The Walking Sociopath

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Jen Klimek AP Psych-6 Mr. Pereiro March 17, 2015 The Walking Sociopath In the walking dead, one would think that the main concern within the show is the copious amounts of…
Jen Klimek AP Psych-6 Mr. Pereiro March 17, 2015 The Walking Sociopath In the walking dead, one would think that the main concern within the show is the copious amounts of âwalkersâ roaming around the world. In other cases, people may be any groupâs worse nightmare. Due to the corrupt world that everyone now lives in, people have lost their mines and thus resulted in different ways of thinking. An example of one of these corrupt minds is a character named Philip Blake, or more known as âThe Governorâ. In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, the Governorâs main means of survival was to protect his loved ones: his wife and his daughter, Penny. For a while, they were able to live and fend off for themselves. Unfortunately, one day, the Governorâs wife was bitten by a walker and eventually had turned (meaning changed into a walker) overnight. To make matters worse, his wife ended up biting her own daughter thus turning her into a walker, as well. To the Governorâs distress, his wife ended up perished but he did keep his daughter with him. He just made sure to maintain distance from her and keeping her secured and out of harmâs way. Eventually, the Governor came to become in charge of a little town called Woodbury. Within this town, he seemed to be the kindest man in the world. But on the interior, he had a dark past that nobody had known about. That is, until the protagonistâs group reached Woodbury. To make a long story short, a character within the group, Michonne, ended up going throughout the Governorâs home. (They despised each other so much). Without realizing who the little girl was, on an instinct, she killed the walker girl only to cause the Governor much rage. The Governor then showed his true self. He ended up committing mass murders upon his townsfolk and miscellaneous members of the protagonistâs group. It was definitely safe to say that he was corrupted from the terrible past that he has had. All in all, the Governor is viewed to have Antisocial Personality Disorder. One of these attributes is having signs of being a sociopath. The Governor was a person that people believed that they could trust. Nobody knew what he really was like, and nobody knew his back story. Overall, the Governor did show care for his citizens but when it came for his own protection, he worried more about himself. When hurting or just plain killing people that he knew, he seemed to not have any care in the world. He acted upon impulses. If someone did something to anger him, he eventually just ended up causing them pain or some sort of torture in the end. He also had some irresponsible traits that led to him being a sociopath. He never cared about what the extra costs would be for using extra energy in his town or having luxuries. All that mattered was self-satisfaction. Lastly, he showed no guilt after causing pain and murdering many innocent people. As soon as his daughter Penny had perished, his emotions seemed to switch off and he did not care who or how he inflicted pain onto others. All he wanted was some sort of revenge for the death of his daughter. He may also be considered to contain a partial Borderline Personality Disorder. At times, he does act on his impulses considering all of the fatalities he had caused. He was viewed to have a lack of relationships within the story. A character from the protagonistâs group, Andrea, attempted to establish some sort of a relationship with the Governor but he seemed to push her away. He never did let anyone else into his life after all of the trauma that was caused within his life. His emotions are also corrupted due to everything that has occurred in his life as well; not only the death of his wife, but the sudden murder of his daughter right before his very eyes. The Governor simply developed the disorders by what has happened within his past. The death of his wife and daughter caused him to not want a relationship with others. He thus closes himself off to anyone that he meets. Nobody seems to know the real him, and they never do find out until later on when he develops symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder. The way that he developed this disorder was simply after the murder of Penny. After the tragic death, he became ruthless. He didnât care about anyone else. He wanted some sort of vengeance and thus committed sociopathic behaviors such as killing and tortured numerous amounts of people. The Governor is easily classified underneath these two disorders.