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Living room 22:KDW¶V QHZ DERXW RXULiving rooms, sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs,coffee tables, storage furniture, TV solutionsQHZ ORZHU SULFHV" Dining 88Dining spaces, tables, chairs$EVROXWHO QRWKLQJ H[FHSW IRU WKH SULFH Kitchen 112 68/7$1 )/2.(1(6 TXHHQ.LWFKHQV LQWHULRU ¿WWLQJV DSSOLDQFHV(YHUWKLQJ HOVH LV MXVW DV RX UHPHPEHU LW 4XDOLW PHPRU IRDP PDWWUHVV integrated lighting, kitchen servicesPDWHULDOV" ([DFWO WKH VDPH 8QLTXH GHVLJQ"Bedroom 1448QFKDQJHG 6PDUW IXQFWLRQDOLW" 6PDUW DV HYHUBedrooms, beds, mattresses, comforters and pillows, ODVW HDU¶V SULFHwardrobes, chests of drawersXUDELOLW" 6WLOO VROLG 7KH RQO WKLQJ WKDW KDVFKDQJHG LV WKH SULFH WDJ 6R KRZ GR ZH GR LW"Bathroom 200:H MXVW ¿QG VLPSOH ZDV WR ORZHU FRVWV :KHWKHUBathrooms, organizers and accessoriesLW¶V ÀDW SDFNLQJ RXU SURGXFWV WR UHGXFH VKLSSLQJFRVWV DQG IXHO XVDJH RU NHHSLQJ RXU GHVLJQV VLPSOH 6HH SChildren’s IKEA 214Children’s rooms, storage, nursery, eating and toysHW SUDFWLFDO WR VDYH PRQH ZH FDQ VODVK SULFHVZLWKRXW DIIHFWLQJ VWOH TXDOLW RU IXQFWLRQDOLW MALM bed frame Workspaces 236Workspaces, desks, drawer units, work chairs,,W¶V OLNH D VDOH WKDW ODVWV DOO HDU ORQJ+XUU LQ WR RXU ORFDO ,.($ VWRUH DQG6HH S $ 149 last year’s price $199wall shelvesHome organization 264Secondary storage, waste sorting, laundry, clothesJHW WKH SURGXFWV RX ORYH IRU OHVV ,.($ 672&.+2/0 ERZO See p. 179.storage, mirrors, entrance, shoe storage HD Decoration 284 ODVW HDU¶VCandle holders, vases, plant pots, wall decor SULFH HDEating 296Tableware, glassware BILLY bookcaseCooking 304 $ 4999/ea last year’sKitchen tools, pots and pans, food storageTextiles 314 price $5999/ea Cushions and throws, rugs, bed textiles, curtains White See p. 87. and bathroom textilesLighting 3387DEOH ODPSV ÀRRU ODPSV SHQGDQW ODPSV ZDOO ODPSVtrack systems, shades and basesBuying guides 350Product parts and prices 350Limited Warranties 358 .$5,7 EHGVSUHDG DQG WZR FXVKLRQ FRYHUV InformationSpecial Offers 362Services 36432b1* DUPFKDLU ODVW HDU¶V SULFHStore Locations 368Shopping at the store 369/LJKW EHLJHReturn policy 3706HH S VKRZQ LQIKEA Gift Card 371SXUSOHIndex A-Z 372Restaurant 373ODVW HDU¶V SULFH%LUFK $OPH QDWXUDO 6HH SAll catalog prices are maximum pricesvalid until June 30, 2012 3. FOTO pendant lamp$2999Welcome to +RZ GLG ZH ¿W D ELJ FRPPXQDO table into this small home for six? See democracy in actionthe world’sDW ,.($ 86$ FRP VPDOOVSDFHVsmallest ideasWhat if you could do more with thespace you have – use it in a smarter way,make it more personal? We think it’spossible. All you really need is an openmind and a few smart, small ideas. SmallLGHDV DUH DERXW ¿QGLQJ DQG XVLQJ KLGGHQVSDFHV DQG FKRRVLQJ IXUQLWXUH WKDW GRHVPRUH WKDQ RQH WKLQJ ,W¶V DERXW EHLQJFUHDWLYH D OLWWOH UHEHOOLRXV DQG GRLQJ ZKDWyou dream about no matter how much or MYDAL twin bunkhow little space you have. And we think bed frameWKDW LV D SUHWW ELJ LGHD7DNH D ORRN RYHU WKH QH[W IHZ SDJHVat how we tackled six small spaces. Here$159/eaIRU H[DPSOH ZH LPDJLQHG ZKDW ZRXOGhappen if six friends decided to liveWRJHWKHU LQ VTXDUH IHHW $ KRPH OLNHWKLV PLJKW VHHP OLNH D UHFLSH IRUdisaster, but it proves that whenHYHUWKLQJ ± DQG HYHURQH ± ZRUNVWRJHWKHU DOPRVW DQWKLQJ LV SRVVLEOH2K DQG GRQ¶W IRUJHW WR YLVLW RXUsmall-space home online for a behind- STORNÄS dining tablethe-scenes look at how we made theserooms, meet a few of our interiorGHVLJQHUV DQG JHW WLSV DQG LGHDV RX FDQuse in your home. $ 299,.($ 86$ FRP VPDOOVSDFHVSTORNÄS dining table $299 6HH SBERTIL chair $39.99/ea 6HH SMYDAL twin bunk bed frame $159/ea Mattress andbed linens sold separately. Maximum 7½" mattressWKLFNQHVV 6ROLG SLQH 5HTXLUHV DVVHPEOFOTO pendant lamp $29.99 6HH SRITVA pair of curtains with tie-backs $24.99:KLWH 6HH S VKRZQ LQ JUD4 5 4. FINTORP rail $999/ea IKEA 365+ frying pan $ 1299/eaSTENSTORPkitchen trolley$ 149Small idea: STENSTORP wall shelf $9.99/ea 3DLQWHG ¿QLVK0D[ ORDG OEV 5$ / óî î+ :KLWHBuild an islandFINTORP rail $9.99/ea 6HH SIKEA 365+ frying pan $12.99 :RUNV RQ DOO WSHVRI FRRNWRSV LQFOXGLQJ LQGXFWLRQ 6WDLQOHVV VWHHO ZLWK7HÀRQ 3ODWLQXP FRDWLQJ ,I RX ZLVK IRU D ELJ FRXQWU NLWFKHQ EXW OLYH LQ D VPDOO STENSTORP kitchen trolley $149DSDUWPHQW LQ WKH FLW RX GRQ¶W KDYH WR JLYH XS RXU GUHDPV 7ZR DGMXVWDEOH VKHOYHV 3DLQWHG EHHFK DQG VROLGPDEH MXVW VKULQN WKHP D OLWWOH %XLOGLQJ D NLWFKHQ LVODQG LVRDN 5$ / î: òî+AKURUM/LIDINGÖ kitchenRQH ZD WR ¿W LQ DOO RI WKH ELJ FRRNLQJ HVVHQWLDOV DQG VWLOO KDYHShown with 69(3 KDQGOHV NQREVSOHQW RI URRP WR ZRUN RQ RXU HSLF UHFLSHV )RU PRUH DERXW NLWFKHQV VHH S 6HH KRZ ZH PDQDJHG WR75 ft² EXLOG DQ LVODQG LQ WKH FLW DW ,.($ 86$ FRP VPDOOVSDFHV 7 5. Small idea:Stay on top of things,V WKLV D VPDOO OLYLQJ URRP D SODURRP RU D EHGURRP" +RZDERXW DOO WKUHH" 5RRPV LQ VPDOO KRPHV DUH H[SHFWHG WR GR DORW ZKLFK PDNHV WKHP GLI¿FXOW WR GH¿QH %XW ZLWK IROGDEOHÀH[LEOH VWDFNDEOH PRYDEOH DQG FOLPE XS RQ WRS DEOHSTORÅ full loftIXUQLWXUH D VPDOO URRP FDQ WUDQVIRUP LQWR ZKDWHYHU RXbed frame ,I RX WKLQN ORIW EHGV DUH$299need it to be.MXVW IRU NLGV RX PLJKW ZDQWWR WKLQN DJDLQ 6HH KRZ DORIW EHG IRU JURZQ XSV PDGHWKLV KRPH PRUH SODIXO DW,.($ 86$ FRP VPDOOVSDFHVSTORÅ full loft bed frame $299 See p. 174.KARLSTAD loveseat and chaise $678 100% cotton,removable, washable cover. Imported. Requires assembly.: î óî+ ò %OHNLQJH ZKLWHnew SAGOSTEN air element with ladybug cover $24.99HYHORSV EDODQFH DQG EDVLF PRWRU VNLOOV 5HFRPPHQGHG IRU FKLOGUHQHDUV DQG ROGHU (OHPHQW 3ODVWLFSROHVWHU FRYHU 3ROHVWHU¿EHU ¿OOLQJ HVLJQHU -DQ UDQJHU 5$ + /DGEXJBISLEV UXJ ÀDWZRYHQ /ea 6HH SSTUVA storage bench $99/ea 6HH S SAGOSTEN air element with ladybug cover $ 24998 118 ft2 6. 5(785 VRUWLQJ UHFFOLQJ ELQV6PDOO LGHD SN 6HH S /,//c1*(1 VHULHV )RLO ¿QLVK ZLWK3XW RXU ZDOOV WR ZRUN WHPSHUHG JODVV 5HTXLUHV DVVHPEO :DOO FDELQHW ZLWK RQH GRRU HD (QG XQLWHD:LWK VWRUDJH WKDW XVHV WKH ZDOOV HI¿FLHQWO D VPDOO0LUURU FDELQHW ZLWK RQH GRRUEDWKURRP FDQ GR PRUH ,Q WKLV WLQ EDWKURRP IRU H[DPSOH HDZH PDQDJHG WR ¿W LQ DOO RI WKH IXQFWLRQV IRU GRLQJ ODXQGU QHZ /,//c1*(1 FDELQHW ZLWK WZR GRRUV)DXFHW VROG VHSDDQG VWLOO OHDYH HQRXJK URRP WR UHOD[ ,W PD QRW EH D UHDOUDWHO )RLO ¿QLVK DQG SRUFHODLQVSD EXW LQVTXDUH IHHW LW¶V DERXW DV FORVH DV LW JHWV : îî+ /,//c1*(1 HQG XQLW 6HH KRZ ZH SXW WKH ZDOOVHD WR ZRUN LQ WKLV PLFURVFRSLF EDWKURRP DW ,.($ 86$ FRP VPDOOVSDFHV /,//c1*(1 ZDOO FDELQHW ZLWK RQH GRRU HDQHZIWð 7. Small idea: Meet in the middle NYFORS ÀRRU ODPS Moving in together means combining two homes into one.$79 +RZ GR RX ¿W HYHUWKLQJ LQWho says a living room without having to compromise?needs a sofa? See how two Try using two chaises in the middlechaises made this home of the room instead of a sofa alongmore harmonious at the wall. It’s one simple way to free up space for more storageIKEA-USA.com/smallspacesnew and it creates a cozy little nest where the two of you can relax and do your own thing, together. KIVIK chaise $319/ea 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. Requires assembly. :î î+,QJHER EHLJH 098.777.55 OFELIA throw $29.99 Acrylic, wool DQG SROHVWHU ,PSRUWHG : î/ :KLWH STRIND side table $69.99 See p. 70. NYFORS ÀRRU ODPS LPPHU IXQFWLRQ +HLJKW DGMXVWDEOH Nickel-plated steel, aluminum and polyester/ SROHWKOHQH 5HTXLUHV DVVHPEO 6KDGH + ÅDUM UXJ ORZ SLOH6HH S new DAGNY SDLU RI FXUWDLQV 6HH S HENRIKSDAL chair $69.99 See p. 89. VIKA VEINE WDEOH WRS6HH S VIKA RUNTORP OHJ ZLWK FDVWHU/ea 6HH S KIVIK chaise ,Q FRPSOLDQFH ZLWK &DOLIRUQLD 7LWOHUHJXOD- tions, lighting prices and features may vary in $ 319/ea the state of California. Please see your local12 IKEA store for details.107 ft² 8. GRUNDTAL railMALM queen bed frame $149See p. 174. $ 1099/eaSmall idea: ALINA bedspread and two cushioncovers $69.99 Fits queen and kingDream big EHGVFRWWRQ 3ROHVWHU ¿EHU¿OOLQJ ,PSRUWHG :KLWHShown with GOSA ASTER pillowBuilding a walk-in closet in a small bedroom may seem like$6.99/ea See p. 101.MASKROS pendant lamp $49.99an impossible dream, but it’s pretty easy to do. With a PAX6HH Swardrobe system you can divide your room and double yourPAX wardrobe frame $90/ea Forstorage in one afternoon, without an architect. more about PAX wardrobes, see p. 144. PAX wardrobe frame $ 90/eaALINA bedspread andtwo cushion covers$6999Making a walk-in closetwithout a constructioncrew. See how atIKEA-USA.com/smallspaces 150 ft² 15 9. +(/0(5 GUDZHU XQLW6HH S ./8%%2 QHVW RI WDEOHV ,.($ 36 /g9c6 FKDLU EHGVHW RI 3DLQWHG DQGFKURPH SODWHG VWHHO ¿QLVK 5$: î î+ ò :KLWH025( :$