Redefining Online Grocery


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Omni-channel. Multi-channel. Convergence. Continuous Commerce. Whatever you call it, the seamless integration of end-to-end experiences across multiple channels to delight customers is the prize, and the biggest untapped opportunity lies with online grocery. A multi-channel solution to online grocery shopping, synched to the rhythms of daily activity, is the best way to play a more meaningful and valuable role in customers’ lives.
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  • 1. RedefiningOnlineGrocery
  • 2. Everything we know about how people buy groceries is changing.
  • 3. Online grocery sales reached$6.5 billion dollars last year.That’s just 1.2% of today’s market.Source:IbisWorld/BrickMeetsClickh"p://­‐cost-­‐holds-­‐back-­‐occasional-­‐online-­‐grocery-­‐shoppers
  • 4. In ten years, online shopping willaccount for 17% of all grocery sales.Supermarkets MUST look to the future.Source:IbisWorld/BrickMeetsClickh"p://­‐cost-­‐holds-­‐back-­‐occasional-­‐online-­‐grocery-­‐shoppers
  • 5. If a grocery store could provide an experience that makes thedaily routine easier, more convenient and more ENJOYABLE,people would continue buying from that store.Source:Synqerah"p://­‐s-­‐retail-­‐survey-­‐reveals-­‐93-­‐u-­‐s-­‐consumers-­‐loyal-­‐brick-­‐mortar-­‐retailers-­‐sales-­‐frequently-­‐purchased-­‐items/
  • 6. Imagine if shoppers got reminders from the grocery storeabout special offers and possible savings…
  • 7. …and recommendations based on their shopping habits.
  • 8. If they were able to review freshness ratings…
  • 9. …and were given the option to pick-up in storeto save time and money.
  • 10. What if shoppers within the same householdwere notified at the start of a shared grocery listallowing them to add items?
  • 11. Now imagine allowing shoppers to ask you questions,and sending them special recipes and ideas.
  • 12. And letting them redeem coupons as they check out online.
  • 13. When they choose to pick up their groceries,their pick-up time is confirmed. And when they arriveat the store, they receive MORE special offers.
  • 14. After shoppers receive their groceries, they cansubscribe to regular items, making their lives even easier.
  • 15. In today’s competitive market, a grocer must delight thecustomer AND anticipate what the customer needs.
  • 16. 80% of future revenue comes fromjust 20% of existing customers.Just a 5% increase in customer retentioncan increase profitability by 75%.Source:Gartnerh"p://­‐customer-­‐retenFon-­‐Fps-­‐for-­‐entrepreneurs/Source:BainandCo.h"p://­‐customer-­‐retenFon-­‐Fps-­‐for-­‐entrepreneurs/
  • 17. By strengthening your bond with actively loyal customers,you will be able to play a more meaningful role in their daily lives.
  • 18. The time toget started is now.
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