How To Deal With Angry Customers Without Losing Your Cool


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  • How to Deal with Frustrated Customers
  • Customer Support can be…
  • The BEST of the jobs The WORST of the jobs! or
  • Fret not.. You can make it through with these vital hacks!
  • And make both parties exit with a smile
  • Understand that the customer just wants to be heard; They didn’t wake up and decide to have a bad day or to make your day worse.
  • Pro tip 1 Don’t take it personally. Keep calm and breathe.
  • Pay attention to their problem. Let them get it all out.
  • This will give you enough time to come up with a good solution and a brilliant way to communicate said solution.
  • “And how did that make you feel?” Listen; don’t just hear them out Pro tip 2
  • Take notes. Ask them relevant, standard questions but be careful of your phrasing.
  • Notes will help you to recollect the issue at a later stage of the crisis.
  • Empathy over sympathy, every day Pro tip 3
  • Summarise, don’t repeat. Show them you’ve understood the problem, and you weren’t just pretending to listen. Throw out the “We” in favor of the more empathetic “I”.
  • Once you’re done summing up the situation take a moment to apologize.
  • Pro tip 4 Time for the Solution!
  • There’s a quick fix for the customer’s problem. Phew. Disaster averted. When you’ve a solution
  • There is no immediate solution Offer them a workaround. If they’re unappeased, throw in a discount/a freebie.
  • Pro tip 5 Follow Up
  • Regardless of the channel, follow up with them through email after a day or two. Don’t leave them stewing with the memory of your last interaction.
  • Root cause analysis The next time an angry customer looks you up, put on your deerstalker hat and think.
  • The customer is angry, yes, but why? Did your copy not convey the point properly? Were your sales people misinformed? Is there a problem with inventory? Trace the problem to its root and fix it before it annoys the rest of your customer base.
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