First Grade: What is a Sentence?


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This PowerPoint teaches first grade students about simple sentences.
  • 1. First Grade: What is a Sentence? By:Ms. Megan Pipkin
  • 2. Simple Sentence
    • This is a group of words that tells one complete thought.
    • Example:
      • Grace likes to play softball.
  • 3. Simple Sentence: Start and End
    • Simple sentences begin with a word that must be capitalized.
      • G race likes to play softball.
    • Simple sentences must end with an end mark.
      • Grace likes to play softball .
  • 4. Simple Sentence:The Subject
    • There are two parts to simple sentences.
    • First Part: The Subject
        • This tells who or what the sentence is about
        • Usually at the beginning of the sentence
        • Can be one or more words
  • 5. Simple Sentence:The Subject
    • Example:
      • Gracelikes to play softball.
    • In this sentence”Grace”is the subject.
    • Why?
      • This sentence is aboutGrace .
      • We can ask: Who or what likes to play softball?
        • Gracelikes to play softball.
  • 6. Lets Practice…
    • Most people like ice cream.
    • Whoorwhatlikes ice cream?
    • “ Most people”like ice cream.
  • 7. Simple Sentence: The Predicate
    • Second Part:The Predicate
      • This tells what happened in the sentence.
      • Usually what the subject is or what the subject does.
  • 8. Simple Sentence: The Predicate
    • Example:
      • Grace likes toplay softball .
    • In this sentence“play softball”is the predicate.
    • Why?
      • Playing softball is what Grace likes to do.
      • We can ask:What does Grace like to do?
        • Grace likes toplay softball .
  • 9. Lets Practice…
    • My dog likes to eat dog food.
    • What does my dog like to do?
    • My dog likes to“eat dog food”
  • 10. Homework…
    • Find the subject and predicate of the following sentences:
      • Luke likes to play football.
      • My favorite color is purple.
      • Cats are very cuddly.
    • Good Luck!
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