What is a Sales Pipeline


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  • Sales Pipeline A quick guide to understanding sales pipeline management
  • Clemens Czarnecki General Manager / EVP Sales EMEA & Asia @PipelinerCRM pipelinersales.com I am a sales specialist focusing on Sales Pipeline Management. Become sales pipeline savvy and increase your sales performance. “ https://twitter.com/pipelinercrm https://www.pipelinersales.com/ https://twitter.com/pipelinercrm
  • The Anatomy of a Sales Pipeline
  • The Body Sales Steps The Brain Probability of Closure The Heart Weighted Target
  • DEFINITION A Sales pipeline represents your sales process, which consists of all the steps necessary to sell a product or service to your customer. Each sales step represents a single action or group of actions that need to be taken in order to complete that specific phase of the sales process, and move the opportunity to the next one. The Body Sales Steps
  • “ Carajane Moore huntbigsales.com Pipeliner Dashboard provides an immediate picture of your deal status to ensure you don't miss any details as each deal moves through the sales process. I also find it very helpful to have all the required documents easily available at each step and tied to each prospect. This software provides an easy and efficient way to see and use the sales process for our deals. The Body: Sales Steps | ADVICE http://www.huntbigsales.com/ http://www.huntbigsales.com/
  • “ Pipeliner CRM pipelinercrm.com To optimize production, don’t use too many sales steps in your sales process. An ideal number is 5 - 6 steps for smooth operation of your business. The Body: Sales Steps | ADVICE https://www.pipelinersales.com/ https://www.pipelinersales.com/
  • A typical sales pipeline could have the following steps within the sales process: 1. Initial Contact 2. Qualification 3. Meeting 4. Proposal 5. Close The Body: Sales Steps | CASE
  • DEFINITION The probability of closure shows you the likelihood of selling your product for that particular sales step. CASE If you need to call 10 prospects in order to close 1 at the end of the sales cycle, you have a 10 % probability of closure for that step. The Brain Probability of Closure
  • A typical pipeline such as the one mentioned previously could have the following probability of closures for each step: ● Initial Contact — 0% ● Qualification — 10% ● Meeting — 30% ● Proposal — 60% ● Close — 100% Probability of Closure | CASE
  • CASE Consider your opportunity as a potential sale. In order to move it into the sales pipeline, you need to know three parameters for it. ● Who are you selling to? ● What is the value? ● What is the potential closing date? Each sales opportunity has its own specific value. The Heart Weighted Target
  • “ Weighted target is equal to the sum of the total opportunity value in each sales step multiplied by the probability of closure for that step. David Brock partnersinexcellenceblog.com The Hearth: Weighted Target | ADVICE http://partnersinexcellenceblog.com/ http://partnersinexcellenceblog.com/
  • If the probability of closure is 10 % for a specific stage, 10 % of an opportunity's value in that stage contributes to the weighted target. The Hearth: Weighted Target | CASE
  • The Hearth: Weighted Target | CASE Let’s make a calculation (1 opportunity = $1,000): ● Initial Contact — 0% x 35 opportunities = $0 ● Qualification — 10% x 20 opportunities = $2,000 ● Meeting — 30% x 10 opportunities = $3,000 ● Proposal — 60% x 5 opportunities = $3,000 ● Close — 100% x 2 opportunities = $2,000 Weighted TARGET = $10,000
  • What is a Sales Pipeline ?
  • “ A Sales pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process, in which all your opportunities are displayed and neatly arranged according to their stage in your sales process. Your True Mirror CASE
  • “ Your Tutor CASE Within each sales stage is a set of actions that need to be completed in order to successfully finish that stage, and move the opportunity to the next stage.
  • “ A sales pipeline is your performance analyzer, that keeps you focused on achieving your sales goals, and keeps track of your sales pipeline health. Your Trainer CASE
  • S. Anthony Iannarino thesalesblog.com It’s an enormous mistake to stop prospecting because your pipeline is healthy right now. CASE “ And never forget! http://thesalesblog.com/ http://thesalesblog.com/
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