Quotes & Lessons from "Comedian"


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On the flight back to Japan last week I watched the DVD "Comedian" again, this time while jotting down notes and quotes from the film. I put the quotes in a Slideshare below. This Slideshare is not meant to be a presentation — I'm simply sharing with you some of the new slides I'm working on as I prepare for new talks. Perhaps a quote or two from this deck will be useful for you.
A few quotes from COMEDIAN The documentary Don’t feel 100% comfortable presenting? Don’t feel 100% comfortable presenting? ...You’re not alone. You’re never really comfortable. Even though you may think you are... you really aren’t.” —Jerry Seinfeld “ It’s so f***ing hard to get comfortable!” “ —Jerry Seinfeld Just you and a microphone This ain’t easy stuff! Just you and a microphone. I never felt pain until I started doing comedy.” “ —Orny Adams No matter who you are — you still have to deliver the goods. No matter who you are — you still have to deliver the goods. You can’t fake it! That’s the beauty of stand-up: it’s the closest thing to just ice.” “ — Colin Quinn Where do you get the material that really connects with people? The best comedians in t he world are the ones who get their material from their heart and soul.” —George Shaperio “ You must know your stuff cold... and believe in it! You must know your stuff cold... If you're not 100 % behind it you can't sell it.” —Orny Adams “ First minut es are critical! You always need to establish yourself, establish the audience .” “ —Jerry Seinfeld No excuses (ever). You will fail sometimes, but.... Every comedian has a #@!&*% excuse. I make no excuses: I just wasn’t good.” “ —Jerry Seinfeld It’s hard, but in time... You learn how to open, how to sustain, how to pace...” —Jerry Seinfeld “ How long does it take to feel comfortable? It takes years...” — Jay Leno “ How do you get comfortable? By doing! QUESTION: ANSWER: If you don’t do it, you won’t have it.” — Jay Leno “ If you want to improve your art, keep doing your art. Note to self: or as a great master once said... Do - or do not d o. There is no try.” — Yoda. “ Do. Do not do. Try. Source: GraphJam.com Your options according to Yoda. The lessons for presenters are everywhere. Redux: Many lessons can be found here. And a fe w here too . End. Presentatio n Zen