy Kawasaki said: ‘Good people hire people better thanthemselves. So A players hire A+ players. But others hire below their skills to make themselves look good. So B players hire Cplayers. C players hire D players, etc.’ BrainCombinator is a team of A players and A working principles, always striving toimplement this axiom through all recruitment programs:Head-hunting — experts, high level specialists, middle and top managers. 20%*of the candidate annual wage.Recruitment — skilled junior/middle/senior specialists. 16.6%*of the hired employee’s annual wage.Class Hiring — entry level recruitment of young talent. 8% of the hired employee’s annual wage.Start the Office — complete recruitment of specialists on all levels for office opening. Negotiated fees.Hire the Team — recruitment of a ready-made studio for short to long-term projects. Negotiated fees.[What we do] [Relocation]BrainCombinator takes care of obtaining all necessary visas and work permits for the hired employees, and our local partners willsupport them with accommodation (picking-up, accommodation, infrastructure, legal advising, language training courses etc.).20%* of the hired employee’s annual wage.[What we do] [Market Research]Do you have a lot of questions need careful consideration like choosing programming language for a new product or which city isbest for locating your new office?We strongly believe in the continual development of theoretical grounds to support our decisions. Therefore BrainCombinatorfounded their own Data Mining Department. Its main task is to continuously gather all current and up-to-date information on thecondition of the job market and its individual objects. The Department conducts frequent analyses, creates trends, and providessubstantiated answers to pertinent questions. This is done by using web crawlers and adjusted sensitive trigger systems. Price isby negotiation, but a research report will be granted free of charge when you have signed a long-term recruitment contract.*30% as an advance payment, with the remaining 70% payable upon employee commencing work. Payment for other services does not require advance payment.
  • 4. [Why work with us?]Deep market penetration: LinkedIn identifies 41,000 out of 300,000 Ukrainian IT professionals only. BrainCombinator reaches2.5 as many candidates as LinkedIn does. And annually doubles its database. Moreover, we are connected with talent who haveno social network or who are unrepresented by a professional body or community.Guarantees: If the customer and employee should cancel their employment relations de facto within 3 months of the first workingday, whether initiated by either party, the customer company is provided with one free replacement. The employee will beoffered other vacancies available from the BrainCombinator and the network of affiliated recruiters.Crowdsourcing: We always have a Plan B. An established net of reliable affiliate recruiters and recommenders are on hand andready to assist us. Our primary concern is to guarantee full customer satisfaction and maintain trust, even if it means we losemoney in the process.CV 3.0: Programming or design engineering professionals are not obliged to be technically skilled in drawing up a CV. The goalof the 3.0 format is to set a standard for informative and readable CV’s. Every CV processed by BrainCombinator shall comprisethree specific paragraphs: «summary», «skill-tags», and «achievements» — the things that really matter.Individual testing approach: BrainCombinator ready to evaluate candidates’ professional skills, even if they are very unique, usingour own resource of permanent staff, freelance experts and IT generalists.Personal Job Agent: We have solution whether customer has no recruitment department or current team cannot cope with allvacancies. BrainCombinator will provide the client with a Personal Job Agent for the duration of business to assist with therecruitment process.Security: We take seriously the process of offer selection for both candidates and customers as our key philosophy is to providethe most pertinent solutions possible. One of the taken precautions is a “Flag List”, which contains details of ill-reputed companiesand job seekers, and helps our clients to avoid all risks and pitfalls. In addition, we follow up on reference letters whereverpossible.GlassBox: For as long as you collaborate with BrainCombinator recruitment will cease to be a “blackbox” which swallows up CVsand vacancies and makes it impossible to manage recruiting procedure and update news. BrainCombinator offers optimalgrounded solutions with full transparency.
  • 5. Fruitful cooperation with 60+ companies and scaling up
  • 6. [Team]Ilya BoshnyakovFounder of BrainCombinator with 9-years experience in HR management. Previously Ilya held position of HR Director atNoosphere Ventures, the biggest product company in Ukraine. He increased Ukrainian office from 300 to 1500 pros andhas implemented unique for product company system of OKR tracking.Prior to Noosphere Ilya worked as the head of recruiting and labour market research dept at Cupid PLC. Ilya has increasedstaff the office threefold and had attracted best product experts in online dating in Ukraine.Taras ShumykBusiness Development manager with 8 years of expertise in IT recruiting services. Taras joined BrainCombinator from recruitingfirm HEX, where he grew from recruiter till head of sales. Taras has closed contracts with 20+ IT companies in E-commerce,online marketing and gambling area.Before HEX Taras worked as a leader and coordinator of 23 freelance recruiters network. For 2 years their team hired 1k+employees for different companies in Ukraine and abroad.Anita KomarovaBusiness Development Manager at BrainCombinator. Her 8 years experience focuses on innovative technologies within thegambling/betting/IT space. Anita has helped many clients into rapid growth of staff and revenue in the USA, Europe and CIS.Prior to join BrainCombinator Anita had worked as IT Headhunter for the US government corporations specializing in security-clearancecertified experts. She started career in large software corporations EPAM Systems and Lohika as in-house RecruitmentTeam Leader.Nadine LeganchukRecruiting TeamLead with 5 years experience in talent acquisition. Before BrainCombinator Nadine for 2 years lived in Europeand worked for different companies, wishing to relocate talents from Eastern Europe to German, Poland, Spain, Cyprus, Malta,Montenegro and Czech Republic.Nadine also worked in capacity of recruiter and hr sourcer for EPAM.
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