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  • 1. About FuturePlayBUILD INVESTHire entrepreneurs/inventorsIncubate idea and innovationBuild tech-centric startupsWe focus on doing 2 things well.Invest in early tech-startupsAccelerate the growthGrow our network
  • 2. About FuturePlay• We are a company that builds tech-centric startups Startups that, when combined together, will form a strong network• Over 200 years of combined experiences among partners, specialists, inventors and advisors Specialty in software, HCI/UX, internet, mobile, invention and startup incubating/investment field• We are working to become the highway connecting two startup hotspots (Asia↔U.S.)
  • 3. EntrepreneurialInventorsPatents FundingStartup R&DHumanResourceBusinessDevelopmentMarketingOur mission is to help “Inventors”with strong entrepreneurship to build and leadhigh-tech startups.To do this, FuturePlay builds a portfolio of our ownintellectual property. With 50+ relevant patents.We also invests in startups that will help ournetwork grow: mainly in U.S. and KoreaAbout FuturePlay
  • 4. Target Technology OverviewHCI/UXsoftwareServiceplatformHardwareplatformBig DataanalysisFuturePlay’s early focus will be in technologies thatinnovate human-computer interactions and UX for smart devicesInnovatingusers’ interactionswith smart devicesExpandingthe scope of computingfrom body to externalenvironmentsEnablingoptimized data exchangesbetween users and cloudsFindingusers’ unmet needs in real-timevia analyzing data frommultiple devices
  • 5. Core PhilosophyWhy These Technologies?• A center of competition: Apple vs. Samsung• Future smart devices must-have HCI/UX features:See iOS7 and Samsung Galaxy series• Already big potential market: with smartphones,tablets, and new devices and eco-systems rising –including wearable computing and big data• Huge M&A/IPO opportunities: 2,277 acquisitionsmade by big players in 2012 and growing; $20.6Maverage value of acquired companies in 2012 (Total$46.8B)Why Inventors?• Ideas and intellectual properties are essential for anysuccessful startups in our target sector - major inventorsdictate the success of a company; two Steves in Apple, andLarry & Sergey in Google• Problematic and complicated processes (registering IP,finding co-founders, funds, prototyping, managing product,and PR) are required when building one’s own company,particularly in high-tech. FuturePlay manages theseprocesses on inventor’s behalf, allowing them to focus ontechnology development• By attracting high-quality candidates with developed ideasin universities, research centres, and big companies, we canhelp them build their own IPs and startups
  • 6. Company StructureInvestors invest directly in FuturePlay• Proceeds are used to fund FuturePlay investment activities as wellas to support FuturePlay central cost baseFuturePlay Co. makes investments via:1. Inventors Program (Invetors-In-Residence + Boosting)2. Company Investment– For the Inventors Program, FuturePlay provides hands-on support,including engineering, prototyping, product management,patent, legal, finance, and marketingFuturePlay Portfolio Companies:1. Internally Boosted Portfolio (from the Inventors Program)– Boosting Company spin-off from FuturePlay2. External Investment Portfolio– Simple equity investment– No previous boosting within FuturePlayInvestorFuturePlayInternallyBoostedPortfolioAdvisors PartnersInventors in ResidenceExternalInvestmentPortfolioBoostingCompaniesSpecialists
  • 7. Inventors Program‘Spin-off’ can be made between A-B• Constantly interview and admit new inventors• Inventor-in-Residence (IIR) can stay up to1 year with a competitive salary• Inventors Program provides hands-on supportin product development, patent registration,engineering, marketingFuturePlay owns IPR at this stageInventor-in-ResidenceProgram Ends.‘Spin-off’ from FuturePlay.Max. 1 Yr• At the end of the program, FPdecides on company spin-off• FP gets a seat at the board andtransfers IP to the companyA BBoostingMax. 1 Yr• IIR applies for boosting— If no Boosting Co. is formed, IIR leaves• FuturePlay invests up to ₩100M in 1~2 rounds— min. 20% equity, up to 35% max.• Boosting Co. continues to receive hands-onsupport from FuturePlayFuturePlay equity in Boosting Co. = 20-35%
  • 8. Inventors in ResidenceSungjae Hwang• Ph.D at KAIST• 150+ patents in US / KR.• 15+ patents acquired by leadingtech companies (Samsung, Apple)• Presented at conferences such asACM CHI, UIST, MobileHCI, and IDC• WYNC: Sensor input method usingmovement of your hand and fingersSugon Kim• Ph.D candidate at Yonsei Institute ofConvergence Technology, Yonsei Uni• M.S. at GSCT, KAISTPhantomFinger Invention:Typing with finger detectionYongwook Chae• M.S at KAIST• Founder/CEO at Ybrain, wearabledevice detecting brain signals• Developed the world’s first everwearable brain modulation• 4 patents in US/KR, 6 patents in KRsEMG-based control: humanoidrobot control by wrist movementSoo Kim• B.A Industrial Design at KAIST• Interaction Designer at Google• Designed/contributed Google globalproducts, including commerce,Image Search, Geo, IME.• Senior Interaction Designer at NHNSpecialties: designing rich interactionto enhance user experience /Statistical approaches to design.
  • 9. Inventors in ResidenceYoungseok Ahn• M.S at Konkuk University• Senior Engineer at Peratech Koreaand SensibleUI:• 2 patents granted in US / KS• Winner of the Best ConsumerElectronics Paper Award by theKorean Ministry of Education.Flexible Force Sensor: flexiblesensor band module SDK based onpressure and multi-touch systemJihwan Kim• M.S. of Culture Technology at KAIST• UI Designer/Research Engineer atLG Electronics User Experience Lab• UI Designer at NHN• Voted as the Top Researcher andBest Inventor for HCI/UI Patent at LG• Winner of the “InternationalCommunication Design Award”• 309 HCI/UX Patents (108 US / 105PCT / 96 Korean) filed and issuedKyunghwan Jung• BS at Jung-Ang University• Member of the Future Product Dev.Research Lab at Jung-Ang University• Various awards from Panasonic, PR,3M, Olleh.com invention competitionsHCI / UX / UI Technology: Mobile UItechnology to crop photo using theedge of a touch screen
  • 10. Podo is the world’s first ‘Stick-and-Shoot' camera.You can stick this 3cm x 3cm camera anywhere and control it wirelessly with your phone.Found by 3 UC Berkley graduates, this Silicon Valley-based company wonthe 1st place in Plug And Play 2013 with their 7 member team.
  • 11. ‘Keukey’ is working to provide the best text-input experience for any smart devices.As a first solution, Keukey is developing easy typo correction solution thatdoesn’t require backspaces in smart devices.Found by 3 friends, all KAIST graduates, with over 10 years of experience.
  • 12. ‘Sentence’ builds solutions that allow easy interaction between multiple devices.SKIP, Sentence’s first product, allows users to your smartphone,instantly Copy+Paste between any smart devices – copy a text from PC and paste it in
  • 13. Found by CMU and UC Berkeley graduates,‘Qeexo’ is building innovative and powerful solutions tobring today's touch-enabled devices into the next generation of touch.Qeexo is currently working on FingerSense – next generation touch interaction platform that detectsnot only where a touch event is occurring on screen, but also what is touching the screen.
  • 14. ‘HUiNNO’ is working to disrupt the healthcare industry through wearable technology .Currently working on a new smart-watch project, HUiNNO is building a device that can instantaneouslydetect blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and other vitals for people with blood pressure problems.
  • 15. Bitfinder is working to give users heightened awareness of their surroundingsand better control of their life.WAVE, bitfinder’s new Climate Tracker, monitors and tracks personal climate surroundings such asthe UV, dryness, temperature, air quality. Helping users to lead healthier lifestyle based on the data.
  • 16. PartnersPartner/ CEO: Jung-hee Ryu, Ph.DFounder and CEO of Olaworks (acquired by Intel)Founder and CTO of IconlabAdjunct professor at GSCT, KAISTPh.D, MS and BS at EECS, KAIST100+ inventions including US and KR patentsPartner/ CTO: Jason Han, Ph.DFounder and CEO of NexR (acquired by Korea Telecom)Adjunct professor in KSIM, KAISTPh.D at CIST, KAISTCEO of KT NexR which delivers a big data analytics platformPartner/CCO: Sungjae HwangPh.D from School of Culture Technology at KAISTMain Speaker at ACM CHI, UIST, MobileHCI, and IDC150+ patents granted in US and KR15+ patents acquired by World’s Top Tech CompaniesPartner/ CPO: Hyolin KimHead of department of UI/UX at LG ElectronicsM.S. at Interactive Telecommunications Program from NYUOver 16 years of UX/HCI experience from Samsung SDS,IDS, Adobe, and LG ElectronicsPartner/CLO: Hoseok JungKorean Lawyer, CEO of Seum Law FirmB.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National UniversityShin & Kim (2009 ~ 2012)Advisory lawyer of Primer, Bon Angels partners, Fast Track AsiaPartner/CIPO: Kyungmin YoonKorean Patent Attorny, Partner of Su PatentB.S. in Electrical Engineering at Seoul National UniversityKim & Chang (2003 ~ 2006)Career in Electronic and software patent 13+ years
  • 17. SpecialistsCFO: Jae ShinFounder and CEO, Spreddit (London, UK)Investment manager in Bridgepoint (PEF, London)M&A Associate at Morgan Stanley (London)Dir. of Development: Jaewon SongLeader, Open-Source Tech team in KT NexRDeveloper in KTNET, Naver, Korean ClickMS of Graduate School of Software at KAISTBS of CS at KAISTDirector of Operations: Young ChoFounder/COO, Streetdev (Germany; acquired by Rambus)Hoffmann Eitle Search Department for intellectual propertyM.S. in Physics at É cole normale supérieure de CachanDirector of Marketing: Steven BaekVP of International Business Development at IUMSenior Marketing Manager at Timberland Co. GoLiteMarketing Associate at Zipcar, Inc.AAE at EuroRSCG AustraliaDirector of Investment: Ian SuhSenior Associate of Investment team at SoftBankVentures KoreaSoftware Engineer, Samsung ElectronicsResearch Fellow, Carnegie Mellon UniversityDirector of Product: Sang-su “Sam” KimChief UX designer at LG ElectronicsPh.D candidate of IE from KAISTBS of CS from KAIST
  • 18. SpecialistsLead Prototyper: Junghyeon GimM.S. of HCI from Culture Technology at KAISTDirected multiple international media/interactive eventsLead Engineer at PapyLooks – an Eye-tracking E-BookExhibited at Sapporo International Art Festival 2014Software Developer: Hyungook YoonMS in Computer Engineering at CAUFounder and developer of 도서관 좌석 정보Lead iOS developer of Hey at IUMSoftware Engineer at Pantech
  • 19. Changseong HoFounder and COO of VingleFounder and ex-COO of Viki (acquired by Rakuten)Jiwon MoonFounder and CEO of VingleFounder and ex-CEO of Viki (acquired by Rakuten)Taekkyung LeeFounder of PrimerFounder and ex-CTO of Daum communications(Korean #2 web portal company, IPO in KOSDAQ)Jiyoung ParkFounder and ex-CEO of Com2us(Korean #2 mobile gaming company, IPO in KOSDAQ)Investors/Advisors
  • 20. Investors/AdvisorsJack KimFounder and CEO of Enswers (acquired by Korea Telecom)Founder and ex-CTO of SL2Sangbeom KimFounder and ex-CCO of Nexon(Korean #1 online gaming company, IPO in TokyoStock Exchange)Junghyun KimFounder and ex-CEO of Delight(acquired by Daewon Pharm)
  • 21. Jason MituraFounder and ex-CEO of Viewdle, Inc.(in Silicon Valley, US; acquired byMotorola, a Google company)Chris Harrison, Ph.DFounder and CTO of Qeexo, Inc.MIT Technology Review’s Top 35 Innovators under 35Forbes’ Top 30 Scientists under 30 (30 Under 30)Smithsonian’s Six Innovators to Watch ‘13Google and Microsoft 3 Best Paper Awards,Ph.D at HCI, Carnegie Mellon UniversityMS and BS at CS, New York UniversityAdvisorsSang LeeFounder and CEO of Qeexo, Inc.New technolgy finding in Samsung Electronics,SK Telecom, HTCYoung SongFounder of Primer, Booga Venturesand Ncomputing (in Silicon Valley, US)Founder of K-Group
  • 22. ContactSteven BaekSpecialist | Marketing [email protected]
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