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  • EDIT Your Photos Photofunia Edit your photos and amaze your poten- tial clients with your creative flair! With just a touch of a button you can turn that ordinary looking photo into a work of art. Use it to on your website. All you need is Photofunia (Click to PLAY VIDEO) & FotoFlexer. They are Free. VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com start
  • A HOME SHARE VIDEO A 1 2 3 1 Login & Choose Effects • Login to Photofunia.com B 4 • • Select Category - Arts - Warhol (A) Choose File - Upload File, then select your coolest photo (B). • You should now see your work of art (C) 5 A-F Last C VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • E HOME SHARE VIDEO D  Choose Website Template & Upload Photofunia Image • We will now place our Photofunia image into our site template (i.e. GoDaddy). • Login to GoDaddy’s Website Tonight. 1 • • Choose Template: Resume - Sytlish Resume (D). Browse to the bottom of the page and click Work on My Template. 2 • You will now see the Design page. 3 4 5 A-F E Last Upload Image... • Position your cursor inside the Title box. • Click Insert - Images - Uploload Photo. • It will now be visible on the homepage. • Drag handles on the photo to adjust size or position. • Preview. Save. You are now done (E)! You may also add Text using FotoFlexer. It is a cool online editing tool & it is free. VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO F G 1  Add Text in FotoFlexer 2 • Login to Fotoflexer.com • Upload your Photofunia image. 3 • • First we will extend the header. Click Layers (F)- Duplicate (G). Drag the nd layer/photo to the right to extend the header. 4 5 H I J A-F Last Cover Lower Portion so You Can Add Text • Add a sticker (H) and drag it across the image at the lower left hand portion. • Now add some text. Goto Decorate Tab - Text (I) • Type your Name/Company name and USP/Tagline. • Use Text Options toolbox (J) to apply formating. • Save file when done. VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1 2 3 4 5 A-F  Upload To Your Website Template • Here is how it looks when uploaded into our Website Tonight template. Last • Tip: Choose minimalist template for this excercise. The Resume type templates in GoDaddy is perfect for this customization. • You may also view the Video version of this tutorial. View: How To Edit Your Photos (Creative - Photofunia) Some more examples on the following pages. Hope you like them! VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1- A B C D E Last Photofunia - Pastel VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1- A B C D E Last Photofunia - Magazine VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1-5 A B C D E Last Photofunia - Book VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1- A B C D E Last Photofunia - Ice Cream 
  • HOME SHARE VIDEO 1-5 A B C D E Last Photofunia - Flowers 10
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