9 anti-patterns for node.js teams


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9 anti-patterns for teams moving to node.js. Learn from the experience we've had in adopting node.js at PayPal.
  • 1. 9 anti-patternsfor node.js teamsJeff [email protected]
  • 2. Node first went live on paypal.com in 2013.Since:• 35 apps live (marketing, signup,account, payments, etc).• 400 new JavaScript engineers• 500,000 npm installs per day (internally)Made a good deal of mistakes to learn from
  • 3. Anti-pattern #1Baggage from your previous technology
  • 4. • "Node doesn't support x. It won’t work"• “How do I deal with npm version conflicts?”• “Can’t let the app restart. It takes too long”
  • 5. Leave your baggage behind."!Except when you’re flying
  • 6. Anti-pattern #2Monolithic applications
  • 7. • Use an internal npm instance• Publish modules vs. embedding functionality• Don’t overload modules – compose themPrefer different user, credit card and bank modulesAvoid a single “shared” module
  • 8. Build with many blocks, not one."
  • 9. Anti-pattern #3Googling “How to do x in JavaScript”
  • 10. • jQuery results dominate search engines• Understand ES5• Be aware of what’s coming in ES6
  • 11. Learn JavaScript before diving in."!
  • 12. Anti-pattern #4Handling errors
  • 13. • Use an Error object, not a string• Throwing is for programmer errors• Restart on uncaught exception vs ignoring it
  • 14. Error cases are hard."!Make sure to deal with them
  • 15. Anti-pattern #5Wrapping everything in promises
  • 16. • Use for the right reasons (not throw or waterfall)• Modules should expose callback interfaces• Use promises sparingly in hot code27% of CPU time spent in promise execution
  • 17. Callbacks."!Seriously
  • 18. Anti-pattern #6Git URLs in your package.json
  • 19. • Git URLs don’t fully leverage semver• Weird caching issues• Unstable state (akin to force overwriting in npm)
  • 20. Publish to npm."!Set it up internally and use it
  • 21. Anti-pattern #7Sloppy async code
  • 22. • Understand control flow patterns• Don’t create crazy waterfallsHoist functionsUse promises (appropriately)Use async• Callback with code afterwards, but no returnif (true) {callback();}fallback();
  • 23. Use good async patterns."!Queue funny mis-ordered async sentence
  • 24. Anti-pattern #8Having node do everything
  • 25. • SSL termination should be done by nginx• Heavy encryption is not for node• Don’t bind directly to port 80/443“How do I enable gzip?”“How do I add an SSL cert to my app?”
  • 26. Best tool, meet job."!
  • 27. Anti-pattern #9Ignoring the node ecosystem
  • 28. • npm has a wealth of pre-written code• Get updates from community, e.g. Node Security• Conferences like this
  • 29. Embrace your new community."!Warning: May contain drama
  • 30. Thanks!"!Q&A is over drinks later!
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