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PowerPoint Presentation Aerial Imagery Practical Uses For The Farm July 2014 Scouting Crop Health VRT Irrigation Soil Sampling Compaction Crop Insurance Tile Lines Yield Correlation Equipment Failures Not Just A Pretty Picture 2 Correlation to EC maps Remote sensing offers the potential to provide quantitative and timely information on agricultural crops over large areas (2). Analysis of remotely sensed and ground-truthed data could greatly improve management decisions in regards to crop inputs and irrigation efficiency. (Source: 2 Standard Delivery with Every Order True Color (RBG) NIR (Near Infrared) NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) 3 True color: 3 Bands Red Green Blue Near Infrared Band NDVI: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Calculated using the visible (R) and Non-visible (NIR) NDVI is calculated. You can use any program (ArcGIS, SST, etc…) to calculate the NDVI. The NIR is also known as the CIR as it is commonly “colored” to show healthy vegetation as reddish and progressing down to blue based on the health of the crop 3 The Farming Dollar Crop Inputs Seed Technology Crop Insurance Machinery & Power $205 per acre $18 per acre $103 per acre $92 per acre $32 per acre Storage/Handling Image courtesy of photosteve101 4 Cost of farming has continued to increase especially with crop inputs Capital stretched thin $1.70 per acre for $205 per acre 4 5 Capture images from multiple geographically disperse locations at the same time with high quality 5 Deployed Camera Systems 6 2012 FOB’s Pilots are sub-contractors and can be added/changed as appropriate More are brought online during the busy season (summer) Standard delivery 3-5 days from order placement. 6 Five management zones based on relative crop vigor. Targeted efficient scouting Create VR application file(s) 7 Bare Ground Image Near Infrared (NIR) Full Canopy Image True Color (RBG) Tile Line Locations Saturated Soils – Shows N Loss 8 Bare ground to the left – NIR RGB, full canopy Shows tile lines where N leached out. 8 NDVI Yield File Closely correlated to yield 9 9 Colorized Point file from a yield map Severe Compaction at Planting** Center Fill Planter Wet Soils Weight Distribution Iron, Seed, Starter, etc Streaks occurred at drive path of tractor and planter every 60’ (24 row planter ) April 10 Corn Planting into wet soil conditions 10 **Courtesy of ISA Yield Loss Due To Compaction 11 Yield loss from compaction Required scouting/groudtruthing 11 12 Healthier corn on the right and left Highly uneven stand – direct impact on yield 12 13 Malbec blocks with tresseling system overlaid on crop vigor to aid fieldwork 14 Really good for scouting Use rows and posts 14 Gray Leaf Spot 15 Misapplication of N Yield Monitor will not show this data due to averaging across rows 16 These gaps a yield monitor wouldn’t be able to pick up due to averaging across rows. 16 Tile Lines shows stress. Misapplication of Nitrogen 17 St342 Tile lines in the upper right hand of the image—misapplied N…messes up trials 17 Each light green row is showing a malfunctioning knife in the row bar. 18 St239 Outer knife isn’t putting out as much Every line is one knife! 18 19 Wind Damage 19 20 Strip trials 20 21 To learn more on the value of having in-season, on-demand aerial imagery please find us here: Website: Email: [email protected] 22 22