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  • 1. 3 Pieces of Counterintuitive Career Advice
  • 2. Mira Zaslove Director of Sales. Currently lives in Silicon Valley with husband and baby daughter.
  • 3. 1 Fail often, and fail fast Success is often a product of failing often, failing fast, and learning from mistakes. Most successful people have failed more times than others have even tried.
  • 4. Publicize your failures If you show that you are willing to take risks, and publicly falter, your team will feel confident taking risks too. Lead by example. 2
  • 5. Don't look too busy If you appear stressed, people will think you aren't prepared to take on more, and you'll miss opportunities for new and innovative projects. 3
  • 6. mira-zaslove Mira-Zaslove @mirazaslove
Looking busy isn't necessarily always a good thing and other counterIntuitive advice.