MSI X99 GAMING Motherboards

MSI 9 Series Motherboards X99 GAMING Motherboards MSI GAMING success Since the release of Z77 GAMING up to Z97 GAMING, MSI GAMING motherboards have won a record breaking number of awards and have set the standard for real GAMING motherboards. “…when we saw the looks, and then the performance, it's clear that in every department the MSI has kept hold of the Gaming moniker.” – June 2014 2 MSI Gaming most popular on HWbot The MSI Z87-G45 GAMING is the most popular motherboard on the overclocking website 3 4 Inspiration With the red color-scheme and MSI GAMING logo, we inspired many casemodders, while they keep inspiring us. 4 4 NEW Time for extreme gaming The MSI X99 GAMING motherboards are perfected in every way focusing on an even heavier and more detailed gaming look and feel. X99S GAMING 9 AC X99S GAMING 7 X99S GAMING 9 ACK 5 A lot of eye for detail Again we went the extra mile to make our motherboards look awesome. Sometimes this requires thinking outside the (color) box. GAMING PCB traces Clean PCB Look GAMING PCB traces NEW 6 Protective Cover/Dragon Armor Protected by its unique Dragon Armor which also looks awesome! A black design I/O Cover protects against Electro Magnetic Interference. NEW 7 Streaming going BIG! 8 That’s why we included Streaming Engine. Record and stream all of your in-game activity while enjoying your games at maximum FPS. Other solutions demand vital resources highly impacting FPS performance. Streaming Engine is a dedicated hardware solution that preserves your FPS at any time. MSI Streaming Engine 1080p AT 60Mbps BITRATE NEW 9 X99 CPU fast enough right? The X99 platform with 6 or 8 cores should be fast enough for software streaming. However rerouting CPU calculations will introduce stutters. With MSI Streaming Engine you will maintain the original FPS making your game feel smooth. Software encoding 10 AVerMedia encoding chip HD H.264 Hardware Compression 1080p Full HD recording 60 Mbps bitrate No CPU and GPU performance impact Optimized for XSplit Gamecaster Streaming Engine – Amazing quality Based on a AVerMedia HD streaming solution we offer the best streaming solution on the market, saving you up to $150. $150 value 11 Streaming Engine – No CPU impact FPS during broadcast Others drop 15% FPS 62 FPS Game screen @ 1080p Other solutions GPU / CPU encoding 62 FPS 54 FPS NEW Record your gaming activities at amazing 1080p quality @ 60Mbps bitrate without sacrificing CPU and graphics performance. 1080p LIVE broadcast 12 XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster lets you easily record, stream and share your gaming sessions with fellow gamers. It’s simple, can be activated quickly and kickstarts your career as game streamer. X99S GAMING 9 AC - 2 year Premium License X99S GAMING 7 - 6 months Premium License NEW XSplit Gamecaster & Broadcaster 13 Add a webcam and show your game face Webcam & Chroma key Share your broadcast Share your broadcast and conquer the world Draw attention whilst casting with in-game annotations Real-time notes Record & Upload Organize and upload your greatest gaming moments XSplit Gamecaster & Broadcaster 14 USB Audio Power The perfect solution for USB headsets & audio DACs. Unstable USB voltage output results in distorted audio MSI USB Audio Power delivers stable 5V for perfect audio quality on USB headsets and audio DACs ATX Power (12V) USB Audio Power Rear I/O USB (5V) 15 Audio Boost 2 The ultimate audio solution for gamers, powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2. Isolated Audio PCB Direct Audio Power Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 EMI Shielding Dual AMPs Nichicon Audio Capacitors Golden Audio Connectors 16 Isolated Audio PCB With traditional onboard audio the signal is distorted by electro magnetic signals from the rest of the PCB. Audio Boost 2 acts like a dedicated soundcard by physically isolating the audio circuitry which is separated by a red LED path. Less interference gives a more clear audio signal. 17 A dedicated power input to Audio Boost 2 allows for a more powerful and stable power delivery, resulting in a more explosive and pure sound experience. Direct Audio Power 18 Thanks to Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2, you're getting amazing surround sound with just stereo headphones or speakers. Sound Blaster Cinema 2 Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 enables you to clearly hear specific sounds in gaming environments. Hear your enemies perfectly, make your ears a decisive tool to finish on top. 19 To shield the audio core from EMI distortion caused by other add-in cards the audio chip is protected by a special designed EMI cover for isolation. This way gamers experience crystal clear sound with Audio Boost 2. EMI Shielding 20 NEW Prepare for an eargasm with the built-in front & rear dual OPA1652 headphone amplifiers. Reward your high-end headphone with the most amazing studio level sound quality. Featuring: Dual Amplifiers Completely independent circuitry for lowest crosstalk and freedom from interactions between channels. Low 4.5 nV/√Hz noise density with an ultralow distortion of 0.00005% at 1 kHz. 21 Nichicon Japanese high quality audio capacitors are specially designed for audio purposes; Providing the highest possible audio signal filtering. Delivering high fidelity crystal clear sound with exceptional acoustics and realism. Audio Capacitors 22 With the golden audio jacks you get the best possible signal output with less chance of distortion. Superb signal conductivity and will not wear over time. Dedicated amplified output (red) optimized for studio-grade headgear Up to 600Ω crystal clear sound with exceptional acoustics. Golden Connectors 23 Gaming Device Port Optimized for high-rate gaming keyboards and mice, MSI Gaming Device Port is built to last thousands of plug inserts and ejects at gaming events while offering maximum performance each and every time. Triple gold plating for extreme lifetime 1000 Hz USB polling Support PS/2 supports N-Key rollover Gaming keyboards 24 Gaming APP Updated Overclocking made easy: Control both MSI Graphics Cards and Motherboard Easy “Overclocking” , “Gaming” and Silent” mode Tune your GAMING experience without worrying about overclocking knowledge New: Scenamax quickly adjusts color temperature and contrast to the viewing scenario 25 NEW GAMING APP: ScenaMAX ScenaMax features optimized screen modes which are fully customizable for all viewing situations. Whether playing games, watching a movie or browsing the internet, ScenaMAX reduces eye strain and helps to get the best viewing experience. Eye Rest Movie Gaming 26 Killer Game Networking All MSI GAMING motherboards feature Killer Game Networking for the best online gaming experience: Killer automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic Experience smoother, stutter-free in-game performance and the competitive edge Game with the lowest latency, most stable connection on the most controllable network hardware available You are in control, set your priority! Faster in gaming and streaming Gamers play games and stream them at the same time, this is where Killer Game Networking excels compared to traditional network solutions. Intel LAN UDP Throughput (Mbps) Performance over Packet Size Killer E2205 Up to 50% faster small packet (gaming) performance Up to 300% faster large packet (video streaming) performance Gaming Streaming Focus on quality We put extra efforts on increasing customer satisfaction. Our RMA rate has drastically decreased in the last few years. The MSI GAMING motherboards are developed by the most senior engineers on advanced production lines. 29 Total control over all fans with 4-pin PWM connectors. Layout optimized and approved by enthusiasts Set your own fan profiles Use the automatic fan wizard Real-time Fan control (no reboots!) Fan speed logging Voltage logging Temperature logging Control via Command Center Control via Click BIOS 4 Total Fan control 30 Future gaming NEW MSI is committed to PC Gaming and that is why MSI GAMING motherboards support SteamOS by default. Not only committed to current gaming innovations, we always keep our eye on the next gaming revolution and make sure our hardware is ready. 31 The X99 GAMING 9 AC motherboard comes with an Intel 802.11AC wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. Intel WIFI AC & Bluetooth Notice: no WIDI support since X99 has no integrated VGA. 32 Box content What's in the box? Besides a plethora of necessary cables and connectors you also get: A slick gaming case badge Do-not-disturb door-hanger Easy labels to sort your storage cable 33 Wireless AC Killer Killer LAN But there’s more..CES 2015 award winning NEW 34 Enjoy the best possible online gaming experience. Wireless AC Killer has 2.9x times faster data throughput compared to traditional Wireless-N solutions. The biggest advantage is lower latency when gaming. Killer WI-FI has up to 3.5x times lower latency than other WI-FI solutions. Lowest latency, highest speed NEW 35 DoubleShot Pro: Smart Teaming The Killer Network Manager decides which apps runs on which connection for a truly optimized gaming experience More usable bandwidth by using both links at the same time: Killer LAN(1Gbps) + Killer Wireless-AC (866Mbps) =1.866 Gbps 1.866 Gbps! NEW 36 Design NEW 37 Meet the AKC line-up The X99/Z97 GAMING 9 AC motherboards are updated to ACK versions featuring Killer DoubleShot Pro. The Z97I GAMING AC motherboard is also updated to ACK but also received other major updates. Meet the ACK family. Z97 GAMING 9 ACK X99S GAMING 9 ACK Z97I GAMING ACK NEW 38 39 Complete assortment In 2014 we completed our GAMING line-up covering not only Intel & AMD but also ATX, mATX and ITX segments. 39 39 Your Stream. Your Game. Your Fame. 40
MSI 9 Series Motherboards X99 GAMING Motherboards MSI GAMING success Since the release of Z77 GAMING up to Z97 GAMING, MSI GAMING motherboards have won a record breaking…