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  • 1. Poetry of the Yoga Sutras Sutra translations by I.K. Taimni, The Science of YogaPoetry copyright Shelley Lynne CumminsPhotography by Shelley Lynne Cummins The yoga sutras were the first known documentation of the arts of yoga.Yoga means union, combining all parts into wholeness. Sutra means thread or cord.Each sutra is a drop of truth merging into the ocean of unity. These truths are to be sung, chanted, reverberated, contemplated, danced, and celebrated into all layers of existence.
  • 2. Yoga Sutra 1Ata Yoga Nusashanam (atah~yoga~new~sa~sha~nam) Now the Discipline of YogaDisciple of my lord Living as meThe GuideThrough layers of existence Live now Enter inKnow eternity
  • 3. Yoga Sutra 2 Yogas chitta - vritti nirodhah (Yoga ~schitah~vritee~ni~ro~da~ha)Yoga is the selective awareness of the waves of the mind When awake I watchThe dream of night and day When awakeI chooseTo live as radiatingAll encompassing light
  • 4. Yoga Sutra 3Tada drastuh svarupe 'vastanam (Ta~da~drash~tu~sva~ru~pay~vash~tanam)The seer is established in his or her own essential and fundamental natureThe gold at the seat of the rainbowA moving foundationKnowingI AmAll~ways at home
  • 5. Yoga Sutra 4Vritti-sarupyam itaratra(Vritee~sa~rupyum~i~tara~tra) In states of mind other than yoga, the seer is identified with the waves of the mind As parts of me dispatch and flee Dreams go on endlesslyCompany of asuras I keep In sufferings and rebirth Yet in an instantI can choose anewRe~memberingI Am free, gone, and beyondOnly as the One
  • 6. Yoga Sutra 5 Vrttayah pancatayyah klistaklistah(Vritya~pancha~taya~klistah~klistah)The waves or modifications of the mind are five-foldand are painful or non-painful.A pendulum the mind Ability to live extremeA pleasure and a pain Great God withinChose to know All experience of all terrains
  • 7. Yoga Sutra 6 Pramana-viparay-vikalpa-nidra-smrtayah(Pra~manah~vi~paray~vi~kalpah~ni~dra~smar~ta~yah)They are right knowledge, wrong knowledge, fancy, sleep, and memory. I know The truth within The falsity of my lie The wisdom from my processIllusions flying in my mindMy karmas acting out in astral worlds And my forever changing past All are there for me to know, use, and grow
  • 8. Yoga Sutra 7 Pratyaksanumanagamah prmanani (Pratyak~shanum~anag~amah~praman~ani) Facts of right knowledge are based on direct cognition, inference, ortestimony.Truth Is that Found within the well of you Drunken till all is wet & experiences have paved the lessonsand the way
  • 9. Yoga Sutra 8Viparyayo mithya jnanam atad ~rupa~pratistham(Vipar~ya~yo~mit~ya~janan~am~rupa~prat~ish~tam) Wrong knowledge is a false conception of a thing whose real form doesnot correspond to such a mistaken concept.When the well is hiddenMortal liquids still are found Yet only divine nectar Can quench a never~ending thirst
  • 10. Yoga Sutra 9Sabda~jnananupati~vast~sunyo vikalpah(Shabda~janan~anupati~vast ~shunyo~vi~kal ~pah) An image conjured up by words without any substance behind it , is fancy.Oh words That wander far from homePicking up colorful delusionsAs they strayTruth awaits the real thoughtsSent to form From the eternal home
  • 11. Yoga Sutra 10Abava-pratyayalambana vrittir nidra (A-bava-pratya-ya-lam-bana-vrit-tir-ni-dra) That modification of the mind which is based on the absence of any content in it is sleep.There is a part In me That can live ignorantly freeA sleepwalking giantUnawareIn duality & suffering
  • 12. Yoga Sutra 11Anubhata-Visayasampramosah smrith(Anu-ba-tah-Vishaya-sam-pramosh-ah-smir-ti) Memory is not allowing an object which has been experienced to escape.My prisonerRefusing to evolve Journey to newUntil I release the past Forgive, allow the now Reforming my prisonerInto the beloved true
  • 13. Yoga Sutra 12 Abhyasa-vairagyabhyam tan-nirodhah(A-biyasa-varigya-biyam-tan-ni-ro-di-ha) The selective awareness of mental waves is brought about by persistent practice and non-attachment.How do I chooseThe absolute of truthfulness? Death of desires And everything I knew Immortality appearsAnd dawns the wishes which have always been hereIn the blessed now
  • 14. Yoga Sutra 13Tatra Sthitau yatno bhyasah(Ta-tra-Shtit-ow-yat-no-bi-ya-sah) Abhaysa is the effort for being firmly established in the yogic state.A quality of the beyond The desire to be An all encompassing self This unity lives in me I free this lordInto now
  • 15. Yoga Sutra 14 Sa tu dirgha-kala-nairantarya-satkarasevito drdha-bhumih(Sa-tu-dir-gha-ka-la-nairan-tar-ya-satkar-ashi-vi-to-dir-dah-bu-mih) Steady practice becomes firmly grounded on being continued for a long time, without interruption and with reverent devotion.Truth takes it's roots Blooms & perfumesWith constant sun,Watering, maintenance, And love
  • 16. Yoga Sutra 15Drstanusravika-visaya-vitrsnasya vasikara-samjna vairagyam(Drish-stanu-shra-vika-vish-aya-vitra-shna-sya-va-shikara-sam-jna-va-rigyam) The consciousness of perfect mastery of desires in the case of one who has ceased to crave for objects, seen or unseen, is Vairagya.As the wishesFor worldly charms And ideas of suchBe simple play A yogi's inner garden blooms All truth is cared forGrown, ingested, And showered out to others This place of bliss Heaven has an earthly templeInside this glorious vehicle Known as me
  • 17. Jai Sri Yogis! Praise to the Beloved One www.JaiSriYogis.comShelley Lynne Cummins
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    Sutra translations by I.K. Taimni, The Science of YogaPoetry copyright Shelley Lynne CumminsThe yoga sutras were the first known documentation of the arts of yoga.Yoga means…