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PowerPoint Presentation Good afternoon and thank you for joining us on our webinar today; social selling across the buyer’s journey. Meet Your Experts: Kieran Flanagan International Marketing Director HubSpot @searchbrat Amy Stephens Marketing Manager LinkedIn @MillerAmyl Presenting to you today we have our experts; Kieran Flanagan, the EMEA Marketing director at HubSpot, and Amy Stephens, a senior marketing manager at LinkedIn. Agenda #SocialSelling How to Use Social Selling to … In the next 30minutes they’ll be talking to you about: How you can use social selling across the buyer’s journey to attract the right people, convert them into leads and opportunities, and close them into customers. I’m going to pass it over now to Amy who is going to introduce us to the concept of Social Selling. Next slide Leveraging your social brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships. #SocialSelling AMY In these next few slides I’m going to introduce you to a concept called Social Selling. At LinkedIn this is defined as the process of building your sales pipeline with the right people via warm introductions from mutual connections, building a robust network of clients and prospects based upon the profiles of people you already know, and leading with insights and advanced intelligence or information about a company or industry based upon research you have from prospects profiles or their company Pages. We’ve been able to go a step further at LinkedIn and put some data behind understanding the power of using your professional brand to prospect. we conducted a global survey of several thousand sales professionals to understand how top-performing, quota-beating reps use LinkedIn. We discovered that sales professionals who do this well are 51% more likely to hit quota vs. ‘laggards.’ And how did they get there? Reps focused on new business that exceeded quota did over 50% more searches on LI vs. their counterparts Top Sellers sent 148% more connection requests in 2013 vs. their counterparts Reps focused on new business that exceeded quota did over 50% more searches on LI vs. their counterparts So this is a really powerful concept to introduce to your business. Next slide #SocialSelling Kieran: As Amy mentioned, this really is a powerful concept to introduce to your business. HubSpot recently did a survey in the UK that found that salespeople are taking social more seriously than ever, and 64% see it as a more important source of leads than they did 6 months ago. In this presentation we are going to bring you through how sales people can use social to generate pipeline and what marketing can do to support that. Amy is going to bring you through how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to be successful at social selling Next slide: #SocialSelling Attracting the right people with an online presence 1 Amy: Thanks Kieran, the first step of the buyer’s journey is attract. So how do we optimise our profiles and use of the LinkedIn platform so that we are attracting and retaining the RIGHT people for our business… Next Slide #SocialSelling Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile Attracting the right people starts with setting up your profile AMY Key for your here is for you to remember that as soon as they receive your connection request, the first thing they will do is view your profile. In fact, an average of 45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you have complete control of how you want to be portrayed professionally to the world — whether it’s by showing how skilled you are in portfolio management or product design or by highlighting some of the most interesting projects you’re working on at the moment. Why should you care? A complete profile will appear in LinkedIn search results 40X more than incomplete Completing your LinkedIn profile helps you outside LinkedIn too Just like LinkedIn, online search engines such as Google prefer 100% complete LinkedIn profiles and rank them higher as a result. So completing your profile will improve your online visibility and findability outside LinkedIn too! LinkedIn also gives creative “right brained” professionals a new way to showcase your best and brightest achievements through pictures, videos, documents and more. Make your profile catch the eye of potential partners, and clients. Adding a new skill for your contacts to endorse, or updating your Experience section with rich visual content such as presentations, photos or videos, can help make your profile stand out. 1) Create a buyer-centric profile. It might sound counterintuitive, but your profile shouldn’t be about you -- it should be about the prospects you’re trying to attract. After all, your intended targets aren’t recruiters; they’re leads. But most salespeople’s profiles are digital resumes -- or, worse yet, a copied-and-pasted marketing value proposition. Buyers use LinkedIn to identify people they can trust and want to work with. They'll be looking at your profile and determining if you seem like the type of person they would want to develop a relationship with. Throughout your profile, create messaging that shows how you help your target market. Share knowledge that’s valuable to them and make it clear you can be a trusted, helpful resource.  2) Optimize the “top of the fold," aka your photo, headline, and summary.  The vast majority of people only look at these three fields. It makes sense -- who has time to scroll? That means your profile’s “top of the fold” needs to be on point. Use a professional photo -- no selfies, beach shots, or school pictures from 20 years ago. You don’t need to be wearing a suit, but you should look like someone a prospect can trust their business with. What makes your profile complete? Your industry and location An up-to-date current position (with a description) Two past positions Your education Your skills (minimum of 3) A profile photo At least 50 connections The Profile Strength meter is on the right side of your profile and gauges how robust your profile is. The strength will increase as you add more content. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved Don’t Use Your Title as Your Headline Answer two questions: Whom do you help, and how do you help them? Who How Amy: (Actually using the word “help” never hurts). For a fantastic example, check out Greg Alexander of Sales Benchmark Index’s headline. Emerald Maravilla, account manager from Twilio, has one of the best LinkedIn profile summaries I’ve ever seen. I love it because it reflects passion and excitement about what she is doing as well as at the potential of speaking with the reader. Note the call-to-action at the bottom. Keep Your Profile Public There’s no trust in anonymous “30% of the people whose profile you view non-anonymously will view yours back.” - LinkedIn #SocialSelling AMY It’s called social media for a reason. Don’t restrict your LinkedIn profile in any way, and don’t opt to be shown as anonymous when looking at someone else’s page. In tests with our clients, we have found that 30% of the people whose profile you view non-anonymously will view yours back. And when you’re trying to broaden your reach and generate leads, then that’s a good thing. Once you have your profile set up and optimized you’ll start attracting the right people to your profile. The next step is to convert those visitors to your profile into business leads. Kieran is going to bring you through how you can use content to convert on social. #SocialSelling Move leads through the funnel with content 2 ” “ @TheSalesLion Great content is the best sales tool in the world. #SocialSelling Kieran:  This is a quote from Marcus Sheridan. Early HubSpot customer, now partner [tell story].   “People who consistently share content get 2-3x the number of unsolicited profile views.” - LinkedIn #SocialSelling Kieran: People who consistently share content get 2-3x the number of unsolicited profile views so marketing and sales need to work together to both create and share content to bring in the right prospects.   Sales should communicate with marketing about prospects’ pain points, and marketing should create the resources sales needs to pull leads through the funnel and close more deals. MARKETING MARY Professional marketer (VP, Director, Manager) Mid-sized company (25-200 employees) Small marketing team (1-5 people) BComm (BU), MBA (Babson) 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6) Goals: Support sales with collateral and leads Manage company communications Build awareness Challenges: Too much to do Not sure how to get there Marketing tool and channel mess Loves HubSpot because: Easy to use tools that make her life easier Learn inbound marketing best practices Easier reporting to sales and CEO #SocialSelling [Kieran] To really help with that alignment on who your customer is and the type of content you should produce from them at each point of the funnel, it’s important that marketing and sales both understand who their buyer personas are.   ** Talk about Marketing Mary, HubSpot’s primary buyer persona. Create content that adds value, solves a pain point, or just entertains. You need to create valuable content assets for your buyer personas. HubSpot Example 1 HubSpot Example 1 Ask Sales: “What are our customers questions, challenges and pain points” [Kieran] An easy way to start figuring out the right content plan for your buyer personas is to ask sales – what are your customers top questions, challenges and pain points?   Sales are on the phone everyday with the people who are interested in your product or service. They’ll know things like:   1) What are their most FAQ 2) What are their top challenges 3) What are their most common pain points Arm sales with all the content they need. [Kieran] Explain this wiki page. How we survey sales teams to look for biggest reasons people don’t buy or the biggest challenges they have. KF comment: LinkedIn groups have really targeted communities that are engaged. There are over 200 conversations taking place per minute in these. Join, take part in these conversations, have your sales team join groups and add value. They can start to build trust in their expertise. People buy from people they trust. They can use the content you have created based on their customers questions, challenges and pain points to share in those LinkedIn groups and start conversations. Ebook w/ LP / Month CREATE A CONTENT ENGINE #SocialSelling [Kieran] Take a couple of those questions, challenges and pain points each month and answer them by creating lots of different content in different formats.   You can create a really valuable offer that’s going to help you to generate leads for your business, because people are going to fill in a form to get this offer.   The important thing to keep in mind when creating an offer is it needs to feel like a fair exchange. The person is giving you some of their personal details, so in return the offer they get should be really good.   Quality of information is really important. Ebook w/ LP / Month CREATE A CONTENT ENGINE Blog Posts / Month #SocialSelling [Kieran] You should then create X amount of blog posts both on your own blog and guest blogs on relevant industry blogs that will increase your reach. Each blog post should drive traffic back to your landing page, converting leads. Promote your blogs across social and share with your sales team so they can share them with their networks as well. Tools like GaggleAmp and HubSpot’s Social Inbox allow you to share social messages to multiple accounts with minimal effort Ebook w/ LP / Month CREATE A CONTENT ENGINE Blog Posts / Month Social Posts / Month #SocialSelling [Kieran] From your offer and blog posts, you can create an entire social media calendar for a month. For example you can have a series of LinkedIn posts, tweets and Facebook posts covering different aspects of the topic.   It’s important to remember that:   a. These should link back to your blog posts and offer where relevant b. Your social media calendar should not just include your own content. Make sure you create one that provides heaps of value by sharing content from various sources that your audience will find valuable. Turn your sales employees into influencers on LinkedIn. [KF Comment]: LinkedIn have a blogging platform that your employees can distribute this content through. This is a great way to build your sales leaders into thought leaders within your market. It will help to attract people towards them and get them reading the content your produce. #SocialSelling Use social media to hit your quota 3 [Amy]: We’ve discussed how you can optimise your Linkedin profile to attract the right people and how marketing and sales can work together to create the right content plan for your business.   This final section will go through how you can use social media to help you understand what’s really on your prospect’s minds, and ultimately help you close deals. “Cold calls only have a 3% success rate” Amy: In a traditional selling scenario, there is a person selling something (the salesperson) and someone being sold to (the buyer). Here, cold calling has always been the standard sales prospecting strategy to generate more leads and sales. The problem is that cold calls only have a 3% success rate due to the lack of understanding sales reps have on their prospects – who they are, what they need and what they care about. Today, in the modern age of social and digital, there are now better and easier prospecting methods to engage with prospects. This is where social selling comes in. #SocialSelling Find New Prospects 1 2 3 Become an expert in your niche Request a warm introduction to your third degree network Use your company’s network [Amy] 1) become an expert in your industry area 2) Request warm introduction 3) Use your company’s network – and don’t forget to check out ‘who is viewing your profile’ Monitor Your Prospect’s Social Activity 1 2 3 Be Yourself Be Helpful Provide Value Tailor your communications Remember, if you wouldn’t do it offline, don’t do it online 4 5 [Amy] MONITOR AND RESPOND EVERY DAY.   Now that you’ve gone ahead and created or identified conversation streams, you need to think about how you’ll respond to them. Be yourself. Be helpful. Provide value. Be conversational. And always use good judgement. Social media moves fast, so you need to stay on top of this and check at least once a day. It would be a good idea to check a couple of times a day. Prioritize your leads and get notifications of what your prospect is talking about on social media. #SocialSelling JOIN THE CONVERSATION [Kieran]   In HubSpot we use our own tool social inbox to alert us when any relevant questions are being asked on social. The tool can give us a lot of information about the person asking that question - are they already a lead in our database, if so who is their sales rep, maybe their already a customer or they might not be in our database at all.   We can pass these alerts onto the relevant sales person who can then reach out and continue the conversation with them. This will help you close more deals SEND TO YOUR SALES TEAM Research before you Call 1 Role Specific: What are they responsible for? Goal-Specific: What are the targets they need to hit in their role? Common Ground: Find some sort of tie back to you, a colleague, experience, etc. Look for three types of information: #SocialSelling 2 3 1 [Amy] Scan a buyer’s profile before a call to tailor your approach. Look for three types of information: Role-specific, goal-specific, and common ground. Role-specific: What are they responsible for? Goal-specific: What are the targets they need to hit in their role? Common ground: Find some sort of tie back to you, whether it’s a common connection, a college, a hobby, or an experience. You should also try to glean trigger events from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, although this can be tricky. Look at the stream of content they’ve shared recently to see if you can find any press releases or other articles about new leadership, acquisitions, or significant changes. InMails + Emails = 33% Higher Response #SocialSelling Amy: Just like emails, InMails are an appropriate -- and perhaps even more effective -- channel for an introduction to your product or service. Research from found that an InMail with the exact same copy as an email will get a 33% higher response. I suggest that you pair emails and InMails. Send the email first, and then follow up with an InMail. Insert one or two lines at the beginning of your InMail explaining that while you sent an email, and that you’re also reaching out on LinkedIn since you weren’t sure which channel was preferable. Then, simply copy and paste the email copy into the InMail, and send. If your buyers are social, this is an easy way to boost response rates. #SocialSelling Q&A #SocialSelling Amy Stephens Marketing Manager LinkedIn @MillerAmyl Kieran Flanagan Marketing Director HubSpot @searchbrat #SocialSelling