The Maheshvara Sutras


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The Maheshvara Sutras, also known as The Shiva Sutras. This document was revealed to Panini by the Supreme Lord Shiva.
It accompanies his other Sanskrit texts on descriptive & generative linguistics.

This PDF was created to assist devotees of Lord Shiva & students of the Sacred Tongue. I had a difficult time finding an outline to follow when listening to the Shiva Sutras.

When I first heard the Mahesvara Sutras chanted, I was overwhelmed by its power. The fourteen groups of phonemes organize the syllables into segments which Panini used to create nearly four thousand rules for Sanskrit grammar.

The potent sounds produced during the recitation of the Maheshvara Sutras will get your Shakti flowing. The knowledge that is contained within these 14 verses is the key to understanding the science of Sanskrit Grammar.

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=0= ===[- =0= ------[- =0= \|/ O \|/ O \|/ =0= -]------ =0= -]=== =0= ===[SHIVA श व श AUSHADHI =0= ===[- =0= ------[- =0= \|/ O \|/ O \|/ =0= -]------ =0= -]=== =0= Maheshwara Sutras aiuN | R^iL^ik | eo~N | aiauch | hayavaraT | laN | ~nama~NaNanam | jabha~n | ghaDhadhaSh | jabagaDadash | khaphaChaThathachaTatav | kapay | shaShasar | hal || 1. a i u Ṇ 2. ṛ ḷ K 3. e o Ṅ 4. ai au C 5. h y v r Ṭ 6. l Ṇ 7. ñ m ṅ ṇ n M 8. jh bh Ñ 9. gh ḍh dh Ṣ 10. j b g ḍ d Ś 11. kh ph ch ṭh th ca ṭa taV 12. k p Y 13. ś ṣ s R 14. h L १. अ इ उ ण | २. ऋ ऌ क | ३. ए ओ ङ | ४. ऐ औ च | ५. ह य व र ट | ६. ल ण | ७. ञ म ङ ण न म | ८. झ भ ञ | ९. घ ढ ष | १०. ज ब ग ड द | ११. ख फ छ ठ थ च ट त व | १२. क प य | १३. ष स र | १४. ह ल | 1. Aiun, 2. Rlrk, 3. Aowng, 4. Ai ouch, 5. Ha ya va rat, 6. Lan, 7. Na ma nga na nam, 8. Jha bhanj, 9. Gha dha dhash, 10. Ja ba ga da das, 11. Kha pha chha tha tha cha ta tav, 12. Ka pay, 13. Sa sha sar, and 14. Hal nR^ttAvasAne naTarAjarAjaH nanAda DakkAm navapanchavAram uddhartu kAmassanakAdi siddhAn etadvimarSe SivasUtrajAlam | || At the end of the cosmic dance Lord Shiva the Lord of dance, sounded his damaru fourteen times. For the sake of the upliftment of sages like sanaka. I wish to examine this web of Siva sUtras. The Maheshvara Sutras – Informational Sheet , First Rough Draft. Compiled by shivaushadhi of The New Paradigm of Plants. Second draft pending. Keywords: Shiva, Sanskrit, Panini, Sandhi, Sutra, Maheshwara, Samskritam Grammar, Vyakarana vedanga This is a rough draft intended only for use as are reference for further study. My intention is to gain a greater understanding in the branches of vedanga. Feel free to comment on, add to, edit, correct & share the above information. With great humility I bow to each and every individual soul. Victory to the community unbound by finite limitations. We come together as one supreme being, liberated from the gross body of existence, so that we may share a single body of light for the fulfillment of absolute knowledge in the blissful existence of digital consciousness. The above information was revealed to me through online sources such as the Sanskrit Mailing List. To pay respect for this information please join & contribute to the Sanskrit Mailing List : . I am not the origin of this information but am sharing it only to provide further insight into the mind of the investigative devotee. I ask only that you pay homage to the divine which gives power to the Language of God.