Worlds 25 Best Road Bikes (2011/12)


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This is an amazing collection of the top 25 road (not MTB or TT) bikes currently for sale in 2011-2012. These are bikes based around frames which weigh less than 1kg and typically gives bikes of around 6kg but unfortunately cost up to £10,000! 2012 will probably see some frames that might brake the 500g barrier. Special on-offs are not included in this slideshow. Resolution of the images 1600x100 approx. Ranking based on manufacturer claimed frame weight. Free to download.
  • Worlds 25 Best Road Bikes Lightest, fastest and most expensive road bikes in 2011/2012. Welcome to the world of superlight bikes with sub 1kg frames (F) = frame (B) = bike Image Definition 1600x1000
  • Pinarello Prince Carbon RRP $5,000 Weight: 990g (small F) #25
  • Mcipollini RB800 RRP $6000 (F) Weight: 970g (F) #24
  • Pinarello Dogma 60.1 RRP $5495(F) Weight: 950g (F) #23
  • Ridley Helium RRP $2800(F) Weight: 950g (F) #22
  • Colnago EPS_Di2_laterale_DX RRP $5600 (F) Weight: 950g (F) #21
  • Speciliazed S-Works Venge McLaren RRP $4000 (F) Weight: 950g(F) #20
  • Look 695 Team RRP $5000 (F) Weight: 900g (F) #19
  • Storck Fenomalist RRP $3,650 Weight 900g (F) #18
  • Boardman SLR 9.8 RRP £4995(B) Weight: 895g (F) 6.44 (B) #17
  • Lapierre Xelius 900 RRP $6499 (F) Weight: 860g (F) 6.88kg (B) #16
  • RRP $5000 Weight 850g (F) Parlee Z5 SL #15
  • Cervelo R3 SL RRP $2,500 (F) Weight 840g (F) #14
  • Scott Foil DI2 RRP $14,000 Weight 840g (F) 6.6kg (Bike) #13
  • Scott Addict LTD RRP $12699 Weight: 820g (F) 5.90 kg (Bike) #12
  • Giant TCR Adv SL0 RRP $12000 (F) Weight: 820g (F 2012 model) #11
  • Trek Madone 6.9 SSL RRP $8,700 Weight: 815g (F) 6.3kg (bike) #10
  • BH G5 RRP $3300 (F) Weight: 810g (F) #9
  • Colnago M10 RRP $4000 (F) Weight: 805g (F) #8
  • Felt F1 RRP $12,500 Weight 800g (F) 6.04kg(B) #7
  • Wilier Zero7 RRP $Unreleased Weight: 799g (F) #6
  • Scott Addict R1 (HMX) RRP $3000(F) Weight: 790g (F) #5
  • Guru Photon RRP $5000(F) Weight: 747g (F) #4
  • Cannondale Super6 HiMod Team 2012 RRP $8000 Weight: 695g (F) #3
  • Cervalo R5CA RRP $12000 (F) Weight 680g (F) #2
  • Storck Fascenario 0.6 RRP $9,000 Weight: 620g (F) #1
  • Worlds 20 Best Road Bikes …………………………Near misses Bikes just over 1kg for frame only
  • Merckx EMX-7 Anniversary RRP $6200 (F) Weight: 1000g (F) Just missed top 20
  • MCipollini RB1000 RRP $6000 Weight: 1050g (F) 6.99 kg (B) Just missed top 20
  • Canyon Aeroad CF RRP $6000 Weight: 1090g Just missed top 20
  • Merida Scultura Ultralight RRP $5000 Weight: 1100kg (F) Just missed top 20
  • Time RXRS Ulteam SRAM RRP $6,000 (F) Weight: 1100g Just missed top 20
  • Wilier Cento1 Di2 RRP $4999 (F) Weight 1290g (F) Just missed top 20
  • Worlds 25 Best Road Bikes Alex Mitchell. Image copyright retained by original owners Notes: Road bikes not including TT or MTB bikes Ranking based on frame weights Frame weight typically quoted without forks or mounts Prices MRSP or estimates mid-2011